Jeremy Goldstein Assists in the Fight Against Growing Crisis

Jeremy Goldstein, a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, as well as a member of the Board of Directors with Fountain House, recently hosted two exclusive wine dinners in New York City.

Joining Mr. Goldstein were Wine Dinner Chairs, Omar Khan and Jim Finkel, who collaborated in the effort to raise funds for Fountain House––a self-help program that focuses on assisting people throughout the process of recovering from significant mental disorders.

A number of high-profile guests attended the events, which, together, raised $56,000 in support of the cause. The initial wine dinner, held at the NoMad Hotel in May of 2018, raised $33,300, while the second dinner, a follow-up held due to the first dinner’s immense success, garnered $23,000.

Today, mental illness is considered to be one of the most significant crises of the age, affecting more than 450 million people around the world. Through the efforts of Fountain House, which has helped to combat mental illness since its inception in 1944, a new light has been shed on the crisis, leading many suffering from the condition, toward increasingly effective solutions.

Studies show that 85 percent of people afflicted with mental illness also struggle with steady employment, yet, through the Fountain House Employment initiative, 42 percent of participants have maintained employment throughout the New York City area.

Jeremy Goldstein, who holds a Juris Doctor degree from New York University School of Law, as well as Master’s degree from the University of Chicago, joined the Board of Directors at Fountain House in 2010. Prior to beginning his postgraduate studies, earned a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University.

Mr. Goldstein has played a major role in a number of the most significant corporate deals and mergers over the last decade and is considered one of the foremost executive compensation attorneys in the United States.

Relatively early in his career, Jeremy Goldstein took notice of a trend occurring throughout governance circles in which a multitude of executive compensation consulting firms began separating from larger entities due to discussions regarding proposed conflicts of interest; after analyzing the circumstances, he decided to found Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.

With over 20 years of experience under his belt, he is consistently able to bring ideas to life by relying on his acquired knowledge, as many of the issues faced in his daily routine, can be referenced back to a prior time.

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The revelations of Shervin Pishevar via tweet storm

Shervin Pishevar is a venture capitalist who has made significant to the growth of the American economy. It is for this reason that he does not keep quite whenever he sees the economy going in the right direction. He has made successful investments because the economy has been performing well and now he is worried that unless something is done, a financial crisis similar to the one witnessed in 2009 will be seen. In his analysis, the economy has shown all indicators of a crisis. He blames the increasing national debt, tax giveaways and inflation as some of the factors that will contribute to the financial crisis.

Shervin Pishevar revealed his thoughts about the finance sector and other matters facing the economy in a tweet storm unleashed in early 2018. He predicted that the stock market would continue losing until more than 6000 points were lost. Since the performance of the economy is directly proportional to the performance of the stock market, it is clear that a financial crisis is unavoidable.

Shervin Pishevar also discussed other issues such as the Silicon Valley and the crash of bitcoin. Pishevar predicted that bitcoin would lose its value until the prices dropped to the $2-5k. He also made a prediction that gold would gain in coming months owing to its consideration as a haven by investors.

Shervin Pishevar took issue with five companies which he treats as monopolies. These are companies that have dominated the US economy and pose a great risk to the country in case they fall. These companies are Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. These companies have made it impossible for other companies to thrive since they are buying out almost every great idea. Shervin Pishevar sees them as a danger to the economy since they do not allow other companies to thrive. Shervin recommends a split up through government intervention as the solution. The same solution that was identified for AT&T should also be applied to deal with these companies.

The tweet storm also revealed that the actions of these companies pose a risk to Silicon Valley since no new great idea will be implemented soon.

Meet Sunday Riley, the Brand Formulator of Renowned Beauty Products

A beautiful, smooth and glowing skin is one of the factors that give a woman courage to stand out and face the day. At a times age, color, season and genes are some of the known cause to skin and hair problems. Even though many products have been made, many women remain in a dilemma as to which product to use more so from the effects caused by some products which utilize chemicals during production. Chemicals are known to have severe problems more than the benefit they create on the skins such as itching and breakouts of skin and hair.

To combat these problems and bring a smile to ladies` faces, Sunday Riley has been working tirelessly to make beauty product utilizing natural ingredients. Matcha tea is a Japanese product that’s used as beverage although the product has gained popularity in a different niche of beauty. Sunday Riley has taken notice of the trend, exploring the potentiality of the matcha tea. This product has proven to be effective in skin and hair treatment. Sunday Riley`s Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner has been made with extracts from the matcha green tea and its benefits in removing red tones in the skin and gives a calm, soothing complexion.

