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Why Flavio Maluf Believes More Tax Breaks Will Help Brazilian Businesses

Brazil has always been near the top of the list when it comes to difficult countries to start and run a business in. This is even more difficult for Brazilian entrepreneurs looking to establish a new business with only a modicum of investment; unlike many other countries, Brazil has some significantly high barriers to entry and can sometimes be seen as hostile to new businesses. This has changed over the past few years, however, as more and more international brands have come to the country.

Having said that, though, Brazil is still difficult for native entrepreneurs to start up their businesses. Flavio Maluf, the founder of Eucatex, has said that a variety of new tax breaks and incentives will be a significant bonus of the majority of Brazilian businesses. Mr. Maluf has suggested that these tax breaks will not only help many businesses grow and expand, but they’ll have a significant effect on local and national economies. Some of the biggest issues affecting communities is a high level of unemployment and difficult access to a variety of goods and services.

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According to Flavio Maluf, however, the tax breaks and incentives that Brazil is introducing will help with the vast majority of these issues. This is because many of these incentives are dependent on where businesses expand; this will lead to more businesses being set up in certain areas where unemployment is high. With that in mind, businesses may end up moving to these high-unemployment areas and reduce the overall unemployment figures. Because of that, it’s a win-win-win situation for everybody.

Not only is unemployment reduced, but companies can hire more people and be more productive in certain areas than they would have elsewhere. This will increase their overall profit margins – and the subsequent taxes that the government collects – while communities will benefit from the increased economic activity. According to Flavio Maluf, these taxes are set to help industries that need it most, such as infrastructure and farming. Because of that, these industries will be more economically viable and with this viability comes less isolation between some communities. With the new and improved infrastructure, people will be able to be more mobile; poverty levels should also decrease as more and more jobs are made available and costs decrease. Check out:

A closer look at Guilherme Paulus, Brazil’s most influential hotelier

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazillian hotelier from Sao Paulo. He is a renowned icon in the tourism industry with a respected national and international footprint. He runs the operations of CVC Brasil Operadora, a travel agency.

Guilherme Paulus’ business interests

Guilherme is also the principal of GJP Hotels and Resorts, a chain of hotels scattered across Sao Paulo. He is the founder of this resort which has over the years established 20 other hotels in 12 different states in Brazil.

Some of these branches are situated in the country’s top tourism destinations in Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Salvador. Guilherme Paulus’ tourism conglomerate works with about 5,000 employees in different capacities.

In the last two decades, this professional has dedicated his time and effort to ensure his business establishment grow significantly. His desire has always been to ensure that GJP Hotels and Resorts get to the standard of other five-star hotels in the world.


Guilherme Paulus’ interview with Inspirery

The idea of venturing in the tourism sector was not entirely his. It was inspired by his friend Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who served as a state deputy at the time. After strategizing for a while, they established CVC Brasil Operadora.

Four years into the business, Guilherme abandoned the partnership and went out to work alone. He has since become one of the most sought after business professionals in South America. Guilherme Paulus has been committed to the growth of his business ever since he went out alone.

He has strived to ensure that he meets his clients’ needs. Often, he travels to hotels in various stations and makes time to talk to customers and employees. His goal is to understand what people want to be done or changed. This is one of the strategies that make him productive as an entrepreneur. Aside from working locally, he has established travel firms in France following the improved Brazil-France relations.

Guilherme Paulus is a firm believer in saving the little to have much in the future. One of his favorite books is The Greatest Salesman in the World authored by Og Mandino. This masterpiece has inspired him significantly and assisted him to improve his business skills.

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The revelations of Shervin Pishevar via tweet storm

Shervin Pishevar is a venture capitalist who has made significant to the growth of the American economy. It is for this reason that he does not keep quite whenever he sees the economy going in the right direction. He has made successful investments because the economy has been performing well and now he is worried that unless something is done, a financial crisis similar to the one witnessed in 2009 will be seen. In his analysis, the economy has shown all indicators of a crisis. He blames the increasing national debt, tax giveaways and inflation as some of the factors that will contribute to the financial crisis.

Shervin Pishevar revealed his thoughts about the finance sector and other matters facing the economy in a tweet storm unleashed in early 2018. He predicted that the stock market would continue losing until more than 6000 points were lost. Since the performance of the economy is directly proportional to the performance of the stock market, it is clear that a financial crisis is unavoidable.

