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Review of EOS Cooling Mint-TEA Lip Balm

EOS has recently released a cool (literally), new lip balm that not only relieves you of your chapped lips and the pain and discomfort that comes with them, but it also tastes like TEA! This pain-relieving formula is chamomile flavored, which happens to be one of the most popular flavors among tea drinkers the world over, and rightfully so! Chamomile tea is widely used to calm the mind and relax the body after a long and tiresome day ( So, it is fitting for this particular EOS lip balm to have such a calming flavor as chamomile, because it adds to the sheer ambiance of the soothing powers that this EOS lip balm formula offers.

Although the star of the show is the chamomile flavor, this EOS lip balm is also medicated with menthol, which is an alcohol that is derived from mint leaves, and is used in the healing of pain, burns, itching, or other discomforts of the skin. Altogether, the menthol medication and the chamomile flavor are a double whammy, power punch of relief for dry, cracked, and chapped lips, see This combination is a winner for those dry winter days (and maybe even hot days when we are prone to dehydration), on which we are miserable without something to calm, soothe, and smooth out our lips. Get the best, trust EOS!

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Eos Cooling Chamomile Review

Eos has taken the lip balm industry by storm in the past few years. If you’re not already team Eos, chances are you’ve seen those cute, sphere-shaped lip balms at your local beauty or grocery store and wondered if they truly live up to the hype. The truth is, they’re popular for a reason. Not only is their sphere shape and pastel colors aesthetically pleasing, but their soothing balm proves to smooth even the most chapped lips (

Eos doesn’t just stop at their famous lip balms, though. They also produce hand and body lotion that continues the theme of smart, simple packaging encased around lotion that’s as soft as butter. It comes in sweet scents such as vanilla, berry, orchard and more. The smooth continues with a luxurious line of shaving creams that lather into a rich protective layer over your skin while you shave. Because of their versatility and beauty, Eos has become synonymous with innovative lip and skin care.

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Recently, Eos released their latest lip invention: the Cooling Chamomile lip balm. This balm was created to relieve pain caused by chapped lips and cold weather through a soothing dose of real chamomile, which hydrates lips and sends a burst of antioxidants. In addition, this new balm send a burst of cooling freshness to lips upon impact that’s chock full of vitamins and oils that will perfect your pout… even in the coldest temperatures. It’s all packaged up in the classic, sphere container, but this one is a lovely midnight blue and features white stripes surrounding the top. At an extremely affordable price, Eos just can’t be beat when it comes to lip care!


Dr. Walden: The Queen of the Cosmetic Surgery

Having a physical appearance that we are comfortable with boosts our self-esteem and adds to our happiness. As much as we may want to deny that our physical appearance has a huge impact on how we do our daily tasks, it is very evident. Some people have confessed that they have failed to air their ideas in a meeting because they feel like everyone is concentrating on their defects

This is why Dr. Walden advises individuals who are potential candidates for cosmetic surgery to give it a shot. Dr. Walden has been in this career for more than eight years. Her patients have left very positive reviews saying if they ever need any other surgery, they will not hesitate to sign in with her. Others say they have to wait for months before getting an appointment with Dr. Walden, but they would rather wait than have their surgery done by another Surgeon.

One of the attributes that have led to this popularity is the hospitality that patients receive in her facility. They explain that from the time you enter the gate, everyone in the facility is very friendly.

Dr. Walden tops it all by the way she treats her patients. She understands that the decision of undergoing surgery may be based on many factors. To ensure her patients do not make any mistakes, she holds a counseling session prior the surgery. She then goes through the options that the patients have to come up with the one that fits them best. After the surgery, Dr. Walden holds another talk to her patients before they leave. Patients have reported that the nurses even call them after going home to confirm there are progressing well.

The patients who have successfully undergone surgery advise others to drop the fear and get the look they have wished for all their life. It makes everything in life appears easier.


Why Talkspace is the Way to Go for Therapy

Therapy is incredibly personal for each person, but the problem that many people have when seeking out mental care help is that therapists aren’t always easy to get access to. You might not have a way to get to the office regularly, especially if they want to see you once or even twice a week. You might also have no insurance and are not able to afford the therapy that your doctor has recommended to you. If this is a problem in your life, there is a better and easier way for you to gain access to a professional therapist at the touch of your fingertips.

