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Why Securus Technologies Is a Great Choice of Communications

If you are unsure about whether you can visit a friend or family inmate at a correctional facility or not, then you may be able to take advantage of a program that is offered for utilization in many of today’s correctional facilities. That program is offered by Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies is a great program that is available for people to talk to their friends and/or family from their very home to the jail where the inmate is at. Unfortunately, communicating with an inmate often comes with many obstacles that may be difficult to get around, such as wait times and/or long travel distances. Securus Technologies understands this dilemma that many people are faced with and have created a solution that enables them to communication with others via phone and/or video conferencing.

Although the technology that enables one to communicate with another in a correctional facility seems to be quite advanced, maybe even costly, it is important to note that the opportunity of participating in such a form of communication can actually be quite cheap.

This is why Securus Technologies has been known as being one of the top providers of such services. It is highly imperative for people to know that such a program exists as it enables them to communicate with whoever they may care about and are in an unfortunate situation of being jailed. By utilizing Securus Technologies for your forms of communications, you can have assurance of knowing that your friend or family member will have some happiness during a time that is quite difficult for anybody. Jail is never a pleasant experience, however, communicating with one’s loved ones can certainly brighten up anyone’s day. Be sure to contact one of the representatives who are available to assist with setting up your account as soon as possible.


Securus Technologies Developing Ways to Connect Inmates with Family and Friends

Securus Technologies is the undisputed leader in providing services to more than 3,450 prison facilities throughout North America. The company is involved in the daily life of over 1.2 million inmates serving time in local, state and federal prison facilities. One service the company provides is in the telecommunications industry, making audio and video communication possible between the friends and family members of those being held in correctional facilities.

The area of telecommunication services is a contentious subject. There are competitors who want a share of the market; that is by and large controlled by Securus Technologies. In a recent PRNewswire news release, Securus provided information in contrast to what a competitor, Global Tel Link, (GTL), had claimed. Securus provided information as a firm and concise rebuttal against the claims of GTL. Many of the allegations rebutted concerned patents and which company had the current control and rights granted by the patents.

As is often the case in the business world, the leader in the industry is often attacked by usurpers trying to gain market share. But Securus is firmly entrenched in the prison industry as a leader, and allegations made against their business practices usually fall on deaf ears.

Securus Technologies continues to provide the most modern and up to date services in the telecommunication industry and should be applauded for replacing the antiquated visitation system with their time and money saving audio and video communication system.

For more information about Securus Technologies and their products and services visit their webpage here.

Securus Technologies will continue to faithfully serve and develop new technologies for the telecommunication industry as a committed company working to make connections between friends and family and those in prison facilities in North America.


Securus Does Right Thing Even When Nobody Watching

The test of a person is what they do when nobody’s watching. But can that test translate to the integrity of an entire company? Let’s look at the curious case of Securus Technologies.


Securus is a different kind of telecommunications company. They get contracts from prisons and jails to be the sole provider of telephone services to those facilities. When a prisoner inside of one of those facilities picks up the phone, they are using Securus services whether they like it or not.


Similar companies like Global Tel-Link use this kind of position to charge an exorbitant amount for telephone calls. With no competition, they are free to charge a litany of hidden fees and an absurd per minute rate. Their greed has recently put them into the pages of the New York Times.


But it seems that Securus is different. Instead of stripping down their staff to a skeleton crew in order to save money, they invest in the largest customer service call center in the industry. Instead of devaluing their telephone services, they invest in better technologies in order to connect prisoners with their loved ones. Instead of charging skyhigh rates, they recoup reasonable fees for better service. And they do all of this while nobody is really paying attention.


The vast majority of Americans have never heard of these telecommunications companies. And the vast majority of Americans will never need to use their services. But this does not stop Securus from achieving an A+ rating and an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. The accreditation is the highest honor that the BBB doles out. They only give it to companies that exemplify integrity. The accreditation is completely voluntary and a company like Securus does not needed in order to turn a profit. But Securus keeps passing that age-old test.


The Holiday Spirit Is Apparent with Securus Technologies

What a bright time, it’s the right time to answer a video visitation with Securus Technologies. Christmas is one of the most magical days of the year for the United States when the importance of family is emphasized. Unfortunately, millions of people are unable to be with their families for the holidays each year for a multitude of reasons, including being incarcerated. I think it is a heartbreaking reality to be separated from your loved ones at any time, but especially the ones that mean the most. Securus Technologies helps bring families together for the holidays and I think that is wonderful at best.


In a video highlighting what this technology can do for Christmas, a father exchanged holiday cheer with his young son. When the father asked what his child got for Christmas, the child proudly admitted that he waited to speak to his dad first. As the father got to watch his son open his gifts, it was if he was really there and that is perhaps the greatest gift for both of them, in my opinion.


Securus Technologies is so much more than an open line of communication. This technology is a way to reunite families, solidify the rehabilitation process by making inmates feel like they are the humans they are, and to even strengthen prison security by keeping personnel in the loop at all times. In no way does this technology detract from the necessary elements of incarceration, but it benefits it in a way that will bring meaning to the experience rather than just disdain.


Conclusively, I am in support of Securus Technologies. Few people consider the difficulty that being incarcerated brings to families, specifically children. The young man who got to enjoy his father on Christmas received the greatest gift of all and that is heartwarming. Because of this video visitation made possible by this high-tech software, this child will still sustain a relationship with his father and will learn the real meaning of the holidays.


Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Products Provided by Securus Technologies

On 4th of March 2016, Securus Technologies announced that it had deployed more than 84,000 intelligent communication devices. Securus is one of the leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions used in investigations, public safety, corrections and inmate phone calls monitoring.

In almost three decades serving the jail and prison market, Securus Technologies has installed 80,000 telephones to provide inmates with basic communications. This time, the firm has installed over 84,000 intelligent inmate devices through Mexico and the US. The intelligent inmate communications comprise of video visitation kiosks, sophisticated inmate tablets and proprietary S-phones. All these devices have been designed using high level of security. The firm aims at helping in inmate rehabilitation, reduce recidivism, improve safety within prison, help inmates secure jobs after finishing their terms, and make a safer society. To access Securus video visitation, simply download the Google Play app or the one from the App Store and connect your software to schedule a visit.

About Securus

Securus Technologies is an American based technology company accredited by the BBB. The firm mostly deals in prison related technology services. Some of the products that they offer include the following:

Direct Bill

The direct bill account allows user to receive calls from inmates and the charges are billed directly to you on a monthly basis. This account option is very favorable especially if the inmate has been incarcerated for more than two years. It will also favor you if you are a bail bondsmen, attorney, social worker or government agent. Some of the benefits that you may get from this account include:
• No minimum payment.

• Full time access to your account.

• Ability to receive calls from an inmate as long as you have settled the bill.

• Itemized bill statement of your call activity.

• It is possible to add various phone numbers, which will ensure you are receive all calls you need.

Traditional Collect

This account is the firm’s standard payment product. It is a convenient way to pay for any received calls. This option will ensure that you are assigned a 3 month rolling spending limit. Every time you accept a call from an inmate, charges get deducted from the available spending limit.

Inmate Debit

This is an inmate-owned prepaid account that is used by inmates to pay for telephone calls that they make. If the facility allows, an inmate will be capable of transferring funds from facility trust account into the Inmate Debit account. Funds that are placed in Inmate Debit account become the property of the convict. Family and friends cannot be able to get refunds on the account.

Learn more about Securus by visiting their about page here >>