Shervin Pishevar also discussed other issues such as the Silicon Valley and the crash of bitcoin. Pishevar predicted that bitcoin would lose its value until the prices dropped to the $2-5k. He also made a prediction that gold would gain in coming months owing to its consideration as a haven by investors.

Shervin Pishevar took issue with five companies which he treats as monopolies. These are companies that have dominated the US economy and pose a great risk to the country in case they fall. These companies are Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. These companies have made it impossible for other companies to thrive since they are buying out almost every great idea. Shervin Pishevar sees them as a danger to the economy since they do not allow other companies to thrive. Shervin recommends a split up through government intervention as the solution. The same solution that was identified for AT&T should also be applied to deal with these companies.

The tweet storm also revealed that the actions of these companies pose a risk to Silicon Valley since no new great idea will be implemented soon.

Fortress Investments Career: Available Job Opportunities

After the rise of the alternative investment industry, there has been an increase in alternative asset investment managing institutions all over the world. Day in day out there is investment firms being launched with the hope of providing investors with a platform with which they can watch their money grow. One of these institutions is the Fortress Investment Group based in New York, United States. As one of the largest investment manager, Fortress Investment Group is responsible for and manages assets from a number of institutions in the United States and internationally. The investment manager was founded as a private equity firm by Wes Edens, Randall Nardone, and Rob Kauffman in 1998. By 2007, when the firm launched NYSE, it was the largest private equity firm to be publicly traded in the United States. Through its executive management, Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randall Nardone are amongst America’s most influential business entrepreneurs, and employment of staff with unparalleled skills, the firm is able to manage billions of dollars under its management.

The management of Fortress Investment Group is made up skilled personnel like Gareth Henry, who ai the current Head of international relations and a graduate of the University of Edinburgh with a bachelor of science in actuarial mathematics and statistics. Since the client base for fortress investments is ever growing, there are positions and vacancies coming up at a steady pace. Recently, such vacancies were made available for the public. The following are some of the available positions.

Credit Operations Associated.

Since Fortress investments group deals in private credit, qualifications in the management of credit operations include experience in working in a highly competitive and diverse environment. The estimated salary for this position is 100-130 thousand dollars per year.

Apart from Time File Clerk. With an estimated salary of thirty-four to forty-four thousand per year. NRZ accountant and NRZ equity analyst with a salary that’s ranging between 99-130 and 99-120 thousand dollars a year respectively.

A Contacts Centre Operations Manager located in Burlington earning from 84 000 -120 000 in a year.

As a way of making investments and creating capital, the fortress investment group deals in real estate ventures and investments, creating the need for real estate analysts earning from 100-130 thousand dollars a year.

Bright Future for Fortress Investment Group

New York’s very own Fortress Investment group LLC has now been purchased by the Japanese based Softbank. This purchase will usher in many great career opportunities to those who qualify. This announcements brings much excitement to people from all over the country who have been looking for career opportunities in their chosen field.

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a well respected company with roots in New York City. The business was founded in 1998 and expanded into hedge funds and real estate. The private equity company is skilled in assessment management with strong financial know how. Softbank is a Japanese based company with a reputation in internet and telecommunications. Softbank showed interest in Fortress Investment Group and purchased them for $3.3 billion. SoftBank is now able to pair their knowledge of telecommunications with the financial expertise of Fortress.

The union of these two well known companies with bring over 50,000 jobs for people from all over the country. The jobs that are featured on career focused websites such as Indeed are from locations such as New York and Texas. There’s a position as a Credit Real Estate Analyst in Texas which pays about $93k-139k per year. Those who reside on the east coast will be thrilled about the opening for Data Engineer in New York City. This position also boasts and impressive salary of $135k-152k per year. Find out more about Fortress Group Investment at

The future is bright for job applicants from all over the country. Those who are looking for something part time will be able to find a File Clerk position located in Burlington, Massachusetts. Applicants should be knowledgeable in their field and looking to expand their careers with the well reputed companies. A Consumer Specialist in Indiana can expect to earn a great salary in addition to amazing perks. Softbank is truly doing all they can to provide jobs that can bring fulmillent to their employees.

Interested applicants should really get a move on with all of the great jobs available through Fortress Investment Group LLC. Be sure to take a look online for the many jobs now available to qualified candidates.

