Wengie Makes Her Way to the Top

When females check out entertainment channels and look for their favorite celebrities they will find some interesting styles from some of the stars. People like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are always changing their looks. There are also a lot of females like Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stegani that have been known to show up with very intriguing make up.

Wengie knows how the celebrities can influence a lot of females that are looking for something new to change their style. That is why she has been able to successfully create a video channel on YouTube that has gained a tremendous amount of popularity. She provides some of the make up tips that people may have been interested in, but they may have not been aware of how to get started.

Wengie shows women how to apply the smoky eyeshadow and dark lip styles. She experiments with a lot of different shades and gives a plethora of beginner tutorials for many young females that are not accustomed to apply makeup. She has become an Internet sensation, and thousands of people check out her website to see what she is doing next.

Recently, Wengie has been involved with many different things on her website. She still has a core audience to follow her for make up tips, but she has also branched out in giving her subscribers advice on dieting. She presents a platform for a healthy lifestyles through better eating habits as well.

There are a lot of people in Australia that become fans of what she is able to help people do. She gives advice on cosmetic styles that are bound to get attention. Wengie knows a lot about cosmetics, and many people may even consider her to be an expert in makeup application.

Wengie does her best to help those that require assistance by illustrating and narrating what she’s doing when she applies the make up. She informs viewers about the circular motions that they need to take to apply certain make up, and she also tells users where they can find certain shades of various makeup colors.

Beneful Foods That Dogs Love To Eat

Dogs was described by wikipedia as complex creatures and not a lot of dog food brands understand this. There are some breeds that gorge themselves on food and later get sick – like cocker spaniels. Breeds like pugs, however, can often be picky eaters. Most pet parents especially those on twitter know that when it comes to dogs, sometimes not a lot can be guessed by the breed either and it largely depends on how loved and spoiled the dog is. Thankfully, Beneful is a brand that loves dogs as much as pet parents do. This is a brand that can make any dog become healthier.

Here are 4 Beneful products that are loved by dogs of all kinds –

Original – The original PurinaStore products come in a variety of flavours and the most popular ones with dogs include the one with real beef, real chicken, and real salmon. This dog food product falls under dry dog food category. Real beef and chicken varieties are rich in antioxidants and real salmon has abundant omega for healthy dogs.

Healthy Weight – Adult dogs, particularly some breeds, tend to gain a lot of weight as they grow older because they get lazier and also face a lot of health issues. For those dogs, it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet that cuts back on calories but not on nutrition. This is exactly what Beneful’s Healthy Weight (dry food) products do. The most popular option is the one with real chicken.

Healthy Puppy – The requirements of puppies that are growing are different from adult dogs. This is why pet parents love to feed their puppies with this dry food product by Beneful. It is rich in Calcium and contains DHA which is essential for the vision and brain development of puppies.

Incredibites – Incredibites comes in both dry and wet dog food type. The one with real beef and real chicken is dry. The bites are small and easier for smaller dogs to chew and digest. For wet Incredibites, pet parents can go for the variety with wild rice, beef, tomatoes, and carrots.

Beneful has a lot of flavors and even the pickiest of dogs would find something amazing in their products. It is available on http://www.amazon.com/Beneful-Food-Originals-Real-15-5-Pound/dp/B001VJ0B0I

George Soros Predicts Economic Troubles Ahead

George Soros, a leading investor and financial expert, has recently urged that investors use caution at an economic forum in Sri Lanka. George Soros adds that the recent economic issues in China are going to have a global impact and the results could be disastrous.

One of the challenges that the global financial market will soon have to face is the transition to a positive interest rate economy. Since the global downturn in 2008 on http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-07/global-markets-at-the-beginning-of-a-crisis-george-soros-says, the world has been operating at near 0 interest rates. While the rates were originally intended to spur economic grown and help stop a recession, the rates could not last forever and many economies will struggle as the rates increase.

George Soros states that the current financial climate is very similar to the financial climate of pre-2008. With China’s financial struggles as they continue to devalue their currency, stock and commodity markets are taking severe blows. While some would contend that the issues are not that serious, Soros states that the adjustment problem in China could amount to a crisis. George Soros continues to say that the financial markets today are in a similar position that they were in 2008 before the market crash. This year alone the stock market has seen unparalleled volatility and many investors are becoming increasingly more nervous. While George Soros admits that his predictions don’t always come to pass, the current financial climate suggests that the concerns that investors have may be warranted, particularly with the economic struggle that China is currently seeing.