Beauty superfoods do not end with matcha tea, as avocado is another fruit that has become an object of fascination as a beauty product. Generally, avocado is well known natural fruits used in the preparation of salads and toast topping. Avocado is a rich vitamin product that’s ideal for smoothening the skin as well as leaving it softer and brighter. Sunday Riley has incorporated extracts of this product in her Luna Sleeping Oil product, an overnight treatment oil. It also has hydrating properties as well as it may deliver antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients.

Besides the application of natural products there is another medium needed to be taken care to achieve your intended skin. Probiotics is another area where researchers have discovered promising connections between consumption of natural products and effective wellness and skin care. Probiotic maybe supplied in the body through supplementation. The importance of probiotic enhances maximum digestion and absorption of food in the body.

Fortress Investments Career: Available Job Opportunities

After the rise of the alternative investment industry, there has been an increase in alternative asset investment managing institutions all over the world. Day in day out there is investment firms being launched with the hope of providing investors with a platform with which they can watch their money grow. One of these institutions is the Fortress Investment Group based in New York, United States. As one of the largest investment manager, Fortress Investment Group is responsible for and manages assets from a number of institutions in the United States and internationally. The investment manager was founded as a private equity firm by Wes Edens, Randall Nardone, and Rob Kauffman in 1998. By 2007, when the firm launched NYSE, it was the largest private equity firm to be publicly traded in the United States. Through its executive management, Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randall Nardone are amongst America’s most influential business entrepreneurs, and employment of staff with unparalleled skills, the firm is able to manage billions of dollars under its management.

The management of Fortress Investment Group is made up skilled personnel like Gareth Henry, who ai the current Head of international relations and a graduate of the University of Edinburgh with a bachelor of science in actuarial mathematics and statistics. Since the client base for fortress investments is ever growing, there are positions and vacancies coming up at a steady pace. Recently, such vacancies were made available for the public. The following are some of the available positions.

Credit Operations Associated.

Since Fortress investments group deals in private credit, qualifications in the management of credit operations include experience in working in a highly competitive and diverse environment. The estimated salary for this position is 100-130 thousand dollars per year.

Apart from Time File Clerk. With an estimated salary of thirty-four to forty-four thousand per year. NRZ accountant and NRZ equity analyst with a salary that’s ranging between 99-130 and 99-120 thousand dollars a year respectively.

A Contacts Centre Operations Manager located in Burlington earning from 84 000 -120 000 in a year.

As a way of making investments and creating capital, the fortress investment group deals in real estate ventures and investments, creating the need for real estate analysts earning from 100-130 thousand dollars a year.

Chamonix Subsidiary Genucel Help Those Abused In New Jersey

The rising numbers of reports of domestic abuse across the U.S. have been shocking with the state of New Jersey reporting an act of physical violence against a spouse takes place every seven minutes. Cosmetics giant Chaminox and its subsidiary Genucel have begun working with the Women Aware organization in Middlesex, New Jersey to help raise the self-esteem of those affected by forms of physical and emotional abuse. Genucel by Chamonix has become a major financial supporter of the work of domestic abuse charities and offers free products for those affected by spousal and family abuse as they rebuild their lives.


One of the main battles facing those who have been victims of domestic abuse is the need to regain a sense of self-worth which has usually been damaged by the abuser. One of the best ways of rebuilding self-worth is to complete a regular exercise, including walking which is a fine form of detoxifying the body and mind. In New Jersey, 2018 saw the first running of the Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race and Charity Walk which is designed to raise funds and awareness of the problem of abuse which affects one in seven men and 25 percent of women in New Jersey.



Genucel played a major role in the development of the 5K race and walk when it stepped onboard as the main sponsor for the event in New Jersey. The cosmetics giant provided financial backing for the event and created a range of grab-bags for those house with the Women Aware group including a range of anti-aging products. Backing the Women Aware event showed the awareness of the Genucel brand as the company understands regular exercise can positively impact the physical health of an individual as well as their emotional well-being.


