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Entrepreneur Jojo Hedaya Explains What It Takes For A Startup To Succeed

Jojo Hedaya was a 24-year-old who, like most everyone else, had far too many emails hitting his inbox each day. It was really difficult to sort out the emails that were important from all the subscriptions, newsletters, and other items. He solved this problem by creating UnrollMe, an email organization tool.

He founded Unroll Me in September 2011. He says the company was founded out of his personal frustration with sorting out his inbox. About 80 percent of his emails were either subscriptions, newsletters, or updates from various websites. His website scans an email account in seconds and then neatly sticks all the subscriptions and newsletters in a single email that you receive on a daily basis.

Unroll.me became popular right out of the gate. Jojo Hedaya says that they quickly had a million users of the website. He sold his company to Slice but still runs it as the chief executive officer. There are a few lessons to be learned from his early success as a businessman.

First, Jojo Hedaya says don’t be afraid to take a shot and start your own business. He dropped out of college just three credits shy of earning a degree at Brooklyn College so that he could focus on Unroll Me full-time. He said he was aware that about 95 percent of startups fail but he didn’t let that deter him from his dream.

He says you should also simplify things as much as possible. His first iteration of Unroll.Me worked but was pretty complicated to use. He took the time and effort to make the website much easier to use. His website took off in popularity because it was easier to use than any other competing product on the market.

Jojo Hedaya says that you should invest in people when you run a company. No one person can do it all so you need to build a solid team. He points to Steve Jobs who had vision but also a solid team of creative and smart people backing him up. He says that it was by building an all-star team at Unroll Me that he was able to successfully sell his company to an international firm.