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Being Different Made EOS The Must Have Lip Balm for Women

In the beginning lip balm was a real snooze fest. The purchase was limited to one flavor which was no flavor. In the early 70’s along came cherry, mint and a couple other flavors. We thought that was as exciting as it could get. Fast forward over three decades from the introduction of those flavors to today’s oversaturated lip balm market. Any grocer, pharmacy, or convenience store aisle teems with choices of flavors and applications. You even see a few different brands of lip balm at the local gas station.

Approximately 7 years ago these cute pastel spheres with the funny little name started showing the shelves. EOS didn’t look like the others at the time. Being distinguishable from the other lip balm brands made great marketing sense to EOS (Amazon).  Celebrities were seen applying little orbs of lip balm to their lips and the public took notice. EOS is an acronym for the company name Evolution of Smooth, a far smaller name to fit on its container. EOS’s appeal isn’t limited to what’s on the outside. It’s what’s inside that blew the lip balm brands out of the water, selling over 1 million units per week. This made EOS second largest lip balm product, only to Burt’s Bees. On a global scale, researchers have projected sales of lip balm to top 2 Billion by 2020.


So what is on the inside? The research found that women were the biggest users of lip balm, especially among millennials. Unlike the previous thinking that lip balm was a unisex product. Women preferred the pods but didn’t like the fact they had to apply it with their fingers for hygienic purposes. EOS set out to create a natural formula in exotic flavors that would retain its shape when opened. This made EOS more appealing to women, a lip balm that would become a part of their daily beauty routine and on into their day. The rest is her-story.

Desiree Perez Making Waves In Music Industry

For Chief Operating Officer (COO) of one of the world’s largest entertainment conglomerates, you would think that your name would be known to even those outside of the industry. For Roc Nation COO Desiree “Des” Perez, keeping out of the spotlight has been a purposeful goal for the past 20 years. Keeping a private life has gotten increasingly more difficult for the music executive over the years.

In 2017 Des was named by Billboard Magazine as one of the most influential executives in the music industry. This was a long time coming for the businesswoman who has been a major player in the industry for the past 20 years. Perez got her start as a manager of several successful night clubs and entertainment venues in her native New York City. She was known during this time as having an uncanny business mind and was a fierce negotiator. She began to develop business relationships with the industry elite in the 1990s, known stronger than her relationship with rap mogul, Jay-Z.

Jay-Z was so impressed with her business acumen that he tabbed her to run his SC Enterprises, which she did for a number of years. In 2009 Jay-Z formed Roc Nation and selected Des to be COO, a move that would pay huge dividends for the company in the decade since. She has been the primary negotiator for the company, securing deals for Rihanna with Samsung, Beyoncé’s Formation Stadium, and many others. She has also worked with Roc Nation Sports clients and negotiate the deal for Robinson Cano with the Seattle Mariners for 10 years and $250 million.

Desiree Perez is also the COO of Tidal, the new music subscription service launched by Roc nation in 2016. She was the primary negotiator of the deal with Sprint for $200 million that gave Tidal access to their 45 million customers.

New Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm By EOS

In the winter your lips can get very chapped. The cold weather is the culprit of chapped lips. There are many different lip balms available to battle chapped lips. However, not all of them are created equal. One new option comes from Evolution of Smooth. Their new product is called Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm. Here is some information about this lip balm, and some information about the company.

This new lip balm is currently being sold for $3 dollars. This lip balm is made out of chamomile. This chamomile lip balm offers many benefits to its wearer. It has antioxidants. It also hydrates your lips. It has anti-aging properties.

Not only does this lip balm have chamomile in it but it also has menthol that helps medicate your lips. This is an alcohol that comes from the oil of mint leaves. This is what makes the lip balm feel cool on your lips. This lip balm also have vitamin E, Jojoba oils, and shea butter.

Evolution of Smooth is a beauty company that specializes in natural beauty products. They make a wide array of products. These products include lip balm, hand lotion, body lotion, and shaving gel.


Evolution of Smooth’s products are gluten free. They are also not tested on animals. You can find their products in a lot of different stores. They can be found online on Amazon. They can also be found in traditional stores such as Walmart, Target, and Kohls. You can also find them at drug stores such as Walgreens and CVS.

Try out Evolution of Smooth’s new chamomile lip balm. This lip balm provides a lot of benefits such as hydrating your lips. Pick up this great lip balm today. You will be so happy you decided to try it out for your chapped lips.

