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Dr. Dov Rand Reveals Entrepreneurs Success in the Medical

Dr. Dov Rand was recently interviewed for the Inspirey website where he revealed how he became a successful physician with his business, Healthy Aging Medical Centers. His fascination with health grew when he was a young athlete who was curious about the impact of focus and hard work. His passion and determination led him to become incredibly successful in a variety of athletic activities and eventually led him to get his doctorate at the Howard University medical school. Dr. Dov had his internship at Saint Barnabas and his residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

He believes the key to his entrepreneurial success is continuing professional development and education. He is constantly reading articles, books, studies, and also going to conferences to understand the latest developments in the healthcare industry. Preventative medicine has become more important than ever for those looking to optimize their health. He believes that people can be doing so much more. By focusing on optimizing your health, Dr. Dov Rand believes it will allow you to enjoy your lifestyle for longer.

Dr. Dov reveals that success is not about avoiding mistakes either. Instead, he believes success is learning from those mistakes and not making the same mistake twice. This will allow entrepreneurs to continually grow and improve. Dr. Dov Rand doesn’t believe in failures. Instead, he perceives obstacles to be learning opportunities. When he has felt his career was stagnant, he was able to learn from it and focus on a new path.

Dr. Dov Rand is particularly excited about the potential of stem cell research and genetic sequencing. Not only  he does stem cell research that already shows incredible promise in promoting health, but the potential of regenerative medicine is incredible. He also believes that genetic sequencing will create a large paradigm shift in the medical industry because it will allow physicians to create a more individualized treatment plan for each patient.

Dr. Dov Rand also reveals that growing your business requires care and passion about helping your audience. People will be able to see an entrepreneur’s passion and dedication, particularly in the health industry. When they see how much you care and are willing to work towards creating the best health options for them, they will continually refer you to others. However, he also believes it is important to believe in yourself and not follow others blindly.

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Beneful Foods That Dogs Love To Eat

Dogs was described by wikipedia as complex creatures and not a lot of dog food brands understand this. There are some breeds that gorge themselves on food and later get sick – like cocker spaniels. Breeds like pugs, however, can often be picky eaters. Most pet parents especially those on twitter know that when it comes to dogs, sometimes not a lot can be guessed by the breed either and it largely depends on how loved and spoiled the dog is. Thankfully, Beneful is a brand that loves dogs as much as pet parents do. This is a brand that can make any dog become healthier.

Here are 4 Beneful products that are loved by dogs of all kinds –

Original – The original PurinaStore products come in a variety of flavours and the most popular ones with dogs include the one with real beef, real chicken, and real salmon. This dog food product falls under dry dog food category. Real beef and chicken varieties are rich in antioxidants and real salmon has abundant omega for healthy dogs.

Healthy Weight – Adult dogs, particularly some breeds, tend to gain a lot of weight as they grow older because they get lazier and also face a lot of health issues. For those dogs, it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet that cuts back on calories but not on nutrition. This is exactly what Beneful’s Healthy Weight (dry food) products do. The most popular option is the one with real chicken.

Healthy Puppy – The requirements of puppies that are growing are different from adult dogs. This is why pet parents love to feed their puppies with this dry food product by Beneful. It is rich in Calcium and contains DHA which is essential for the vision and brain development of puppies.

Incredibites – Incredibites comes in both dry and wet dog food type. The one with real beef and real chicken is dry. The bites are small and easier for smaller dogs to chew and digest. For wet Incredibites, pet parents can go for the variety with wild rice, beef, tomatoes, and carrots.

Beneful has a lot of flavors and even the pickiest of dogs would find something amazing in their products. It is available on