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Peter Briger: The force of Innovation at Fortress Investment

Fortress Investment was formed in the year 1998. The organization served its customers as a top private equity firm. The marketing was not favorable at this time, but this did not stop the organization from becoming a trendsetter. After winning the hearts of customers and performing so well in the American market, the organization started to expand its services to other nations. In the year 2007, Fortress Investment Group managed to become highlighted for its public offering. The organization was listed in the NYSE because everyone was sure that it was doing the right thing in the market. The firm, which currently gives working opportunities to more than nine hundred professionals in different fields, boasts of a reputation that has come the hard way. The company principals have had a role to play in the company milestones over the years. One of these principals, who is highly experienced in finance matters, is based in San Francisco. Peter Briger has all the excellent leadership qualities any finance company would wish to have. More about of Peter Briger at Bloomberg

Peter Briger has excelled in his career from the time he got admission into the university. Getting his education from well-known institutions in the United States helped Peter Briger to find work when he finally graduated. The businessman worked for more than fifteen years in a company known as Goldman Sachs. The company found out that Briger had all the skills needed to prosper in the finance market, and they chose to appoint him so that he could become one of the partners. In the year 2002, however, Briger announced that he was joining Fortress Investment Group with the primary aim of making positive changes. By the time he was joining Fortress Group, Peter Briger had shown that he could handle the position of principal. In this new firm, the billionaire was given the credit division which mostly deals with credit and the real estate activities. With the numerous skills he had from his previous working position, the billionaire did well, and he has brought the company profits. The Forbes billionaire list stated that Peter Briger is among the wealthy persons who are in the world too.

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Freedom Checks: Investor’s Highest Cash Grab

Freedom Checks is deals with a real investment project. With MLPs( Master Limited Partnership), the shareholder repayment of the cash they put into investment is made monthly. When you invest in MLPs, you acquire a few earnings back by buying units of a company depending on how the company functions. Companies globally marketed join the merits of a partnership with the public company, and therefore the taxes are not paid like common business organizations.

Freedom Checks can relate more to how people trade in the primary market. In US companies are expected to produce 90% of their credit from natural wealth. Freedom Checks benefit since companies prefer to give their interests to those who invest in them rather than to the public. MLPs direct to most of the highest premium rates convenient to investors. Hence, if you spend $10, you will get back $1 annually.

MLPs started in 1981; they are center of American energy liberty, companies that probe for new oil and gas beyond broad pipeline networks and perfect the oil and gas that comes from oil and gas fields here in the US. MLPs have more money to pay to the shareholders since they do not pay corporate duties hence investors prefer to invest in MLPs. MLPs are regarded as a minor risk since they are in gradual development industries like pipeline hence more payment to the investors.

When oil and gas prices rise, MLPs are less affected since they run as toll roads, no matter what the absolute cost of oil and gas are the MLMs get compensated for transporting oil and gas. Also, the cash allocations on MLP units are precise since the companies that deal on MLP likely to be very constant and produce regular funds annually. Investors boost limited investor allocation since they earn on a changing cost.

Matt Badiali presented Freedom Checks to the world in a video program. He explained that everyone could aid from these checks no matter their age or earnings — he said that these plans could be the next worlds biggest money grab. The wealth in these checks is presumed to be much higher than those from social welfare programs.

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Talkspace is a New Way to Get Help for Mental Health Issues

Talkspace has created a new way for people to get care for mental health issues. They saw that there was a need for people to be able to talk to therapists, as often they could not use traditional methods. Some people live too far away from mental health professionals, or they do not have enough money. Since Talkspace is a confidential service, it is also a good way for people who do not want to talk to family or friends to get help.

Michael Phelps felt the same way. Despite being a world class athlete who appeared to have it all, Phelps felt alone and unable to talk to anyone about his crippling mental illness. He even thought about suicide at one point. He knows that taking the first step and talking to someone can be very difficult. He is now a firm believer in the work Talkspace does.

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Talkspace can be accessed using a variety of online tools. People can use text, or they can use Talkspace’s app. There are also options for video calls. Talkspace has a team of highly trained doctors and staff who are experts in mental health. Talkspace founder Oren Frank wanted to provide a much needed service to those who would not get help using traditional methods. Mental health issues affect up to 25% of the population, but just a fraction of them get professional help.

Another aspect of Talkspace is their wide community of people who can communicate using Talkspace’s online blogs and chats. It can be a great relief for sufferers to be able to hear from people who have been through, or are going through, the same things they are.