This is in the way of the Talkspace app, and it is an app that can be downloaded and used within minutes. No more wait lists and no more waiting to be seen. Talkspace takes the guesswork out of getting solid therapy, and it is why so many individuals have used the app since it was launched many years ago. Before you go out and try to get help for therapy through a regular office, it might be time for you to download Talkspace and give it a try for yourself.

Talkspace is an app that you can also trust because it is highly confidential. All of your conversations are totally safe and secured, so you can feel confident knowing that you are talking to a professional who is going to help you and not hurt you in any way. This is why a lot of people choose this for themselves and know that they are going to be choosing this as an option for themselves once they have utilized this as a viable choice in their world. Talkspace is great to save money and time, and you get access to better therapists out there.

Dr. Clay Siegall: Transforming Lives Via Targeted Cancer Therapies

Cancer research is one of the most valuable and well-respected industries of all-time. Having the knowledge and the capabilities to fight this deadly disease can’t be put into words. There are numerous cancer research institutions around the globe, but one of the best is located right in the U.S. Seattle Genetics is its name and eradicating cancer is its game. CEO Clay Siegall has done an extraordinary job of leading this company to the top of the ranks. Siegall is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in this field of work, and he has been doing his part to better mankind.

Seattle Genetics, a biotech oncology company, specializes in the development and the commercialization of these advanced medications. The company was founded back in the late 1990s. It was basically a small startup company, but who knew that it would manifest into a worldwide powerhouse years later. Siegall has implemented the three main principles of success, which has helped to build its foundation. This includes drug development, scientific innovation and rigorous research. Even when things weren’t going as planned in the beginning, Clay  Siegall had to take a step back to restructure the company’s business plan. In other words, Siegall brought in a dynamic sales team that had expertise in biotech as well as business. After implementing this team into the fold, Seattle Genetics began to grow at an astounding rate. This team of experts were completing seven and eight-figure deals on a consistent basis.

Seattle Genetics is on another level thanks to its great leadership, its wonderful efficiency and its extraordinary products. ADCETRIS, the company’s top drug, is now being used all across the globe in more than 65 countries. ADCETRIS has also generated more than $350 million, which has helped Seattle Genetics’ stock triple in just five years. Dr. Clay Siegall is in it for the long-run, and he’s given cancer its final death-blow.

Review Of EOS New Lip Balm Makes More Than Just Vegans Excited

The beauty industry has seen a push from its customers to get back to basics. Consumers are moving towards more natural based products that are good for their health and the environment alike. There is no better product for lip hydration than Evolution Of Smooth or EOS. With their constant pursuit of perfection they have now released their newest lip balm of vegan crystal flavors, taking their products to a new level of simplistic naturality.

EOS iconic lip balms have always been made with the highest quality natural ingredients but the one basic ingredient, beeswax, still kept it out of the hands of devout vegans. EOS knew they could do better to enhance their product to compliment the vegan communities standards and still offer a high quality product. The new lip balm has removed the beeswax and replaced it with other lush natural oils, like coconut and Shea, to provide the same smooth hydration but be completely free of any animal byproducts. The vegan crystal balms are a clear consistency and come in two amazing flavors, Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach, both of which have been instant best sellers.  Check

The creative move to make a vegan lip balm is just another check mark on the long list of achievements that EOS has made since they began. Breaking into the lip balm industry that had been dominated by Chapstick for decades was a massive challenge. The founders, Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, researched ingredients to make their products the highest quality and most natural for the skin, poured over scents and flavors to find the ones that were most appealing to the senses, and they even took the time to reinvent the container that lip balm was put in to make it more luxurious to hold and apply.

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Their goal was to create a product that brought pleasure to all the human senses making it something that was used just as much for pleasure as maintenance ( Their goal has been a resounding success and has pushed their business past lip balm into other skin care products. The vegan crystal lip balms have shown how dedicated EOS is to making products for all communities of people and their drive for perfection seems that it will never cease.

Arpaio Pardoned, Lacey And Larkin Fight Back

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two newsmen who decided that they needed to do something to stop the discrimination that people of minority communities in the United States face. To pursue their goal, they started the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund which has become an incredibly notable organization that fights for the rights of people in society. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The organization was founded after Lacey and Larkin got to experience what it was like being discriminated against at the hand of Joe Arpaio, who was considered to be someone who targeted members of the Latin American community in the state of Arizona.

Lacey and Larkin were working for the Phoenix New Times, a well-known publication that thousands of readers all over the state had access to. They had heard of the acts that Arpaio had been committing, and decided to write about it to inform the people.

