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Trust An Online Reputation Management With a Good Reputation

One good sign of an online reputation management company that can serve clients is that the firm itself has a good reputation. After all, if one can’t manage his own reputation, then how can he be trusted for the reputation of anyone else? Fortunately, Status Labs’s president, Darius Fisher is very effective in bringing forth a good reputation for not only his company, but his clients as well. This is one of the reasons why he has gained the reward of Business Development Individual of the Year. His award is sure to bring forth a greater reputation to his firm.

With Status Labs, he deals with clients of all walks of life. He has dealt with plenty of clients such as celebrities, political figures and many more. There have been a ton of scandals that people have fell victim to. Therefore, Status Labs offers clients something that will help them get their lives back on track. The most common problem that people face is a bad review about them on the search results. Status Labs, based in Austin, works on a way to put together optimized content for their clients. As they continue to present optimized content, the old content will eventually get knocked out of the front page of search results.

Darius Fisher of Status Labs also offers plenty of advice on what people can do in order to continue to build their reputation. For one thing, a good reputation takes a while to build. One must have a plan which includes reaching out to others so that they will get to know the person. For one thing, when a person takes the time to build his reputation, he will get to see the benefits of what he has done. Darius also recommends having a plan in place in case there is to be an attack on one’s reputation. Follow Status Labs on Twitter @statuslabs to learn more about them.


Ever since White Shark Media was founded in 2011, we have received many congratulatory messages and compliments from our clients for exemplary services. However, we have also experienced a good share of complaints. We accept the fact that to build a digital marketing agency like ours from scratch and meet the needs of most if not all our clients is a gradual process.

This post is about letting our potential clients know what White Shark Media is doing and how it is addressing common customer complaints that we have been receiving.

Campaigns Performance

White Shark Media Complaints team has created improvements in that if you had an old campaign that was performing well, the company would assist Clients in borrowing best practices from it to your new campaign. We have worked hard to improve the situation by ensuring that the campaigns are constantly used. We have also hired enough supervisors to work with strategists and oversee the process of providing feedback as well as the performance of every campaign.

This is to avoid the scenario where your new campaign tends to perform badly than your old campaigns.
Keeping track of campaigns and improving communication

Customers have complained that they are usually unaware of the progress of their campaigns as they do not know the ins and outs of their ad campaigns. We have made sure that each Client has adequate information of an ad campaign from the start.

These improvements will help you to know where to go when you want to see a specific ad or keyword. We have also improved our communication strategies by using GOMeeting Technology for monthly status calls. Each client can also now call their contact persons directly through our newly unveiled direct extension contacts.

SEO services

Our customers have also requested us to offer SEO serves. Currently, we are not offering SEO services. However, we can advise our clients to review SEO proposals that have been provided by your SEO agency. With our experience in online and offline marketing, we can easily tell a good SEO company from a bad one.

Account creation options

Some of our clients also raised concern on why it is only possible to create a campaign on our account. We listened and have now made it possible for you to create a new AdWords account for new ad campaigns. If you have a campaign that has been performing well in the past, you will be able to continue with your own account.
Contact person mismatch

There has been an issue of clients who sign up but end up getting assigned to a contact person who is not well versed with their needs. To abate this problem, we have made sure that there are senior supervisors who keep track of all clients throughout their working relationship with us.

Measuring performance

To better evaluate the performance of your AdWords account, we can now install conversion tracking, call tracking and in some cases Google Analytics all free of charge.


We have also realized that most of our Client’s are making their inquiries through the phone. To track these calls, we have partnered with Marchex to provide call tracking services to each Client, who has signed up with us.

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