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Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award: Robert Ivy

Every entrepreneur or artists desire to be successful in life and have a remarkable track record. For this reason, they ensure that they instill hard work in their endeavors so that they can get recognized and awarded. Robert Ivy is the person in the discussion for his hard work and passion in all he does to ensure success. The commitments and success have been recognized, and he is about to receive the lifetime achievement awards. Ivy will be given Polk Lifetime Achievement Award that is only offered to Mississippi individuals.

It is a crucial award to Robert Ivy since he has positively impacted the world and more so the architecture field. The Mississippians that have received Polk Lifetime Achievement Award are very few, and Robert is about to enter to that list. People like Morgan Freeman who is a famous American actor has been recognized and awarded this award. The most exciting part of this award to Robert is that he is the only architect to be awarded with this distinguished award since his excellence in the artwork is remarkable.

His initial contribution as an architecture was realized when he was at McGraw Hill’s Architectural Record serving as Editor in chief. It is imperative to note that when Robert was in McGraw, he enabled it to be awarded lots of awards and became famous globally. The journal wasn’t popular there before but after the contribution of Ivy the journal got impacted and this resulted in global touch and spread all over Asia and more

Robert Ivy later joined American Institute of Architects (AIA) as the Chief Executive Officer. He had a drive that he will make architect accessed by the people, and he succeeded on that mission. The management of AIA attested that the impact of Ivy in their firm led to recording the highest number. The record that is set by Robert is envied by lots of entrepreneurs and architects that want to be competitive in their fields.

Robert Ivy is also a role model that mentors young architects to venture into architecture industry. More so, he is the committed and passionate towards artist discipline thus concentrating much on architecture so that his dreams come true in transforming the world through architectural projects. Therefore, the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement is deserved by Ivy, and that is pacesetting for other architects since they will work hard with determinations of getting the ward as well.