George Soros’s Position on the Global Market Crisis

George Soros hedge fund mogul and the chairman of Soros Fund Management is a philanthropist. Being born in Budapest, he has risen to being one of the most successful financiers and his views on economic is one followed closely. George prediction, highly motivated by Eastern Europe and Russia where books linked to his charity organization had been burnt possibly signaling a targeted communist position. A total of 427 books were shredded, and an additional 53 books were burnt. A distorted perception of changing the Russian Ideology termed Alien. To show the world he was right, George wrote an article titled “Europe and Ukraine: What Should be Done?”

During a forum in Sri Lanka, he pointed out that the global market was facing a crisis, and he advised investors to take note of the turmoil China is facing. He goes on to say that china’s currency devolution caused by not finding a new growth model will affect the rest of the world ever since the country underwent a market meltdown. George Soros believes that the financial markets in 2016 are similar to that of 2008. He argues that the Chinese regulations were restricting people to trade as they think it could surpass the seven percent loss incurred. The Institute of Supply Management (ISM) has evidence that China has had a decline in its manufacturing ability. ISM, one of the most trusted supply chain management supports the claims by the Investments Week that the economic crisis is real in China as stated by George Soros.
Also, he believes that growth and geopolitics are major issues that make 2016’s economy look very similar to 2008. He faults the Fed for its role in providing cheap money creating inflation in assets and an earning mirage. He cites that the Fed’s hyper-accommodative monetary policy is frontloading a market rally. By doing so, he says that the earnings growth is not sustainable and invokes a market crash resulting in a payback period.

As volatility spikes, his comments spikes across global markets are being further confirmed by the fall of FTSE all the way to 4.9 percent at the beginning of the year and the S&P 500 falling another 2.4 percent in the latest trading session. Deflation from emerging markets could eventually derail Central Banks and that there will be a financial crisis that will prompt the collapse of the Eurozone. Soros’s view is further confirmed by the stock analyst who is advising people to sell off everything. It is according to The Gurdian.
The predictions of George Soros profitable trader have been welcomed around the world as the meltdown in 2008 is one that will not likely be forgotten. Overall, the grave concern by George is being supported by most key figures in the world such as Carl Icahn and Richard Fisher, the former CEO, and president of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Shares Success Secrets

Doe Deere is one entrepreneur that does not apologize for being different. Certainly, her originality led her up the ladder of success. Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. She believes that women entrepreneurs should embrace their difference to achieve success. The fact is that there are a lot of women that have the necessary talent, skills, and ability to start a business. All they require is a bit of inspiration to get them started. Doe Deere believes that her success should act as great inspiration.

Lime Crime
Lime Crime is a unique cosmetic company that was born out of Doe Deere’s creativity and imagination. The wild and bold colors are her own creation. She developed wild shades of nail polish, lip sticks, and eyeshadow that created an immediate following online. Doe Deere launched her cosmetic company back in 2008. Today, the makeup line has fans across the world. Deere calls her fans unicorns. They are people that definitely think outside of the box. They are creative people that are not afraid to show their colors in makeup, fashion, or anything. Certainly, her international fan following is constantly growing. Furthermore, Doe Deere encourages young women to follow their own goals. Start their own business. Today, it is easier to make it happen. This is especially true for women entrepreneurs online.

Doe Deere’s Advice
The fact is that a lot of young women have big dreams. They would like to start their own business. However, they carry this dream around in their heads for a long time. She admits that she carried the dream of starting her own makeup line around for a long time in her head. She wished that she had followed through sooner on starting the cosmetic line. She also admits that she should have started out with a customer service department too. They would have handled all the queries and emails requesting information on her products.
Certainly, a lot of fans would like to know what inspires Doe Deere. Doe Deere recently remarked that it is important for young women to find inspiration. She finds inspiration in the people around her and the books that she reads. Her husband is also a great inspiration to her. Her husbands name is Mark. They started out in a rock band ages ago. Another very inspiring piece of work was a book written by Donald Trump. She realizes that a lot of people do not like Donald Trump, but his book was actually very inspirational. The name of the book was Think Big And Kick Ass. She highly recommends the book to anyone that is thinking about starting a business. Deere states that the book definitely changed her life and inspired her to greater heights and aspirations.

