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Marc Sparks’ Steps to Elevate Inventive Collaboration through Timber Creek Capital, LP

Timber Creek Capital, LP through its owner, Marc Sparks has moved to a new location after being in its original place for more than ten years. The reason behind the relocation is that the firm wanted to start incubation and allow innovative collaboration.

Marc Sparks who is the owner of the company helps new entrepreneurs to start businesses and transform them into profitable enterprises.

He says that, to start any business all you require to have is necessary resources and a good business plan. He continued to say that with a conducive, quality and collaborative business environment, you are likely to succeed in business. He gave Timber Creek Company, LP as an example of companies where they applied a well-designed business plan and managed to host three more companies. For the three companies, they offered a widespread incubation period.

Marc Sparks has managed to establish many successful businesses and thus possess enough experience in the field of his work. Through this experience, he got the idea that through maximized collaboration and output, there would be a special and continuous flow in the office.

From his journey published in his book, “They Can’t Eat You,” Marc says he learned the reality of entrepreneurship through the failure and success he experienced throughout. With the knowledge gained then, he was able to establish Timber Creek Capital, LP.

Timber Creek Capital, LP, located in Dallas, Texas is a private firm that specializes in helping passionate entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. They extend their assistance to the entrepreneurs by providing them with office space, equipment, financial assistance, legal aid, web development, graphic arts, merchant banking, equipment, networking, customer service expertise, and support staff. They offer to them their 35 years entrepreneurial experience from the inception of the business till it grows sufficiently.

Marc Sparks says that from the experience he has gained over the years, he knows the challenges one is expected to face in entrepreneurial journey. But he added that, qualities such as passion, tenacity, knowledge of monetization, focus, faith, and embrace of a sense of speed it is possible to succeed in business. He believes that Timber Creek Capital, LP will turn those with great business ideas to successful business owners.

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is the founder, owner as well as the CEO of a renowned company, Timber Creek, LP. Apart from being a serial entrepreneur, he is also an author as well as a philanthropist. He is the author of the book, “They Can’t Eat You” which outlines the details of his journey as an entrepreneur.

Through Timber Creek LP, he has helped many people grow their businesses from the time of inception to bearing of the fruits. Some his charitable works include building affordable houses for families in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, donation of one thousand to at-risk children in partnership with American Can, among others.