A Review of EOS Reveals That They Are Fun for All the Senses

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, has finally come out with the crystal lip balm. These new lip balms are completely animal by-product free and they are considered vegan. They still come in the well-known orb pot and are as nourishing as ever. The only ingredient preventing EOS from claiming that their lip balm was vegan was simply beeswax, and since they have taken that ingredient out of the formula, they can now offer their vegan fans a product that they can use and love.

EOS new crystal lip balms have proven to be quite a hit and have been flying off the shelves. EOS did not expect such popularity for the new product, but they are managing to keep up with the high demand. The new orbs are like glass, and you can practically see through the balm.

EOS continues to grow in popularity and add to their fan base daily (  They have a large following on social media and are making a name for themselves in the lip balm world.

For far too long, lip balms such as Chapstick and Blistex were the prime dominators of the lip care market offering their usual flavors of Original, mint, and cherry, but EOS came along and changed things up. The “old” lip balm companies were crushing it because they were the only options out there. EOS is crushing it because they offer not only variety, but refreshing flavors, and a uniquely shaped orb that is easy to hold onto and apply.

EOS offers many different and fun options when it comes to their lip balm choices. They have organic orbs, shimmer orbs, visibly soft orbs, and some of their flavors are even offered in tube form. EOS lip care products always appeal to each of the senses and are very

Jason Hope: An Inspiration for Becoming Proactive

Jason Hope, a technology guru, futurist and entrepreneur hailing form Scottsdale, Arizona is an inspiration for others. Born in Tempe, Arizona, he earned a Bachelors degree in Finance from Arizona State University and also earned a graduate degree Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University. In the world of business technology, Jason Hope skillfully uses his knowledge and understanding of technology to monitor the industry and makes informed decisions and predictions about the future trends.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist committed to furthering the research for slowing down the aging process. Jason enjoys working with the SENS Foundation which is in the process of developing new and innovative ways to solve the problem of anti aging. He states that the SENS Foundation is is employing rejuvenation biotechnologies that repair damage on the on the cellular level in hopes to help us live longer and healthier lives. They are able to render harmless, repair, remove, or replace damage in the cells and tissues that have occurred over time. They claim that the normal functioning of the cells will be restored and aging tissues will be returned to a healthy state.

One of the rejuvenation biotechnologies advocated by the SENS Foundation is Mitosens. Miotsens prevents damage from mutations occurring inside mitochondria. The mitochondria are the “power houses of the cells” a sub cellular structure that metabolizes glucose to energy. Free radicals are also manufactured during this process. The free radicals are highly reactive and toxic molecules that can cause mutations to occur in the mitochondrial DNA. Some of these mutations are gene deletions within the genetic code that knock out the mitochondria’s ability to make enzymes and proteins. If some of these proteins are used in energy generation,


Review of EOS Cooling Mint-TEA Lip Balm

EOS has recently released a cool (literally), new lip balm that not only relieves you of your chapped lips and the pain and discomfort that comes with them, but it also tastes like TEA! This pain-relieving formula is chamomile flavored, which happens to be one of the most popular flavors among tea drinkers the world over, and rightfully so! Chamomile tea is widely used to calm the mind and relax the body after a long and tiresome day ( So, it is fitting for this particular EOS lip balm to have such a calming flavor as chamomile, because it adds to the sheer ambiance of the soothing powers that this EOS lip balm formula offers.

Although the star of the show is the chamomile flavor, this EOS lip balm is also medicated with menthol, which is an alcohol that is derived from mint leaves, and is used in the healing of pain, burns, itching, or other discomforts of the skin. Altogether, the menthol medication and the chamomile flavor are a double whammy, power punch of relief for dry, cracked, and chapped lips, see This combination is a winner for those dry winter days (and maybe even hot days when we are prone to dehydration), on which we are miserable without something to calm, soothe, and smooth out our lips. Get the best, trust EOS!

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Eos Cooling Chamomile Review

Eos has taken the lip balm industry by storm in the past few years. If you’re not already team Eos, chances are you’ve seen those cute, sphere-shaped lip balms at your local beauty or grocery store and wondered if they truly live up to the hype. The truth is, they’re popular for a reason. Not only is their sphere shape and pastel colors aesthetically pleasing, but their soothing balm proves to smooth even the most chapped lips (

Eos doesn’t just stop at their famous lip balms, though. They also produce hand and body lotion that continues the theme of smart, simple packaging encased around lotion that’s as soft as butter. It comes in sweet scents such as vanilla, berry, orchard and more. The smooth continues with a luxurious line of shaving creams that lather into a rich protective layer over your skin while you shave. Because of their versatility and beauty, Eos has become synonymous with innovative lip and skin care.