Providing anti-aging products made from the Malus Domestica plant, Genucel believes it is helping those affected by domestic abuse remove the scars of the past and rebuilding their self-confidence. Genucel believes assisting those who have been affected by emotional and physical abuse can be done in many ways including assisting with their physical well-being. The emotional scars of domestic abuse can negatively affect the physical appearance with Genucel providing free anti-aging products to those looking to recover their independence with the aid of Women Aware. Learn more about Genucel on


Neurocore: The Neuroscience Expert

Many people suffer from brain disorders across the US, which results in low quality of life for this population. Brain disorders are hard to treat for various reasons making life even more miserable for people suffering from brain conditions. Fortunately, technological advancements have allowed health professionals to create advanced treatment options for people with brain disorders. Neurocore comes in handy for this population and uses technology and the anatomy of the brain to treat neurological problems successfully. Visit to know more about Neurocore.


By understanding the structure of the human brain and its functioning, Neurocore provides a remedy for neurological conditions such as anxiety sleep disorders, depression, and stress. Also, Neurocore offers treatment to patients struggling with ADHD, autism, migraines, and anxiety. The company provides neurofeedback therapy to train the brain to function well using positive reinforcement and repetition. Since its inception, Neurocore has made tremendous efforts in neuroscience. Neurocore has eight Brain Performance Centers across Michigan and Florida that offer data-driven, brain-based examinations and training programs to the public. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Neurocore started its Brain Performance Centers in 2004. These centers used data to perform brain assessment and training programs. They applied neuroscience to help both adults and children overcome neurological disorders. Patients benefited from enhanced concentration, better sleep, greater mental acuity, and improved stress management. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers utilize approved neurofeedback protocols to help the brain to function properly that leads to a happier and healthier life. Also, they employ reward-based training to help the brain learn better habits and get rid of unwanted symptoms of disorders such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Currently, Neurocore is a national authority in applied neuroscience in the US. The company specializes in using technology to strengthen the mind-body connection and hence give people increased control over their bodies and lives. It intends to help people reduce stress levels, correct neurological disorders, and improve physical performance. Neurocore is popular among athletes who utilize its services in their training regimens. For instance, athletes use the “brain room” method to increase their performance and enhance relaxation. They learn to optimize their respiratory and cardiovascular systems to boost their athletic capability.


Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is one of the co founders and top executives of Fortress Investment Group. He has been with the firm for over two decades and has served as a part of its management committee. With his participation, Fortress Investment Group has expanded to other parts of the world and now serves as one of the premier asset management firms in the finance industry. Randal Nardone has had a number of other experiences in his career that have enabled him to establish a reputation of being an expert in finance and as a leading executive. For a number of years, he held high level managerial positions at firms such as UBS and Blackrock Financial Management. More about Randal Nardone at Bloomberg.

Today, Randal Nardone is a member of the management committee of Fortress Investment Group. He is also one of its principals and chief executive officers. With these positions, Randal has been responsible for providing leadership and oversight of the firm. On a regular basis he is in charge of helping set goals, devise strategies and also introduce programs to help the firm improve its services. He helped start the firm back in 1998 after working at other financial services firms. Under his leadership, Fortress Investment Group has solidified its status as a trusted asset manager throughout the world.

Prior to co founding Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone was a managing director at the Swiss based investment bank known as UBS. At this position, he was responsible for leading the firm and helping it acquire new clients. Before his stint at UBS, Randal was the principal of another financial services firm known as BlackRock Financial Management. He also held a top executive leadership position at this firm as well. Both of these positions helped Nardone get the preparation and experience necessary to co found a successful asset management firm.

Randal Nardone began his career in the legal field. He was an attorney at a major law firm called Thatcher, Proffit & Wood. At this firm, he was in active in providing various legal services to clients such as advisory and representation. Due to being quite successful at the law firm, Randal would become a member of the firm’s top management committee. He would later leave the firm to get involved in the financial services sector.

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Bright Future for Fortress Investment Group

New York’s very own Fortress Investment group LLC has now been purchased by the Japanese based Softbank. This purchase will usher in many great career opportunities to those who qualify. This announcements brings much excitement to people from all over the country who have been looking for career opportunities in their chosen field.

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a well respected company with roots in New York City. The business was founded in 1998 and expanded into hedge funds and real estate. The private equity company is skilled in assessment management with strong financial know how. Softbank is a Japanese based company with a reputation in internet and telecommunications. Softbank showed interest in Fortress Investment Group and purchased them for $3.3 billion. SoftBank is now able to pair their knowledge of telecommunications with the financial expertise of Fortress.