Talkspace is an affordable and convenient way for people to get the help they need, and by using Phelps as a spokesman, they show that anyone can suffer from mental health problems.



Gareth Henry: An Authority in Global Investing

Gareth Henry received a degree from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland in actuarial mathematics. His career did not take the typical path for an individual with his credentials. Rather than work for an insurance company, his natural skills led him to investments. His ability to work with people led him to a career in raising capital. He began his career as an Analyst at Watson Wyatt. Later, Henry held management positions at SEI Investments and a Director at Shroders.

The desire for a new challenge came and Gareth Henry accepted a position as a Managing Director at the Fortress Investment Group in the United States. His role included raising capital areas such as hedge funds, real estate, and both private equity and credit. At Fortress, Henry worked with investors in various parts of the world in locations such as United States, Europe, and Asia. He obtained a management position at Fortress in Investor Relations where he was responsible for a multibillion dollar hedge fund. Read more about Gareth Henry at EverybodyWiki

In his current role, Gareth Henry is a Partner and Global Head of Investor Relations with Angelo, Gordon & Co. Henry’s day consists of holding at least two in person meetings with customers and making a minimum of eight calls per day to his clients. Gareth Henry works in London England and New York City. He is recognized as an authority in areas such as private credit and hedge funds.

Gareth Henry has written on a variety of topic such as private equity and real estate investing. Repositioning real estate properties is a topic that Henry has addressed with his followers. Multiple areas fall within the scope of repositioning which may consist of changing the condition of the property or the way that the property is used. Currently, repositioning occurs in any area of real estate. Henry believes that repositioning will continue to occur as millennials change their lifestyles to accommodate the demands of new families. Repositioned properties should provide a rewarding return on investment to investors who focus on providing housing to millennials who commonly are a part of successful dual income families.



James River Capital a leading Investment firm , Grows In Revenue and Products

James River capital was founded under the umbrella of Kidder, Peabody as KP futures management operating as an alternative investment department in 1986. In 1995, the two senior managers in the KP future management, Kelvin Brandt and Paul Saunders acquired the investment registering it as James River capital. Paul Saunders operates as the Chairman and the Chief Executive, while Kevin Brandt is the president and director of James River capital. The two top managers have a wealth of experience in finance and leadership.


James River capital has tremendously expanded its products with an estimated $ 570 million worth assets under its management as at 1st July 2018. Registered as a commodity trading advisor as well as an investment advisor with CFTC and SEC respectively, James River Capital provides investment advisory services to various companies in the US.

James River Capital philosophy is to diversify on multi-manager products by adding alternative investment exposure to traditional investments. James River has specialized on strategic sectors such as Distress credit, Equity strategies, convertible arbitrage, global Macroeconomy Strategies, Asset-Backed securities, fixed income arbitrage, management future trading, event-driven strategies, corporate lending, and multi-strategy investing to achieve broad diversification of risk.


James River capital opened an insurance company in 2003 to diversify on capital mobilization and investments. The insurance company is operating as surplus and excess carrier in Washington DC while James River Casualty Company as a subsidiary owned by James River, underwrites policies in Ohio. The company has increased in size with time. In 2009, James River insurance company had increased insurance policyholders’ surplus from $ 250 million to $ 500 Million and $750 million by 2018. AM Best Company did this increased financial rating.


James River Capital holding was first listed on US global electronic stock market, National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations Exchange (NASDAQ) in an Initial Public Offer (IPO) in 2005 under JRVR symbol. In 2007 , a private investor group led by Shaw Group, Goldman Sachs among others acquired all outstanding shares of James River Group Holding naming it Franklin holding Ltd. In 2014, it reverted to original trademark James River Holding listed again in NASDAQ under JRVR symbol in the same year. Learn more:


Paul Saunders, a seasoned investment banker with outstanding experience in finance and investment. His able leadership, together with Kevin Brandt, the company have moved from glory to glory. Paul is an active philanthropist and recently formed the Saunders Family Foundation with the aim of making an impact in the community. James River capital Inc received several awards including, the FM awards in 2014. In the same year, they won the Invest Hedge Fund Performance of the year. One year later, the firm won the Global Fund Awards and the Investors Choice Awards. James River capital is on the positive growth trajectory and has made a mark in the investment world.