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Meet Sunday Riley, the Brand Formulator of Renowned Beauty Products

A beautiful, smooth and glowing skin is one of the factors that give a woman courage to stand out and face the day. At a times age, color, season and genes are some of the known cause to skin and hair problems. Even though many products have been made, many women remain in a dilemma as to which product to use more so from the effects caused by some products which utilize chemicals during production. Chemicals are known to have severe problems more than the benefit they create on the skins such as itching and breakouts of skin and hair.

To combat these problems and bring a smile to ladies` faces, Sunday Riley has been working tirelessly to make beauty product utilizing natural ingredients. Matcha tea is a Japanese product that’s used as beverage although the product has gained popularity in a different niche of beauty. Sunday Riley has taken notice of the trend, exploring the potentiality of the matcha tea. This product has proven to be effective in skin and hair treatment. Sunday Riley`s Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner has been made with extracts from the matcha green tea and its benefits in removing red tones in the skin and gives a calm, soothing complexion.

Beauty superfoods do not end with matcha tea, as avocado is another fruit that has become an object of fascination as a beauty product. Generally, avocado is well known natural fruits used in the preparation of salads and toast topping. Avocado is a rich vitamin product that’s ideal for smoothening the skin as well as leaving it softer and brighter. Sunday Riley has incorporated extracts of this product in her Luna Sleeping Oil product, an overnight treatment oil. It also has hydrating properties as well as it may deliver antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients.

Besides the application of natural products there is another medium needed to be taken care to achieve your intended skin. Probiotics is another area where researchers have discovered promising connections between consumption of natural products and effective wellness and skin care. Probiotic maybe supplied in the body through supplementation. The importance of probiotic enhances maximum digestion and absorption of food in the body.