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Wengie is a video content creator most known for her videos on YouTube. She currently has over 5 million subscribers and receives millions and millions of views a day. She creates content on a variety of topics including Health, Beauty, fashion and even do it yourself videos. She was originally born in China but she now resides in Australia where she is one of the top YouTube creators in the world. One of her most popular videos is her morning routine video in which she shows viewers what she does in her day to day life.


Throughout the morning routine video Wengie shows healthy breakfast recipes, her skin care routine as well as her makeup and outfit so viewers can get an idea of what her everyday life is like. In the morning routine Wengie starts the day by snuggling with her adorable cat. She then moves on to checking her phone as well as all her social media platforms and interacting with her amazing followers on Youtube. Wengie then goes on to do the normal everyday stuff like brushing her teeth, washing her face and using the restroom.


Next Wengie goes on to show her viewers a simple skin care routine before moving on to breakfast. She shows the different products she uses and even shows viewers how she uses them. Afterwards she goes on to show a simple yet delicious looking recipe for a nice healthy breakfast that will give you lots of energy to get you through the day. Breakfast is so important for fueling your mind as well as your body. After having a filling breakfast and a tall glass of water Wengie then moves on to show a light makeup routine. She gives viewers an idea of what her everyday makeup looks like with some natural neutral toned colors. Afterwards she shows an outfit of the day before ending the video with an adorable clip of her snuggling with her cat. With her great tips and very easy going personality it is so easy to see why so many people tune in to watch her amazing videos.