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New York Sees Rapid Growth in Real Estate Market

There’s never been any question that New York is a whole different animal than any other place in the world, so it just makes sense that the New York City real estate scene is also like no other. This real estate market can be a tough nut to crack, but those who make a go of it here know that New York has a dynamic energy that’s quite unique. Realtors who do well here know that this is a place of incredible opportunity.

All of this speaks to the reasons why the Remax Real Estate office, which is a highly successful suburban real estate business, is once again entering the New York market. Dave Liniger, who is the head of Remax and the person who built the company from the ground up, is now relaunching the company in New York.

Liniger has just named Terry Bohannon, (who is a veteran with Remax) to head a special team in charge of rebranding and marketing Remax for the very unique New York market. Despite the challenges involved in relaunching Remax for this market, Linger is highly optimistic that this effort will be the breakthrough the company is shooting for.

New, upstart real estate firms that have thrived in the competitive New York market are those who know the market inside and out, while also having a great feel for what speaks to clients who are in the market for luxury real estate.

Remax has made a name for itself in the suburban real estate market, but New York is obviously a different thing all together. The realtors at TOWN have focused on luxury as their specialty in New York. For TOWN, which launched in 2010, the gamble paid off.

The experts at TOWN have a commitment to customer service and to knowing their market and to being on top of the market’s fluctuations. This combination has taken TOWN to the top of the New York real estate luxury scene, so if it’s time for you to get into this market, it’s time to call the experts at TOWN.