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Samuel Strauch And The Rise Of Miami Real Estate

It was fifteen years ago that Samuel Strauch stepped off of a plane in Miami and noticed something. He noticed, immediately, that Miami was turning into a prime destination spot and a place where savvy real estate companies could turn a profit. Of course, Miami had once been a popular resort town but times were changing.

Samuel Strauch is the founder of Metrik Holdings and one of the more enterprising entrepreneurs in the Miami area. His ability to blend technology, vision and connections has made Metrik Real Estate one of the bigger boomers in the area. Let’s take a closer look at how Samuel Strauch is changing the industry and maybe a few young entrepreneurs will be inspired to do the same.


Starting a company takes a ton of resolve and even more confidence — both traits that Strauch had in spades. Strauch had spent much of his prior career-making connections with people throughout Latin America. Samuel Strauch saw, and it was immediately evident, that Miami had turned into the proverbial gateway to Latin America. Having those connections and understanding how to utilize them for his burgeoning real estate company was the fastest way for him to get on the map. Samuel Strauch says, “As a result, I realized that I already had a multitude of potential clients and investors because Miami is known as the gateway to Latin America.”

Having opportunity and exploring it to its full potential are two dramatically different things. In fact, most entrepreneurs have an opportunity at one point or another yet they never seem to maximize it. Samuel Strauch took his goals and ran with them. Strauch knows that having a company and succeeding with it can come down to the people you hire, how you treat them, and what they think of you. Strauch says, “I want to create an atmosphere that resonates with the person’s spiritual, emotional and intellectual views.” Strauch is very hands-on with the hiring process and that has definitely showcased itself with how the company has been successful.

You can find immediate success but that doesn’t mean that your longterm goals are any closer to being accomplished. Strauch never turns away from his long-term prospects. Strauch says, “My team is currently involved in studying future trends because change is one of the most important aspects of creating a thriving company.” These words, if nothing else, should be held dearly by young entrepreneurs and experienced veterans alike.

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In Depth Market Report From Town Residential

The Aggregate is a real estate market report that is published by Town Residential and was recently listed by Virtual Strategy Marketing. The company has worked with many of the NYC real estate industry experts and has compiled a list of all the ways that the market is changing and is staying the same. They focus their attention on New York City, but it is clear to see the way that general economics has had an effect on the way that the housing market has changed in the city.

The people who are members of the city are able to get what they want from Town Residential. The company is a luxury real estate company and has been providing the residents of New York City with the best of everything in their homes and properties that they can acquire around the city. There have been many changes to the way that New York City market reports have affected the people of the city and the Aggregate works to list all of these. The report is put out on a quarterly basis and gives the residents of the city a general overview in what needs to be changed about the city and the way that it works.

Among other things, the number of new development vacancies is rising. In the past, the new developments would quickly become occupied and there would be no room for new residents to go to these places. This has all changed with the new market that has been created in New York City and there are many facets to the way that it changed.

Housing prices are rising in the city. While it has always been expensive for residents to live in New York City, the prices have gone up by around 6% in the last quarter. This is a major issue for people who are wanting to move into the city because the rise in prices has made some people not able to afford the expensive housing options in the city. It is a great deal for people who are hoping to sell their homes in the city, but there is nobody to sell the homes to because the prices are so high.