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Madison Street Capital Secures an Excellent Financial Partner for Ares Security Corporation

2017 came as a major reliever to Ares Security Corporation as they received an appropriate financial partner courtesy of Madison Street Capital. The international investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital, acted as an excellent financial partner to help the Vienna-based security company.


Ares is a leading security risk management firm that provides comprehensive, excellent software solutions. By helping Ares Securities secure the deal was proof that Madison Street Capital reputation is undoubtedly the best in the investment banking industry.


Ares Security Corporation is the greatest enterprise security risk management and solutions organization. The firm safeguards the most complex systems that are controlled by the government, energy, transportation and nuclear sectors. Given the role played by the company in securing world’s most critical assets, getting a subordinated debt investment plan was deserved.


Statement from Madison Street Capital


The financial support was provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners and was announced Madison Street Capital top management. According to Madison, Ares has an excellent management team that challenged them to intervene and secure them a suitable financial partner. Being unique in the provision of high-end suite technology solutions that protect the most crucial assets in the world, Ares deserved the minority recapitalization.


Statement from Ares Security Corporation


Ares Security Corporation team could not contain their joy and praised Madison Street Capital for their effort towards arranging for the subordinated debt investment plan. The president of Ares praised the Madison team for their outstanding competence in the entire process from the feasibility study, valuation analysis, and capital raising.


The Future


According to Ares, working with Corbel was the best path towards creating a considerable equity value. Corbel is highly flexible and connected in the industry, a factor that gives Ares Security a chance to benefit by capitalizing on this connection.


An Overview of Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a globally recognized investment banking company. Since its inception in 2005, the firm has continually devoted a significant amount of their resources to ensure high-quality service provision and outstanding work ethics. The company specializes in delivering services in merger and acquisition, corporate financial advisory services, financial options and valuation services to public and private enterprises. With a goal of ensuring that the client succeeds in the global marketplace, the company applies high standards of professionalism and integrity in all its services.


Madison analyzes the needs of each client to obtain the best suitable financing and creates the most appropriate capitalization structures that optimize the potential of the customer. The proven experts at Madison take some time to understand the actual value of the company before providing the client with the most appropriate merger and acquisition advisory services. The firm is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and has operations in North America, Asia, and Africa.