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The measures that Ara Chackerian is putting in place so that to cater to the needs of the community

Ara Chackerian lives in San Francisco and in the area he has created a reputation for himself in the business world and the philanthropy. There are so many works that Chackerian has been involved with which the community-based efforts have focused. Through his career path, he has spent a better part of it in the field of healthcare, which has been a success because he has the needed experience when it comes to incorporating technology and healthcare services. The other interest that he has apart from the healthcare is the youth and environmental development. For more details check out Crunchbase.


One environmental program that he has focused on in Nicaragua is Limonapa Teak. Its focused on the utilization of practices that are environmentally friendly so that to enhance the operation to prevent more toxins in the environment. The good thing about the farm is that it will offer job opportunities for so many residents in the area. That has been of help to the people it taking care of their family. Ara Chackerian together with the help of his business partner decided that they are going to use the experience that they had in building centers that will have the diagnostic radiology. You can check out for more.


The one thing that will worry many people in the country is the healthcare. Millions of people in the world will need help with the medical to fight the diseases so that to have a longer lifespan. Those individuals that live in the United States that get a lower income every month will not be in a place to afford the cost of the healthcare. That’s why Chackerian came up with the center so that he will help those people that can’t afford the enormous expense.

Other countries like Japan and France worry that when it comes to the needs of the health care system, they won’t be able to sustain them. Though the healthcare in those parts of the country is already advanced, the difficult thing is that they have no idea of where the funds will come from so that they are adequately functional. The one thing that Ara Chackerian hopes for is that he will never lack the funds to cater for the needs of the clients. You ca visit their website



Evolution of Smooth: Changing the World’s View of Lip Balm

EOS is the acronym for the company Evolution of Smooth. If you don’t know what EOS is, then you’ve probably seen or used their products without even knowing it. They’re the company that makes the colorful little orbs of lip balm that hold unheard of flavors of lip balm.

So, where did EOS come from? What made them so popular? Innovation. This word is something that gives you a certain clout in the business world. It means you’ve found a product or service that made your industry or products in your industry better and/or easier to use.

They way EOS changed the world of lip balm was simple but extremely effective. Before they introduced the great flavors and combinations that people raved about, they took a look at how similar products were packaged and sold, click now. They found that other packages were dull and looked like they came with a prescription. They had to differentiate from that stigma and come up with something new and exciting that people would want to buy.

This is where the orb came in. The founders commissioned an artist to come up with something inviting and smooth. After weighing the options, they were left with the orb. Now that they had the shape down, they turned their laser focus to the smallest of details. From how the orb felt in the hand, to the clicking sound it made when opened and closed, nothing escaped their scrutiny.

But, the packaging was only one part of the problem with other products. The flavors were bland and lacked style. Something needed to be done. Here are a few of the great flavor combinations that this amazing company has worked hard to give the world. Hop over on for more stories.


Pomegranate Raspberry

Combining a mild flavor like a pomegranate with the explosive citrus flavor of raspberry, you have a great flavor that doesn’t overwhelm a sensitive palate. Comes in a dark crimson orb. Watch and learn more about this flavor.


Vanilla Mint

This flavor sounds like something you might find in an ice cream shop, not the lip balm aisle. But, this is what EOS is known for. This flavor combines vanilla with the powerful sensation of mint. Comes in a light blue orb with white swirls.


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