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Recently, Eos released their latest lip invention: the Cooling Chamomile lip balm. This balm was created to relieve pain caused by chapped lips and cold weather through a soothing dose of real chamomile, which hydrates lips and sends a burst of antioxidants. In addition, this new balm send a burst of cooling freshness to lips upon impact that’s chock full of vitamins and oils that will perfect your pout… even in the coldest temperatures. It’s all packaged up in the classic, sphere container, but this one is a lovely midnight blue and features white stripes surrounding the top. At an extremely affordable price, Eos just can’t be beat when it comes to lip care!


Dr. Walden: The Queen of the Cosmetic Surgery

Having a physical appearance that we are comfortable with boosts our self-esteem and adds to our happiness. As much as we may want to deny that our physical appearance has a huge impact on how we do our daily tasks, it is very evident. Some people have confessed that they have failed to air their ideas in a meeting because they feel like everyone is concentrating on their defects

This is why Dr. Walden advises individuals who are potential candidates for cosmetic surgery to give it a shot. Dr. Walden has been in this career for more than eight years. Her patients have left very positive reviews saying if they ever need any other surgery, they will not hesitate to sign in with her. Others say they have to wait for months before getting an appointment with Dr. Walden, but they would rather wait than have their surgery done by another Surgeon.

One of the attributes that have led to this popularity is the hospitality that patients receive in her facility. They explain that from the time you enter the gate, everyone in the facility is very friendly.

Dr. Walden tops it all by the way she treats her patients. She understands that the decision of undergoing surgery may be based on many factors. To ensure her patients do not make any mistakes, she holds a counseling session prior the surgery. She then goes through the options that the patients have to come up with the one that fits them best. After the surgery, Dr. Walden holds another talk to her patients before they leave. Patients have reported that the nurses even call them after going home to confirm there are progressing well.

The patients who have successfully undergone surgery advise others to drop the fear and get the look they have wished for all their life. It makes everything in life appears easier.


Why Talkspace is the Way to Go for Therapy

Therapy is incredibly personal for each person, but the problem that many people have when seeking out mental care help is that therapists aren’t always easy to get access to. You might not have a way to get to the office regularly, especially if they want to see you once or even twice a week. You might also have no insurance and are not able to afford the therapy that your doctor has recommended to you. If this is a problem in your life, there is a better and easier way for you to gain access to a professional therapist at the touch of your fingertips.

This is in the way of the Talkspace app, and it is an app that can be downloaded and used within minutes. No more wait lists and no more waiting to be seen. Talkspace takes the guesswork out of getting solid therapy, and it is why so many individuals have used the app since it was launched many years ago. Before you go out and try to get help for therapy through a regular office, it might be time for you to download Talkspace and give it a try for yourself.

Talkspace is an app that you can also trust because it is highly confidential. All of your conversations are totally safe and secured, so you can feel confident knowing that you are talking to a professional who is going to help you and not hurt you in any way. This is why a lot of people choose this for themselves and know that they are going to be choosing this as an option for themselves once they have utilized this as a viable choice in their world. Talkspace is great to save money and time, and you get access to better therapists out there.

Dr. Clay Siegall: Transforming Lives Via Targeted Cancer Therapies

Cancer research is one of the most valuable and well-respected industries of all-time. Having the knowledge and the capabilities to fight this deadly disease can’t be put into words. There are numerous cancer research institutions around the globe, but one of the best is located right in the U.S. Seattle Genetics is its name and eradicating cancer is its game. CEO Clay Siegall has done an extraordinary job of leading this company to the top of the ranks. Siegall is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in this field of work, and he has been doing his part to better mankind.

Seattle Genetics, a biotech oncology company, specializes in the development and the commercialization of these advanced medications. The company was founded back in the late 1990s. It was basically a small startup company, but who knew that it would manifest into a worldwide powerhouse years later. Siegall has implemented the three main principles of success, which has helped to build its foundation. This includes drug development, scientific innovation and rigorous research. Even when things weren’t going as planned in the beginning, Clay  Siegall had to take a step back to restructure the company’s business plan. In other words, Siegall brought in a dynamic sales team that had expertise in biotech as well as business. After implementing this team into the fold, Seattle Genetics began to grow at an astounding rate. This team of experts were completing seven and eight-figure deals on a consistent basis.

Seattle Genetics is on another level thanks to its great leadership, its wonderful efficiency and its extraordinary products. ADCETRIS, the company’s top drug, is now being used all across the globe in more than 65 countries. ADCETRIS has also generated more than $350 million, which has helped Seattle Genetics’ stock triple in just five years. Dr. Clay Siegall is in it for the long-run, and he’s given cancer its final death-blow.