Doe Deere at PHAMExpo

In Depth Market Report From Town Residential

The Aggregate is a real estate market report that is published by Town Residential and was recently listed by Virtual Strategy Marketing. The company has worked with many of the NYC real estate industry experts and has compiled a list of all the ways that the market is changing and is staying the same. They focus their attention on New York City, but it is clear to see the way that general economics has had an effect on the way that the housing market has changed in the city.

The people who are members of the city are able to get what they want from Town Residential. The company is a luxury real estate company and has been providing the residents of New York City with the best of everything in their homes and properties that they can acquire around the city. There have been many changes to the way that New York City market reports have affected the people of the city and the Aggregate works to list all of these. The report is put out on a quarterly basis and gives the residents of the city a general overview in what needs to be changed about the city and the way that it works.

Among other things, the number of new development vacancies is rising. In the past, the new developments would quickly become occupied and there would be no room for new residents to go to these places. This has all changed with the new market that has been created in New York City and there are many facets to the way that it changed.

Housing prices are rising in the city. While it has always been expensive for residents to live in New York City, the prices have gone up by around 6% in the last quarter. This is a major issue for people who are wanting to move into the city because the rise in prices has made some people not able to afford the expensive housing options in the city. It is a great deal for people who are hoping to sell their homes in the city, but there is nobody to sell the homes to because the prices are so high.

Bruce Levenson and Perpetual Philanthropy

It becomes difficult to give regularly to any organization. But Bruce Levenson has, in some degree, conquered that difficulty. According to a recent PR Newswire article, Bruce and Karen Levenson were responsible for giving seed money to an organization called The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. This center raises some ten thousand dollars every semester between the varying classes which are available to students. All told that’s twenty thousand dollars a year. This money is then donated to nonprofit organizations that are deemed worthy by The Center. The Center has been operating for three years, and is still expanding. In fact, a dormitory was recently added to The Center, and currently all students enrolled at the University of Maryland are required to pass through it. According to Bruce Levenson, the reason for this is so that all graduates of the University of Maryland come out “informed and motivated philanthropist[s].” This means The Center doesn’t just have a local impact, it doesn’t just have a national impact; it’s impact is international, with a potential toward being worldwide. Already the nation’s capital deems this center as one of the best to recruit from. Nonprofit agencies such as the Marriott Foundation and the Smithsonian regularly recruit from The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland, and more organizations become cognizant of their prime philanthropic facilitation regularly.

You Are an Individual. So Be Unique!

Even though many believe that there are set rules and beauty traditions that should not be tampered with, there is one blogger who dares to think outside of the box and bring a world of new techniques and possibilities to her readers. That blogger is Doe Deere. The creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics believes that if nothing else, individuality is the spice of life. Known to incorporate brightly colored hairstyles and playful lipstick colors in her daily ensemble, the unicorn queen never ceases to amaze. When one thinks of Lime Crime’s offerings the words fantasy and whimsy should come to mind. Created with unicorns and mermaids in mind, be prepared to make some new friends as you take a walk on mundane beauty’s wild side.

Never afraid to share her discoveries, Doe has provided a few of her favorite beauty tips here for you. Tip # 1 is to dress for you and not necessarily the occasion. It does NOT matter whether it is age appropriate or not, if you have something that you just love to wear, even if it may be considered too dressy by some, wear it anyway. You will be sure to make an impression and isn’t that the goal? This brings us to tip # 2 which is that you can wear ANY color clothing, and not just neutrals, regardless of your chosen hair color. Be bold. Be brash. Remember the pack of gummy bears that you couldn’t wait to tear into yesterday? The fruity colors? The way that just looking at them made you think of fun things? Bring the memory to life and play with the color palette you have available.

Tip #3 is pretty simple. You have socks that can really make those stand out. Who’s to say that you can’t wear them together? Have fun and experiment and watch how your shoes go from unique to uniquely awesome! Tip # 4 is to enjoy the clothing patterns that you have available. Mix and match them to your heart’s content, the only thing you have to do is make sure that it doesn’t come off as tacky. One sure-fire way to achieve this is by making sure that the pieces are in the same color group. Pinks with pinks and greens with green, but remember that you have complete freedom in the construction of your fashion statement so if it works…it works! The final tip is to have fun with makeup. There was a time when every little girl couldn’t wait to play in their mother’s make-up drawer and regardless of the fact that they didn’t really know what they were doing one thing was for certain. They were definitely ready to grace the cover of the Vogue magazine. Well, do you know what’s different now? Now you actually know HOW to apply makeup. Get in the mirror and pucker up.  Be the cover girl that you always knew you were!

