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Get A Great Phone And A Great Cell Phone Plan From FreedomPop

Gone are the days when it was a requirement to purchase a cell phone on a payment plan as well as paying a high dollar amount for monthly wireless service. Although there are still cell phone companies that will make deals with their customers to give them the latest phones at the highest prices, FreedomPop is not one of those companies. The company sells their phones at low prices, and a lot of their prices are way below retail price. Since FreedomPop has cheap cell phone prices, it’s easy to pay for the phones out-of-pocket as well as being able to add service to the phone.


FreedomPop has over 35 different phones available, and the cell phones are not the old flip phones that used to be popular but iPhones and Samsung Galaxy’s. The phones can be purchased on their website, or certain retailers may have different phones available for sale. Those who choose to get a phone from direct from the company can add different services to it, which range from the free cell phone service up to the different unlimited service plans that contain at least one gigabyte of 4G LTE data.


Anyone who wants to add additional 4G LTE data to their unlimited cell phone plan can do so by paying the additional cost for each gigabyte, which is five dollars per gigabyte. FreedomPop has also extended free cell phone service to its users, and anyone is allowed to take advantage of this service, even if they do not have a low income. Those that get the free service will receive 500 text messages, 500 MB of data, and 200 minutes of talk time to use on any smartphone that works on the network.


Along with serving up some of the best cell phone service around at the lowest prices, FreedomPop also offers Wi-Fi service, portable hotspots, home Internet service, and tablets for sale. Those who are wondering about other service providers because they’ve been with one service for too long should check out a FreedomPop review because their low prices are some of the lowest in the business. FreedomPop also has excellent cell phone coverage, as well as coverage for those who need Internet service, Wi-Fi, or portable hotspots. Along with the low prices and great services, they have good customer service as well to handle the needs of all of their customers, choosing this great company is never a bad choice.

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