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Talkspace Is Helping Couples Open Up In A Digital Age

Every couple will experience problems with their relationship at some point and it’s important to be open to talking about them. While many people want to get relationship counseling, it’s sometimes just not convenient or comfortable to go into an office and talk to a professional in person. This is why Talkspace is such a useful app for couples in these situations. Instead of receiving help with their relationship issues or other problems involving mental health, they are able to quickly get advice via their cell phones. The system is discreet and looks like any other messaging system, so you can use it anywhere you have access to the internet in order to get advice and help with your issues. Check out to read more about Talkspace reviews.

Couples counseling can be an immensely personal experience and it’s important to find a licensed therapist that has experience with some of the issues that you are facing. At Talkspace, after talking to a consultant about the different aspects of our relationship and what you would like to accomplish, they are able to refer you to a therapist that specialized in your type of problems. For example, if you and your partner are interested in BDSM, there are therapists who specialize in the issues that couples in that lifestyle may face. When a therapist is familiar with your situation, it can make it easier to talk to them about some of the issues that you are hesitant to share.

Talkspace may not have office visits, but clients tend to develop a deep relationship with their therapist. They are able to speak to them when they are comfortable as opposed to having to schedule their lives around going to an office visit. In addition, Talkspace is usually less expensive than more traditional options. When it comes to couple’s therapy, it can be especially hard to schedule a visit around you and your partner’s work and home schedules, but the app can make this process a lot easier than it ever has been before. Talkspace is a new option for mental health in an age where everything is digital including your therapist.


Chamonix Subsidiary Genucel Help Those Abused In New Jersey

The rising numbers of reports of domestic abuse across the U.S. have been shocking with the state of New Jersey reporting an act of physical violence against a spouse takes place every seven minutes. Cosmetics giant Chaminox and its subsidiary Genucel have begun working with the Women Aware organization in Middlesex, New Jersey to help raise the self-esteem of those affected by forms of physical and emotional abuse. Genucel by Chamonix has become a major financial supporter of the work of domestic abuse charities and offers free products for those affected by spousal and family abuse as they rebuild their lives.


One of the main battles facing those who have been victims of domestic abuse is the need to regain a sense of self-worth which has usually been damaged by the abuser. One of the best ways of rebuilding self-worth is to complete a regular exercise, including walking which is a fine form of detoxifying the body and mind. In New Jersey, 2018 saw the first running of the Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race and Charity Walk which is designed to raise funds and awareness of the problem of abuse which affects one in seven men and 25 percent of women in New Jersey.



Genucel played a major role in the development of the 5K race and walk when it stepped onboard as the main sponsor for the event in New Jersey. The cosmetics giant provided financial backing for the event and created a range of grab-bags for those house with the Women Aware group including a range of anti-aging products. Backing the Women Aware event showed the awareness of the Genucel brand as the company understands regular exercise can positively impact the physical health of an individual as well as their emotional well-being.


Providing anti-aging products made from the Malus Domestica plant, Genucel believes it is helping those affected by domestic abuse remove the scars of the past and rebuilding their self-confidence. Genucel believes assisting those who have been affected by emotional and physical abuse can be done in many ways including assisting with their physical well-being. The emotional scars of domestic abuse can negatively affect the physical appearance with Genucel providing free anti-aging products to those looking to recover their independence with the aid of Women Aware. Learn more about Genucel on


Talkspace is a New Way to Get Help for Mental Health Issues

Talkspace has created a new way for people to get care for mental health issues. They saw that there was a need for people to be able to talk to therapists, as often they could not use traditional methods. Some people live too far away from mental health professionals, or they do not have enough money. Since Talkspace is a confidential service, it is also a good way for people who do not want to talk to family or friends to get help.

Michael Phelps felt the same way. Despite being a world class athlete who appeared to have it all, Phelps felt alone and unable to talk to anyone about his crippling mental illness. He even thought about suicide at one point. He knows that taking the first step and talking to someone can be very difficult. He is now a firm believer in the work Talkspace does.

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Talkspace can be accessed using a variety of online tools. People can use text, or they can use Talkspace’s app. There are also options for video calls. Talkspace has a team of highly trained doctors and staff who are experts in mental health. Talkspace founder Oren Frank wanted to provide a much needed service to those who would not get help using traditional methods. Mental health issues affect up to 25% of the population, but just a fraction of them get professional help.

Another aspect of Talkspace is their wide community of people who can communicate using Talkspace’s online blogs and chats. It can be a great relief for sufferers to be able to hear from people who have been through, or are going through, the same things they are.

Talkspace is an affordable and convenient way for people to get the help they need, and by using Phelps as a spokesman, they show that anyone can suffer from mental health problems.



A Jeunesse Global Y.E.S. Skin Product Collection Review

On September 9, 2009, retirees Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis started Jeunesse Global, the maker of the Youth Enhancement System product line. This Y.E.S. collection includes skin care products and health supplements.

The Jeunesse Global Expansion Story

Since this company’s inception, it grew into a company with more than 32 offices around the world marketing to more than 130 countries. In 2014, this company reportedly became the number one fastest growing Direct Selling Associations in the world. They are now a Fortune 500 company, and at one point, they became recognized as one of the top five percent.

The Y.E.S. Skin Product Line by Jeunesse

One of the latest products marketed by this company is the NV foundation and bronzer. It provides a priming texture and glow similar to that of using a cosmetic airbrush. It comes in nine shades to provide the desired tone and has aloe in it for soothing the skin and the APT-200 polypeptide ingredient in it. This formula is said to provide a photo-ready coverage that could last up to 12 hours.

Here is a description of two other popular Y.E.S. skin care products (two non-edible, one edible):

  • Luminescence – This solution provides restoration as it eliminates dead skin cells. It also alleviates wrinkles and lines and serves as a face tightener. It sometimes is referred to as the “advanced night repair” and the “flawless skin brightener.”

Luminescence –

Instantly Ageless –

  • Instantly Ageless – It often is called a “micro cream,” and it also has tightening properties. It helps give the skin that toned, lifted look and is used for improving facial elasticity. This solution also is applied to facial pores, eyebrows, and the forehead. In addition, it often is used under the eyes.

Reserve –

  • Reserve – This actually is an edible product. It’s a nutritional drink that provides antioxidant support. It kills off free radicals that can cause cancer and also helps stop skin blemishes. One primary ingredient included in it is resveratrol, which combats stress. It also has dark cherry, blueberry, concord grapes, pomegranate and acai substances in it. This product also has green tea and other ingredients in it that also provide antioxidant support.

Other Y.E.S. Products by Jeunesse

This company also provides AM and PM Essentials that have vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other ingredients appropriate for both morning and night. Additional products include as follows: A 50-calorie energy drink called NEVO with real fruit juices, the Zen Project 8 (BODI) for cleansing and fitness support, and FINITI for restoration, and M1ND for memory support and clarity.