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Tidal’s Bright New Future with Desiree Perez May Include Dealings with Samsung


The Tidal App has some of the biggest artist in music behind it, exclusives from Rihanna, T.I., Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Kanye West.  The South Korea-based electronics company, teamed up with Jay Z in 2013 and current CEO, former SoundCloud Chief Business Officer, Jeff Toig in 2015. This application seems to have been set up for success, except for one huge hurdle; its competition. With competitors like Google Play Music, Spotify, Apple Music, even applications like Pandora and IHeartRadio, it’s a difficult, saturated market for Tidal. However, the Tidal app is the only app of its kind to offer, lossless music quality.

Tidals perseverance has been paying off, “The Tidal app rose to its highest point ever in the iTunes Store following West’s TLOP drop, and his exclusive has reportedly added on a million trial members since 2/22.” Jay Z has had talks with Samsung about trading ownership of Tidal. Spotify may also be in the future of Tidal, “powered by Spotify”, may be the next step for this app. Tidal though struggling, is a very attractive pursuit for many investors, through this Desiree Perez will be representing the company.

Desiree Perez is a member of the “Hova Circle of Influence that includes her husband, Jay Brown, TyTy Smith, Chaka Pilgrim and Jana Fleischman.”  The Hova Circle of Influence runs Roc Nation and its various wings, label operations and publishing, and Tidal itself. Desiree Perez has an astounding reputation as a “fiercely tough negotiator and rabid numbers cruncher, and has a history and street rep that even Empire’s own Cookie wouldn’t challenge.”

For almost 20 years, Desiree Perez has been a trusted close associate of Jay Z, she has a long track record running SC Enterprises. With Desiree Perez running the show and working with Tidals public relations, Jay Z and all of Tidals advocates will have security that Tidal will get the best out of the talks in the days to come. At Tidals launch it was worth as much as $250 million, now it’s believed to be valued at about $100 million. The steep market competition is only a small hurdle with all of the support Tidal is getting. Master negotiator Desiree Perez and new possibilities on the verison Samsung and Spotify have the coming days looking brighter. Tidal, now focuses on new features like “a curated list of new releases ‘Tidal Discovery’ a section about emerging artists ‘Tidal Rising’ and exclusive live performance ‘TIDAL X'”