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EOS Lip Balms Create a Stir Once Again with the Release of Their Crystal Line

Evolution of Smooth gained notoriety for its unusual approach to packaging. Once again, this company is making headlines for the innovative design it has created for its new vegan crystal lip balm. Rather than placing the new transparent balm inside of its traditional spherical container, the team decided to go with a pyramid shaped container. When the lid is removed the effect of the totally clear balm on top of the pastel colored base is somewhat akin to something one would expect to see in a futuristic world. The fact that the lip balm is also vegan and contains no wax, is just icing on the top.

Right from the start, the lip balms from EOS were destined to redefine how oral care products looked and performed. Once the team behind these little orbs of beauty got their product onto the shelves, the popularity of the balm began to soar. This was in part due to sensation they made with many of today’s top celebrities. The colorful design of both the balm and its container was a breakthrough strategic move on the part of the founders of EOS. After learning what type of products appealed most to women in the millennial age bracket, they set about creating a product that would captivate all of the senses.

While the cute palm-sized containers and colorful products might make the lip balms from EOS seem more attractive, they are actually designed to provide superior moisturizing effects to dry lips. In fact, they contain many essential nutrients such as vitamins A and E as well as nourishing plant extracts such as jojoba oil and natural Shea butter( The new addition of the company’s Crystal line of balms is just another example of the dedication they have to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.


A New Experience in Lip Balm

Remember the days when lip balm felt waxy and did more to dry out your lips than sooth them? Those days are gone with EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm. If you’ve been looking for a lip balm made from natural ingredients that will help sooth your lips even when you are not wearing it, EOS is the lip balm to choose. Made from luscious ingredients like Shea Butter and Jojoba oil, the many EOS flavors feel as good as they taste. Going on smooth, EOS lip balm never feels sticky or beads up in tiny waxy balls when you eat or drink. It’s the ultimate in lip protection at a very affordable price. EOS makes a flavored lip balm for every taste. Their tasty new flavor, Summer Fruit, is ultra light but packs a lot of moisture with a rereshing, juicy fruit flavor.


If you like your lip balm to be 100% natural and certified organic, you can’t miss out on this selection of flavors. With choices like Blueberry Acai and Strawberry Sorbet, you’ll want to have one of each flavor on hand. The cool, light, lemon flavor also comes with added 15 SPF sunscreen. For those who love to add a bit of shimmer to their lips. EOS has two types of “Shimmer Smooth Spheres” One is a natural, rosy, pink color and the other a luminescent pearl. For those who just love the warm taste of vanilla, the popular Vanilla Bean flavor is back. Whatever flavor you choose, you can trust that these lip balms do not just protect, but work hard to help heal dry, chapped lips.  For info click on

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There are so many ways to order these one-of-a-kind flavors. You can order directly from their website, or look for them on the shelf at many major retailers.

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