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EOS Hibiscus Peach Crystal Lip Balm Review

Evolution of Smooth continues to crank out amazing products.

There are some big names in the lip balm industry – such as ChapStick, Carmex, and Blistex – but EOS seems to be outdoing them all when it comes to pumping out products that both work great and look great.

I mean, how many celebrities do you know who endorse ChapStick?  Not many, right? But countless celebrities – such as Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kendra Wilkinson – are often seen applying some EOS to their lips so that they and their lips can be photo-ready at all times.

Today we are going to talk about the Hisbiscus Peach lip balm from EOS’ Crystal lip balms line. The review we will be summarizing will be that of PurpleStars02.

Most EOS lip balm containers are egg or oval-shaped. However, the Hisbiscus Peach isn’t.

With a color that is a shimmering bright purple, this container has a shape that is more like a pyramid with soft, rounded corners instead of sharp, straight edges.

As the name implies, the balm itself is crystal clear. When applying the Hibiscus Peach Crystal lip balm, it applies very smoothly, and guess what! It has a scent that smells exactly of fresh peaches!

So if you’re a peachy kind of person, go ahead and try this lip balm.

Although the price of this Crystal lip balm is a little higher than other Evolution of Smooth lip balms at a Walgreens retail price of $5.50, it is totally worth the price (

What rating would PurpleStars02 give the Hibiscus Peach Crystal lip balm?

A whopping 9 out of 10 stars!

Why only 9 out of 10?

Because the peach scent is super subtle. The scent could be a little stronger, but this balm is such a great product that it deserves at least nine stars.

EOS Lip Balm Scaled Quickly to Help their Sales

EOS Lip Balm is now a familiar name but it hasn’t always been that way. Just around 10 years ago, the company was brand new and people were still using Chapstick for all of their lip care needs. The lip balm industry was booming but Chapstick was at the forefront of it because of everything that the company had done for years. People who wanted to be able to enjoy the lip care products had to purchase twist tubes or pots that were difficult to use on the go. EOS took the time to make changes to the market. Follow this link to learn more,


The disruption came when EOS Lip Balm decided that they would offer a pot-like solution to the typical lip balm problems that America was having. The company offered a pot for people to be able to use on their lips but they didn’t want them to have to dig the lip balm out. This is where the idea for the sphere came from. The lip balm is built up into a mound on top of the pot-like structure. It is then fitted with a cap that twists on to keep it protected while in your pocket or purse. EOS created something that people didn’t even realize that they needed, see now.


Now that EOS has been on the market for several years, they are continuing to see success. The company actually surpassed Chapstick with the sale of their products in the past few years. While the products are slightly more expensive per unit, most consumers know that it is worth it because they get more product in the “unit” than what they do with the small Chapstick-style tubes. EOS’s success is another indicator that markets can be interrupted and that it just takes a little innovation from the company to be able to change things.


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