China’s devaluation of the Yuan has sparked a lot of financial debate on https://www.facebook.com/breakingpolitical/posts/1562000144097945 of the last few years. Their sudden and unexpected measures to devalue the Yuan have caught many countries and economic experts by surprise. Analysis’s say that China’s devaluation marks a shift in the fundamental heart of their economy. The move is in line to help them reform towards a market-oriented economy rather than a production economy. However, some believe that the devaluation of their currency is a desperate attempt to combat the sharp fall in recent Chinese exports. This is a sore subject for US politicians, as many believe that China has already been keeping their currency at artificially low values in order to have an export edge against the US.

George Soros is an investment expert with more than 50 years of experience managing successful investments. His hedge-fund firm has had a consistently high rate of return, with an average rate of around 20% in the last 50 years. Other than his investment ventures, Soros is lauded for his significant charitable donations and initiatives. In his lifetime, Soros has given billions of dollars to charitable initiatives and foundations. Soros is also the author of more than a dozen books. One of his most famous works is The Tragedy of the European Union (2014). His contributions to the financial world are notable.

Doe Deere Shares Her Favorite Fashion Rules To Break With Her Many Fans

Fashion changes from season to season. What is in one week may be utterly out the next. This is one of many reasons why people have developed fashion rules over the years to help them decide what might always work at any time of the year. Someone who wants us to throw out such rules and get ideas that better work in today’s contemporary society is fashion expert and makeup icon lover Doe Deere. She wants us to let go of yesterday’s ideas about fashion and fashion rules and embrace a new fashion world of rules that we create for ourselves.

New Fashion Rules

Deere speaks out against fashion rules that she feels are not useful at all. Instead of rules that tell us we can’t wear more than one pattern at a time, Deere reminds us that we can do so and still look great. She tells us that we should let go of the idea, for example, that we can’t wear a brilliant lip and a brilliant eye at the same time. She urges all of us to find our center and our fashion rules in a recent interview that she gave to Bustle Magazine. She wants us to let go of our preconceptions and feel free to embrace our own inner rules.

Her Background

Doe Deere is a well known figure in the world of fashion. She has spent many years studying what people want and need from fashion figures of all kinds. She also knows that people around the world look to her for fashion advice in some way. To that end, she has been heavily involved in the creation of all many kinds of makeup that have helped bring fashion to people around the world who follow her ideas and her sense of dramatic fashion.

Lime Crime

In order to help serve the needs of her fans better, Deere started her very own makeup company. Lime Crime is an online makeup company that is devoted to helping people find the kind of makeup that is perfect for any day. Her makeup is tested heavily to make sure that it contains only vegan ingredients that are completely safe for everyday use. This allows her to help provide makeup that she knows and loves. It also helps her provide makeup for her fans that is full of wild and wonderful shades of bright colors of all kinds.

Devco’s Challenges and Gains in Atlantic City Development

Time has not been kind to Middlesex County Improvement Authority as it was unable to meet its financial obligations to Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. This is not the first time that the development authority has lagged behind in its financial payments. Casino Reinvestment Authority advanced $ 20 million loan to the authority to facilitate the construction of the Heldrich. The Heldrich, a New Brunswick hotel and conference is the brain child of a nonprofit organization known as the New Brunswick Development Corporation. the corporation popularly known as “DEVCO” has spearheaded development in Middlesex County. The corporation is headed by Christopher Paladino who also heads another corporation in Atlantic City called Atlantic City Development Corp. The later hopes to learn from the lessons learnt and gains made by the construction of the Heldrich.

The New Heldrich hotel attracted investors from various sectors of the economy. As per the agreements entered before investments some investors would be paid first. Holders of senior bolds totaling to a staggering $ 30 million have been paid. CRDA via its Executive Director John Palmieri has expressed its confidence in Devco and its ability to repay the amount owed. These sentiments were echoed by Christopher Paladino who stated that even though the economy was slow the hotel will be able to pay its debts. The Heldrich has employed several employees and has contributed to the improvement of the Middlesex County.

Devco is a planning and estate management corporation that was started to boost development in Atlantic’s City, Middlesex County. The corporation has developed the once undeveloped area into an urban trading hub that has seen increase in commerce and employment. Unlike other corporations of its size and mandate it did not filter funds nor did it engage in unnecessary bureaucracy. Instead it hired experience personnel who did not answer to anyone but the corporation and the people of Atlantic City.




YouTube Continues to Help Expose Fantastic Talents

YouTube is such a phenomenal platform for virtual expression and can be the launch pad for humongous success, fame, and fortune. Look at those silly guys that placed human mouths on animations of fruit and filmed them selves talking incredibly annoying. Since its inception in 2009, the “Annoying Orange” YouTube channel has amassed over 5 million subscribers. The creators also have cashed in with a TV show, video game, toys, clothing, pillows, backpacks, lunch boxes, and a whole slew of merchandise.