Coriant: Leader in Technology

Coriant was founded in March 2013 and in order to form it, the company merged with the technology businesses of Siemens Optical Networks as well as Tellabs, and the Sycamore Networks. It came to be completely self-regulating from Nokia Siemens Networks to become its own company in May 2013 and is now owned by Marline Equity Partners.

The Coriant enterprise sells hardware, as well as software for operating optical transmission for a backbone network comprised of voice, as well as data and mobile networks. A backbone network is part of a computer network frame interconnecting other networks, that provides a road for LANS and subnetworks to exchange data.

Coriant’s products are mostly hiT 7300, which is used for visual multiplexing DWDM via fiber optic lines, as well as hiT 7100, which is used for electric cross links of optical pathways and hiT 70xx, which is used for “multi-service provisioning.” Its software consists of products used to help manage and plan in the areas of TNMS and Transnet, as well as Transconnect.

As such, Shaygan is a well-known business and technology leader. He has more than 28 years of executive know-how in the fields of telecom, as well as technology, and also in financial services.

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He started off at GTE and then became the Chief Information Officer for Verizon, and afterwards he was the Chief Operations and Technology office at Barclays, and there is was part of the TRANSFORM program, which helped to transform the bank’s operations to over 50 countries.

Coriant now is a leading network operator in more than a hundred different countries, and handles things like mobile and landline providers, as well as content providers, multiple cloud and data center operators, along with cable MSOs, several large enterprises, and even some government agencies, as well as some financial institutions, and multiple utility companies.

Since Coriant has 100s of 1000s of networking systems all around the world, it produces solutions which serve as the robust backbone for handling billions of dollars in end-user service revenues.

Pet Owners Are Realizing the Importance of High Quality Food

People’s view of healthy eating has changed a lot over the years. There was a time when people were content to get a lot of their nutrition from additives and enriched ingredients. Preprocessed food wasn’t simply popular, it was the norm. But time has shown that this isn’t the best way to eat. People have been getting a lot of reminders about how important fresh and natural ingredients really are. But it’s only recently that people have realized the same is true about the foods they’re giving their pets. The Daily Herald noted all this and more as they talked with various people involved with the production and distribution of high quality pet food. This shouldn’t be seen as a niche trend either. Companies are rising up to meet increased demand for healthy pet food. One recent example of this can be found with the high quality dog food brand Beneful. As the Daily Herald noted, dogs love the taste of fresh food as much as people do. And in many ways the tastes of humans and dogs aren’t that different. That’s why Beneful has put so much work into creating dog food blends which really do seem as if they could sit happily on any human’s dinner plate. Beneful has put focus on two types of dog food and have both wet and dry versions of most of their flavors. Both are also made under the company’s guiding philosophy that dog food should only be made with the freshest ingredients. Both the wet and dry flavors of Beneful’s dog food plainly shows just how important that is. Looking at either will show the actual ingredients within the food. And it’s also easy to see that the dog food is deriving flavor from those natural ingredients rather than artificial flavoring agents. The future looks bright for man’s best friend. But in addition to that it’s also becoming more common for dog foods to specialize in special blends of natural foods that are designed on Petco for a senior’s unique needs.

Roxy The Retriever Eats Beneful Playful Life

I have a Golden Retriever named Roxy. She is very energetic and is often playing outside. I don’t have any kids so Roxy is basically my furry baby. If I bad to spend a lot of money to find her the perfect dog food I would. Luckily for my budget I don’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money on dog food. I found the best dog food in the world. It is Beneful dog food. Roxy eats Beneful playful life dry dog food. Since she is on Beneful playful life she is able to receive all the nutrients she needs to stay happy and healthy. When Roxy was a puppy she was on Beneful Originals, I ended up switching her to Beneful playful life because she ended up being more energetic than I thought she was going to be. Typically golden retrievers do not have as much energy as other dogs, but Roxy has more energy than the average golden retriever. Beneful has a special dog food just for puppies called Beneful healthy puppy. I didn’t put Roxy on Beneful healthy puppy when she was a puppy because I didn’t know about it until after I looked at their website and had fed her a bowl of Beneful originals. She seemed to take Beneful originals pretty well, so after finding out about their puppy food on Petco so i didn’t want to switch her food that was working out for her. However, Beneful healthy puppy must be good because the reason i didn’t see it at my local pet store was because it was sold out. Roxy has special treats made by Beneful to prevent her teeth from getting plaque on them. I am so glad that i am a customer of Beneful because without Beneful i don’t think Roxy would be as happy as she is.