This was particularly needed because the city of Phoenix had an incredibly large Latin American community who could become a target of Joe Arpaio at any time, even without reason.

A day after the article hit the stands, Lacey and Larkin were forcefully taken from their homes in the middle of the night by a group of men dressed in black.

This further cemented the statements that people were making about Arpaio and the atrocities that he had been committing. The duo was released after a period of forty-eight hours, after which they decided to take action against Arpaio for the wrongs that he had committed.

The case took an incredibly long time to reach a resolution, and Lacey and Larkin were given a three million dollar settlement each by Maricopa County.

The fact that Arpaio got away with just a settlement and was allowed to resume his role as the Sheriff of Maricopa County was evidence enough that the government at the time was not working in favor of the people.

Lacey and Larkin knew that if something needed to be done, it had to be done by the people themselves since the government is unlikely to take any actual action.

Lacey and Larkin finally thought that they had reached their goal when Arpaio was given a prison sentence in October 2017. It seemed like he was finally getting what he deserved for the twenty-five years that he spent disrupting the lives of countless people all over the state of Arizona.

However, just a month after the sentence was given to Arpaio, Donald Trump announced that he would be granting presidential pardon to Arpaio. This meant that he would not have to serve his sentence, and would be free from all charges pressed against him.

Even though Arpaio was pardoned, Lacey and Larkin aren’t stopping here. They plan to continue to fight to hopefully one day, seek justice for all the people of minority communities in America.

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Larkin and Lacey Launch Front Page Confidential to Preserve Free Speech

Back in 1970, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were students at Arizona State University seeking to find a way to get their voice out to the masses. What a better way than to start their own newspaper? The pair thought it was grand idea, so they pitched in and started the New Times alternative newspaper out of their apartment.


The small weekly newspaper quickly caught onto readers in the Phoenix area. 40 years later the couple had grown their small newspaper into a media conglomerate with 13 newspapers across the United States. In 2006 they acquired New York City’s Village Voice newspaper and changed the groups name to Village Voice Media.


Just a year later, Larkin and Lacey would make headlines across the world when Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio unlawfully arrested them. The basis for the arrest was later ruled unconstitutional and they won a civil lawsuit against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for nearly $4 million.


They used that money to launch a new venture they called the Frontera Fund. The purpose of the fund is to supports groups that are seeking to keep the First Amendment alive and well. The pair feel that the First Amendment is crucial to the success of the United States. They launched a new online newspaper called Front Page Confidential which reports on news that is associated with the First Amendment and free speech.


Unicorn Queen Doe Deere Talks About Her Life And Inspirations

Getting a business up and running takes a lot of talent and a lot of hard work. Anyone who is planning to start a new business needs to have many skills. They need to be organized, capable of catching market trends and able to use their talents and the talents of others for help. This is very much a mindset that Doe Deere understands quite well. As one of the leading makeup experts in the world right now, she began her own company using her own talents and her own drive. She has been able to successfully understand no only what she wants, but what others want as well. This is one of the keys to her ongoing success. She has been able to not only to find trends and bring them to life but to create her own personal trends at the same time.


She Made Her Own


Doe Deere loves to dress up. She loves to create things from fabric and her imagination. It was this love of color and understanding of fashion that led her to start her own company. She was making outfits. She wanted to find makeup that would help make her outfits look even better. One day, she realized she could not find the kind of makeup she really liked on the shelves. It was then that true inspiration hit her. She could make her own makeup. She knew how to do all sorts of fashionable things. Makeup was one frontier she wanted to conquer. It was then she realized that she could take existing makeup products and add her own personal and unique touch. Deere also realized that creating makeup colors could also be another outlet for her own sense of fun. She began to think about the kind of shades that really appealed to her personally. It was also then that she began to think about what kind of makeup she could sell and where she could sell it. This is when Lime Crime was born. It was her own sense of color and her belief that it should be everywhere that was the driving force behind her decision to start the company. She was delighted when it took off.