This is just one example of how YouTube has helped someone become wealthy by creating video content that in one way or another appealed to a very large world-wide audience. Remember that cute little boy Justin Bieber who had a little YouTube channel? Yeah, he’s now worth over $200 million. It’s incredibly fascinating to do a google search about successful and famous YouTubers and especially when you find out what some of them are famous for. Like these guys that have 20 million followers and all they do is play “Minecraft” and talk a bunch of nonsense. YouTube is certainly the wild west of content creation.


One sensational YouTube success story is a young and talented Australian YouTuber named Wendy Huang. She is perhaps better known as “Wengie” for her incredibly popular blog called “The wonderful World of Wengie” or her YouTube Channel “Wengie”. She has currently and quickly amassed a subscriber following of over a million people from around the world interested in the content she is creating about beauty, fashion, health, lifestyle trends, and cosmetics.


Perhaps the reason why Wendy has gained such a powerful following is because of her unique look and fashion that appeals to girls in her age category and Asian ethnic background. Or maybe the reason she has attracted so much attention is in the savvy way she markets herself online. Whatever the reasons for her unmitigated success, if you take the time to visit her YouTube page, you’ll immediately see that her video’s are incredibly engaging and that the quality of production is top-notch. She simply has a fantastically attractive persona and provides great and useful content to her subscriber base.

New York Sees Rapid Growth in Real Estate Market

There’s never been any question that New York is a whole different animal than any other place in the world, so it just makes sense that the New York City real estate scene is also like no other. This real estate market can be a tough nut to crack, but those who make a go of it here know that New York has a dynamic energy that’s quite unique. Realtors who do well here know that this is a place of incredible opportunity.

All of this speaks to the reasons why the Remax Real Estate office, which is a highly successful suburban real estate business, is once again entering the New York market. Dave Liniger, who is the head of Remax and the person who built the company from the ground up, is now relaunching the company in New York.

Liniger has just named Terry Bohannon, (who is a veteran with Remax) to head a special team in charge of rebranding and marketing Remax for the very unique New York market. Despite the challenges involved in relaunching Remax for this market, Linger is highly optimistic that this effort will be the breakthrough the company is shooting for.

New, upstart real estate firms that have thrived in the competitive New York market are those who know the market inside and out, while also having a great feel for what speaks to clients who are in the market for luxury real estate.

Remax has made a name for itself in the suburban real estate market, but New York is obviously a different thing all together. The realtors at TOWN have focused on luxury as their specialty in New York. For TOWN, which launched in 2010, the gamble paid off.

The experts at TOWN have a commitment to customer service and to knowing their market and to being on top of the market’s fluctuations. This combination has taken TOWN to the top of the New York real estate luxury scene, so if it’s time for you to get into this market, it’s time to call the experts at TOWN.

George Soros Believes Adequate Financing Is Critical When It Comes To Solving The Asylum Chaos

The European Union’s lack of an asylum policy has lead to a political crises that is quickly growing out of control. The problem lies within the members of the state. Instead of doing what would benefit the majority of people, each member state is focused on one thing, their own selfish interests.
This lack of action has caused panic to overtake those seeking asylum, the general public, and those responsible for ensuring the safety of the general public. But when its all said and done, its the asylum seekers who have been the biggest victims.

In order for things to get better the EU needs a comprehensive plan. A plan that effectively governs the flow of asylum-seekers so the process is done in a safe and orderly manner. The process must also be done at a pace that allows Europe to properly absorb the influx of new people.

To be a comprehensive plan it must stretch far beyond just the European borders. It is much easier to help asylum seekers in, or in close proximity to, their current location.

With the epicenter of the current crisis being Syria, making sure the Syrian population is safe has to be the main priority. However, those seeking asylum from other countries must not be overlooked or forgotten.

That’s why George Soros said on Bloomberg.com that he believes the plan has to be executed using a global response. It has to be under the authority of the United Nations and involve all of its member states.

With every nation involved, the burden of the Syrian crisis would be more evenly distributed. This would also establish a global standard for dealing with similar situations in the future.

To help deal with the current asylum chaos, Forbes billionaire George Soros has come up with his own comprehensive plan that consists of six components. He outlined his plan in an article published on Marketwatch in September of 2015.

The first component of his plan also published on NY Books is to ensure adequate financing is available. In order for things to get better the European Union will have to be open to accepting at least one million asylum seekers every year for the next several years. This can’t happen if adequate financing isn’t available.

George Soros’ Marketwatch plan suggests the EU give each asylum seeker 15,000 euros, or $16,800 USD, per year for the first two years of their escape. This will help them pay for things such as housing, health care and education.

Who Is George Soros

George Soros is a billionaire investor who is known for his many bold predictions. He is the founder and chair of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations. After graduating from the London School of Economics Soros settled into the United States and would eventually build his very large fortune.

