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A Short Biography of Jana Messerschmidt

Jana Messerschmidt is an investing partner at Lightspeed Ventures Partners. The firm was established at the turn of the century (2000) with an objective to provide various financial solutions to startups and growth companies. Lightspeed is a venture capital firm that has a specialty in offering custom financial solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises that are in the early stages of investment. The firm’s investment portfolio shows that enterprise technology and consumer space are the firm’s most significant investment areas.

Jana is currently located in San Francisco, United States. Before getting involved with Lightspeed Ventures, Jana was working at two market-leading companies. Jana Messerschmidt worked at Twitter in the position of Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform. Her position at Twitter enabled her to form strong partnerships with companies and brands in the local and foreign market.

During Jana Messerschmidt’s Stint as Twitter, the social media platform experienced tremendous growth and expansion in new foreign markets. Much of this is credited to Jana’s ability to forge excellent and long-standing relationships. Jana formed alliances with firms across various industries; this has enabled the social media platform to thrive.

Her exceptional skills as a business executive are unrivaled, and this explains why she’s other peers call her Jana Lightspeed. Other than Twitter soliciting for her services, Netflix too had the same intentions. After exiting Twitter, Jana Messerschmidt went on to work at Netflix in the position of Director of Business Management. Her time at Netflix is characterized by the formation of partnerships with several mobile companies and consumer electronic brands.

Jana’s work at Twitter has received acclaim from peers in the industry. She is also being credited with the success of firms such as AT&T and DivX. Her ability to be at the right firm at the right time has earned her the nickname Jana Lightspeed among her peers.

Why Victoria Doramus Keeps Winning in Life

Victoria Doramus is arguably the best planner and trend marketer in the world. But despite having achieved quite a lot over the years, she has managed to strike what seems like the perfect balance in her life. And that’s exactly why she keeps winning.

Victoria Doramus and Her Qualifications

The reason why Victoria Doramus is ranked as one of the best marketers in the world is because of her one thing; she not only relies on her abilities but works hard as well. First and foremost, Victoria Doramus has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication. And while she was at the University of Colorado, she also picked up quite a few skills.

These skills include advertising copywriting, text copying, design, graphics, audio, and video production just to mention a few. She also happens to be a gifted writer, which makes it quite incredible that she can use all the above skills when helping our any of her esteemed clients.

Her Love for Humanity

Despite being super successful as a planner as well as a strategic marketer, Victoria Doramus has always been in love with people as well as animals. She believes that by helping other people, the world would definitely be a step closer towards being a better place. That said, Victoria Doramus is a staunch supporter of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Through the foundation, she makes sure that a lot of young girls and women are saved from the drug pandemic as well as its effects. She is also closely associated with the Best Friends Animals Society. Founded in 1984, this nonprofit organization deals with finding orphaned or vulnerable animals homes. And needless to say, they are out there doing such a wonderful job.

Victoria Doramus is also a member of the Room to Read Foundation which is tasked with helping underprivileged children access good education. To date, ‘Room to Read’ Foundation has reached well over 12 million kids and the number keeps on increasing by the day. These are just three of the charities that Victoria Doramus is involved with out of her organic love for both mankind as well as animal kind.