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Steve Ritchie Efforts to Restore Papa Jones Lost Glory

Steve Ritchie started his career in the Pizza business 25 years ago. The main reason as to why he chose this kind of business was the belief that Pizza unifies people by bringing them together. He joined Papa Jones which became his second home and started working with different people every day. At Papa Jones, they believed in equity and respect for all. Steve Ritchie also acknowledged that the most important part of their business was their people.

When Steve Ritchie became the Chief Executive Officer at Papa Jones, embracing diversity, equity and inclusion became some of his top agendas. This was his way of creating a team of committed members so as to help the company achieve the set values and goals. He gave a listening ear to his employees who expressed their grievances and disappointments. Papa Jones business partners and customers were also taken on board where they expressed their issues. Ritchie Steve was doing all this as a way of reclaiming the responsibilities Papa Jones owed its partners and its customers. All this was done with the main aim of trying to reclaim Papa Jones lost glory.

In addition to this, Steve Ritchie wrote an open letter to all his employees, the other business partners and his customers highlighting all the strategies he has put in place so as to correct all the errors it had committed especially the dwindling sales volume. He also mentioned that the leadership team had completed an unconscious bias training which was about to be launched across the country.

Ritchie Steve also initiated an autonomous audit on cultural diversity and it’s inclusion practices which were to be followed by a well-established action plan. He also took a personal initiative alongside other Papa Jones leaders to visit areas such as Los Angeles and Atlanta so as to get feedback from all the team members and other business partners on how they can improve the quality of their services. He also formed a special advisory group comprising of experts in various fields so as to help guide the rebranding process. He also expressed his desire to add more diversity to the management team of Papa Jones.