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Thirty Pounds Down And Counting

After years of being borderline obese, I’ve finally successfully lost thirty pounds. And I’m not stopping there. I’m counting down the pounds until I reach my goal. I want to be a healthy, manageable weight so that I can live longer and enjoy life to the fullest.
My doctor has been trying to get me to lose weight for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried. My doctor and I worked together for a long time on diets, nutrition plans and exercise regimes. I even joined a gym.

But even when I put all my effort into a diet, I was never able to make much headway. Nothing seemed to stick for very long. I’d get motivated enough to lose five or ten pounds, but then I always put it right back on.

I had all but given up when my facebook friend Rene told me about NutriMost. I was skeptical, of course. After all, I’ve tried diets, and they don’t seem to work for me. But Rene persuaded me to try it because this is a diet with a difference.

The thing that makes Nutrimost different is that it’s based on science. A lot of other diet programs are fad diets based on the current dieting trend or celebrity endorsements according to Fox 6 Now. But NutriMost is based on hard facts.

This diet is individually adaptable, based on data about each person’s body. What makes me gain weight might not make you. A breakthrough NutriMost technology scan will tell you what factors are causing you to put on weight and keep it on. And when you reach your goal, you do a body weight reset to lock in your natural weight for the rest of your life.

I’m thrilled that NutriMost Program ( is working for me where other diet plans have failed.

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