The union of these two well known companies with bring over 50,000 jobs for people from all over the country. The jobs that are featured on career focused websites such as Indeed are from locations such as New York and Texas. There’s a position as a Credit Real Estate Analyst in Texas which pays about $93k-139k per year. Those who reside on the east coast will be thrilled about the opening for Data Engineer in New York City. This position also boasts and impressive salary of $135k-152k per year. Find out more about Fortress Group Investment at

The future is bright for job applicants from all over the country. Those who are looking for something part time will be able to find a File Clerk position located in Burlington, Massachusetts. Applicants should be knowledgeable in their field and looking to expand their careers with the well reputed companies. A Consumer Specialist in Indiana can expect to earn a great salary in addition to amazing perks. Softbank is truly doing all they can to provide jobs that can bring fulmillent to their employees.

Interested applicants should really get a move on with all of the great jobs available through Fortress Investment Group LLC. Be sure to take a look online for the many jobs now available to qualified candidates.

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Peter Briger: The force of Innovation at Fortress Investment

Fortress Investment was formed in the year 1998. The organization served its customers as a top private equity firm. The marketing was not favorable at this time, but this did not stop the organization from becoming a trendsetter. After winning the hearts of customers and performing so well in the American market, the organization started to expand its services to other nations. In the year 2007, Fortress Investment Group managed to become highlighted for its public offering. The organization was listed in the NYSE because everyone was sure that it was doing the right thing in the market. The firm, which currently gives working opportunities to more than nine hundred professionals in different fields, boasts of a reputation that has come the hard way. The company principals have had a role to play in the company milestones over the years. One of these principals, who is highly experienced in finance matters, is based in San Francisco. Peter Briger has all the excellent leadership qualities any finance company would wish to have. More about of Peter Briger at Bloomberg

Peter Briger has excelled in his career from the time he got admission into the university. Getting his education from well-known institutions in the United States helped Peter Briger to find work when he finally graduated. The businessman worked for more than fifteen years in a company known as Goldman Sachs. The company found out that Briger had all the skills needed to prosper in the finance market, and they chose to appoint him so that he could become one of the partners. In the year 2002, however, Briger announced that he was joining Fortress Investment Group with the primary aim of making positive changes. By the time he was joining Fortress Group, Peter Briger had shown that he could handle the position of principal. In this new firm, the billionaire was given the credit division which mostly deals with credit and the real estate activities. With the numerous skills he had from his previous working position, the billionaire did well, and he has brought the company profits. The Forbes billionaire list stated that Peter Briger is among the wealthy persons who are in the world too.

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Why Victoria Doramus Keeps Winning in Life

Victoria Doramus is arguably the best planner and trend marketer in the world. But despite having achieved quite a lot over the years, she has managed to strike what seems like the perfect balance in her life. And that’s exactly why she keeps winning.

Victoria Doramus and Her Qualifications

The reason why Victoria Doramus is ranked as one of the best marketers in the world is because of her one thing; she not only relies on her abilities but works hard as well. First and foremost, Victoria Doramus has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication. And while she was at the University of Colorado, she also picked up quite a few skills.

These skills include advertising copywriting, text copying, design, graphics, audio, and video production just to mention a few. She also happens to be a gifted writer, which makes it quite incredible that she can use all the above skills when helping our any of her esteemed clients.

Her Love for Humanity

Despite being super successful as a planner as well as a strategic marketer, Victoria Doramus has always been in love with people as well as animals. She believes that by helping other people, the world would definitely be a step closer towards being a better place. That said, Victoria Doramus is a staunch supporter of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Through the foundation, she makes sure that a lot of young girls and women are saved from the drug pandemic as well as its effects. She is also closely associated with the Best Friends Animals Society. Founded in 1984, this nonprofit organization deals with finding orphaned or vulnerable animals homes. And needless to say, they are out there doing such a wonderful job.

Victoria Doramus is also a member of the Room to Read Foundation which is tasked with helping underprivileged children access good education. To date, ‘Room to Read’ Foundation has reached well over 12 million kids and the number keeps on increasing by the day. These are just three of the charities that Victoria Doramus is involved with out of her organic love for both mankind as well as animal kind.

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