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Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Is Making Headlines With New Music and New Passions For The Chainsmokers

Have you ever met someone that you thought was your sole mate and formed a close connection to them? For Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, this is a close connection that the two of them shared with one another. Andrew knew that the moment that he met Alex, that the pair of them would become life long friends. It was such a connection between the two of them that Andrew dropped everything that he was doing only to move to New York City and continue the Chainsmokers with Alex Pall upon the departure of the orginal bandmate.

If you come across sour lemons, the best use for them is to make lemonade. For the Chainsmokers band, this is just what they did. When the former bandmate left the band, Alex Pall was still looking for someone to take his place. While on the search, Andrew Taggart heard about the opening from a friend and was told to check it out. Upon heading to New York City, Andrew found that the band was just what he was looking for. He decided it was time for him to do something more with what he loved and dropped out of school to return back to NYC to become the other half of the band.

If there is one thing that artists know about, it is that you have to be willing to put forth an effort to make sweet music with other artists. For the Chainsmokers, they knew that this was going to be something that they have had to get over. For them, the easy choice was determining who was going to do it. That is where Halsey comes into play. For the release of Closer, the band worked with Halsey to release the single. The only thing they didn’t know about what was quickly things would start working out for the pair. Upon creating the Closer song, the men found a new passion for music and changed the way that they operate under music. Before long, the Chainsmokers had found what they needed in order to be able to walk away and create a whole new style of music that they had yet to discover before working with Haley.