Lime Crime: Homemade Success Story

One of the growing trends in our company is the success of female entrepreneurs. Where it is a small shop on the Internet or a global, multi-million dollar corporation, women are empowered and are taking their products and services to the top shelf. Perhaps the most inspiring role models are those who started with very little and built their businesses from scratch.

Lime Crime is one of those inspirational companies. It was started by a young Russian immigrant named Doe Deere. Great entrepreneurs usually start young, as did this lady. When Deere was growing up in her native Russia, she often sat with her mother and grandmother and learned how to sew. In her recollections, Deere says that she and her neighborhood friends often wrote and produced little plays. She used her knowledge of sewing to make simple costumes for the fun productions.

As a teenager, Deere further explored her artistic talents by creating temporary tattoos. She drew and inked original designs and also drew things that her friends wanted. She brought her tattoos to school and sold them to other students. Deere started a temporary tattoo fad in her school and was admired for her creativity.

While still young, Doe Deere immigrated to New York City and eventually obtained her citizenship. Ever the artistic soul, Deere branched out her interests to include music. She was friends with a group of musicians and they decided to start a band. Deere loved to sing and make music at their different gigs around town. It was not long that more people were recognizing her great potential.

Deere says in interviews that she has always had an affinity for color and fashion. Since she was in a band, she wanted to wear distinctive outfits that drew attention to them. As a skilled seamstress, Deere began designing and sewing costumes for the band.

She set up a small shop on a popular Internet auction site and did her own modeling for her creations. She wanted a catchy name that everyone would remember, so she named her shop Lime Crime, because it rhymed. Deere confesses that she deplored the colors and trends of makeup during that time. She was not content with the “au natural”, beige look and wanted exciting colors to match her outfits. She began blending her own colors right in her home’s garage.

Doe Deere would never have dreamed what a hit her makeup would become. Women loved the opulent colors of lipstick, eye shadows, blushers, and nail polishes that she was selling. In a few short years, Lime Crime has become a thriving international business. Deere continues to inspire other women to go for their dreams. Lime Crime is proof that women can achieve whatever they want.

My Dating Journey Came To An End On The Skout Network

After dating some of the worst men on earth, I decided it was time to try something new. I always would have a friend, a family member, or someone close to me that set me up with a date, and I would meet men on the road sometimes too. If I went out to social events, I might meet someone, but nothing was working out for me. I decided to try downloading dating applications to see if any of them would let me find a man. I downloaded an app that seemed like they would be fun, but I was turned off by the major fees that they wanted to charge me.

I found a website that I thought would be good for dating, and I also downloaded the dating application, but I didn’t realize that the website was for international dating. I just wanted a local website where I could find a man that lived in my area. After a lot of searching and getting some advice about online dating, I finally found Skout. The Skout application isn’t something I downloaded until after I had found the website, but I’m glad I found the website first. Using the Skout website really helped me to appreciate the application.

What I love about the Skout application is how useful it is, the fact that I can take it on the go with me, and the fact that it has some great features. The shake to chat is my absolute favorite feature on the Skout network, and I can’t tell you how long I’ll spend using the feature each day. I’ve talked to people from all over the world using the shake a chat feature, but when I’m focusing on dating, I like to do a personalized search. I created my Skout profile rather quickly, and I added some nice pictures of myself.

After my profile was created, then I went on to start looking for a potential date, and I made sure to turn my location on. Skout uses the location on my phone to allow me to be located by others in my area as well as allowing me to find people that are close to me. I was able to find numerous people in my area that were looking for dates, and it’s something I wasn’t able to do on other dating websites. If I wasn’t using the shake the chat feature on Skout, I was looking for dates in my area, and I finally found one.

I found a guy who loved going to church on Sundays, and he loved to bowl on Saturdays, and he went to the movies every week. I thought he seemed like fun, so we hit it off after talking to each other for a while. I wouldn’t give him my number, but I talked to him through Skout the whole night until we met each other in person.

The beauty tips everyone can use