Since 1979 Soros has been a very active philanthropist. His Open Society Foundations now operates in over 100 different countries and is working hard to promote the values of human rights, transparency and an open society.

White Shark Media Complaints Review


White Shark Media: Handling Complaints Professionally

White Shark Media is a top rated company, specializing in online business promotions. The company has numerous clients from all walks of life who are extremely delighted with the quality of service they have received.

As a reputable AdWords agency, White Shark Media has provided advertising solutions to clients, ranging from individual clients to small and medium-sized business, and sometimes large corporations.

At some point, ever business has to deal with an unhappy customer or client. The challenge is to address the situation in a way that creates a positive impression about the business. When a customer complaint is handled properly, it leaves the customer thinking the company operates a great business. If the business owner or manager is lucky, they can even encourage the customer to serve as a passionate advocate for their brand. Most White Shark Media happy customers or clients are willing to post raving reviews about your company or brand if they are satisfied with the quality of service they have received.

White Shark Media takes handles complaints promptly and appropriately. They strive for customer satisfaction in all of their dealings with clients. When there is complaint about any issue related to their business, the professionals at White Shark Media try to assess the situation and then take steps to rectify problems promptly. These professionals also strive to build relationship with their clients by demonstrating that they value their patronage and they take their concerns seriously.

Even though a business owner or company manager might deal with customer complaints on a regular basis, and may well have handled a similar situation successfully, each customer’s or client’s complaint is unique. White Shark Media treats the client as an important person by paying attention to them. White Shark Media is also of the opinion that during a complaint, the company staff should not be defensive – especially if they believe they are not at fault. Instead, they take steps to make sure that the client is satisfied. White Shark Media makes sure their staff is fully aware that complaints are a top priority item for their business.

The staff at White Shark Media treats clients with respect, and come up an acceptable solution to the client. In a situation where their client does not know what an acceptable or good resolution would be, the experts at White Shark Media offer one or more options to meet the client’s needs.

White Shark Media has well-trained marketing and advertising professionals who are properly equipped to deal with any type of search engine and digital marketing issue. The company has strategies in place to help clients achieve significant returns on investment. By creating and optimizing campaigns for clients and providing other essential business promotion strategies, clients are able to profit significantly.

Doe Deere Gives Hints and Tips on Beauty and Fashion

Doe Deere, the self-named Unicorn Queen, as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime, a makeup line made famous by her. Deere is known for appearing with various shades of hair, such as macron, because she likes to play around with unique colors.

Her fashion lime, Lime Crime, is known most for its line full of glittery, and assorted pastel shades of lipstick. She shares her own view of the fashion and beauty tips that brave women who want a difference should break, such as:

1. Don’t mix bold eye color with bold lipstick color

Most fashion experts tell women to only wear either a bold eye color or a bold lipstick color. However, Deere says she breaks that suggestion all the time. She says it is fine to wear strong colors of both eye and lip colors like wearing jer Red Velvet lipstick with her Blue Milk eyeliner.

2. Don’t wear lots of colors at once

Some beauty guides say mixing too many makeup colors at once will make your look tasteless and garish. But Deere says it can make you look great if done correctly. She says to wear several shades and color coordinate them. Such as wearing colors that look good together like pink and purple, or pink and green or peach and periwinkle.

3. Don’t wear lots of different patterns

Patterns are another thing that some women are told not to mix too many of, but once again Deere says it’s A-OK, and that mixing patterns is fun. She likes to mix prints and says to keep them in the same color family for best results.

4. Don’t pair up socks with heels or open toe shoes

Some say it will make you look like your granny, but Deere says wearing socks with heels and open toe shoes can actually be stylish. She says she has fun with socks and owns hundreds of different pairs.

5. Only wear neutral colors or black with unusual hair color

She also adds that even though some say her unusual hair color should only go with neutral or black shades, that color is too fun to give up. Color stands for personality and as long as you watch out how the color combos work together, you can wear anything from just one color to a rainbow of colors in your hair.

6. Only dress your age

She also says you don’t have to only “dress your age.” If you love it, then wear it! Just because you get a certain age doesn’t mean giving up the clothes or colors you love. Wear what you want, it’s your own thing!

7. It’s good to stay with dressing certain ways for certain occasions

Why keep occasional clothing in storage all the time? If you want to wear your fancy dress to go shopping, just do it. Deere says to enjoy your clothing and don’t just save them for special days, wear them on a regular one. Wear what you love the best. Be creative.

Deere was born in Russia and grew up in New York. She wants all ladies to know that makeup is supposed to be freeing and help them express themselves. So, she created Lime Crime in 2008. She also loves animals and regularly donates to Bide A Wee animal rescue. She also is for Donald Trump and says he is a great businessman.

For more on Doe Deere, check out her Facebook page, or follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

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