Her Launch


Her products have been for sale for over a decade. She began selling items online in 2004. Her products quickly caught on with buyers. It was then she began to look for ways to expand into new markets. Her new makeup line was a hit. People loved the playful sense of color that she brought to the table. They loved how her own sense of art translated so well into products like makeup. She garnered a group of fans who were happy to follow her unique unicorn vision that was part commerce and part art but entirely her own. As her business has continued to expand, she’s realized just how lucky she’s been. She’s been able to take her passion for beautiful makeup and watch as it comes to life. Learn more:


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bids Farewell To Lazaro Brandao As He Steps Into Role Of Chairman

Recently, major shifts have been announced in the upper management of Grupo Bradesco, one of the most important financial conglomerates in Brazil. The bank has announced that its longtime chairman, Lazaro Brandao, will be stepping aside. This marks the end of a 75-year career, making Brandao one of the longest-serving employees in the history of Brazilian business.

Stepping into his place will be the bank’s 67-year-old current CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Trabuco is no banking newbie himself. Having been with the firm since 1969, Trabuco has spent his entire career with the bank, moving up from the position of bank teller all the way to what is, arguably, the most important job in all of Brazilian finance. He graduated from University of Sao Paolo.

Despite Trabuco’s vast experience and proven track record of getting the kind of results that most shareholders can only dream of in an executive, such is the admiration and loyalty that Brandao commands that many of the company’s stakeholders are uneasy about his departure. Brandao first came to work at the bank while World War II was still raging across the globe. Like Trabuco, he started his career as a lowly bank teller, all the way back in 1943. Over the next 75 years, Brandao would become an indispensable asset to the bank, gaining levels of respect and loyalty usually only reserved for the most revered corporate founders, like Sam Walton or Warren Buffett.

And this reverence is not without good cause. After taking over as the bank’s second CEO in 1981, Brandao began instituting policies that would lead the bank from a relatively small regional concern throughout the state of Sao Paulo on to become one of the most important financial institutions in all of Latin America.

Between 1990 and 1999, Brandao occupied both the position of CEO and that of chairman, the only time in the history of the bank that one man has occupied both posts on more than a temporary basis. Brandao has also held onto the chairmanship for the last 27 years, making him, by far, the longest-serving chairman in the bank’s history.

Between 1990 and 2009, he oversaw an increase in valuation of the company’s stock price of more than 300 times. This incredible rise in the value of the company was buttressed by the massive expansion of its operations. When he took over in 1981, Bradesco had just a few branches. By 2018, the bank had more than 5,000 branches.

But while Brandao often receives the lion’s share of the credit for the spectacular rise of the bank that occurred under his watch, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was one of the unsung heroes on the ground, making big things happen behind the scenes. One example of the way in which Trabuco singularly contributed to the bank’s explosive growth throughout the decade of the 90s was his creation of Bradesco Prime, a banking service for high-net-worth clients that was designed to attract the thousands of newly minted millionaires that Brazil’s booming 90s economy had produced.

Bradesco Prime turned out to be an enormous success. Within a span of just a few years in the mid-1990s, the bank was able to attract billions of dollars in new deposits to its balance sheet. This allowed Bradesco to originate tens of billions of dollars in new loans throughout the 90s and early 2000s, providing one of the key elements necessary for the explosive growth that the bank experienced.

Now, Trabuco, the man whose many accomplishments with the bank have not always been fully appreciated, will get a chance to strut his stuff as the supreme strategic leader of the bank. If the past is any guide, Bradesco will be in good hands.

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Dr. Mark Mofid; A Celebrated Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mark Mofid is a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon in the La Jolla area and San Diego. He is passionate about plastic surgery and always shows commitment to providing accurate, reconstructive, state of the art,andhighest qualityprocedures to his customers.

Dr. Mofid values his clients the most. His colleagues and patients recognize him for brilliant and technical expertise in aesthetic surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid works in collaboration with his staff to provide conscientious, compassionate, and personalized care to their clients from the time they go to the theatre to when they fully recover.

Dr. Mark Mofid is competent enough and works to ensure that his patients are pleased and contented with the experience of plastic surgery. Dr. Mark was certified by the American Board of Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Mark is known for performing a careful evaluation of the patient during the consultation period at his Chula Vista and San Diego offices. He does this to understand the unique goals and concerns of every client before giving them a recommendation of the most appropriate treatment plan.

Dr. Mark Mofid attended Harvard University where he attained his undergraduate degree magna cum laude.He later joined The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where he received his medical degree. He did his attachment and training in plastic and general surgery at the same institution.

His experience has secured him a chance to become a staff surgeon at various hospitals in the La Jolla area and San Diago in general. The hospitals include the famous Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center. Dr.Mark Mofid is a member of the clinical faculty of the University of California. He has written excellent articles about facial and breast cancer that have been featured in a journal known as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.