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Darius Fisher Opens Up About Establishing Status Labs

Darius Fisher is the CEO of the online reputation management company Status Labs and for the better part of the past five years his work has been changing the face of the internet. The internet, as we know, is one of the last frontiers for modern businesses to explore, dominate, and extend their outreach upon. With this new frontier ready to get plunged into, it stands to reason that there is some work to be done in terms of preparing for it. Darius sat down and talked about his inspirations for work and what made him tick as he jumped into the world of online entrepreneurship.


When asked how he got his start into online reputation management Fisher said that he “found a way” and ended up leaving his comfortable job as a copywriter in order to make it happen. One of the primary motivations for his job switch was the ability to have the sort of freedom that can only come with becoming a successful CEO.


In any event Fisher’s work with Status Labs would go on to dramatically change the fortunes of several major businesses since the company’s inception. Fisher and Status Labs are uniquely focused on the digital frontier when it comes to managing brands, enhancing reputations, and getting ahead of potential problems. Status Labs rose in popularity a couple years back when Fisher stood up for the victims of the Ashley Madison hack, proclaiming that internet privacy should be expected of all people, not just those we think deserve it.


Status Labs and Darius Fisher have grown exponentially over the past couple of years and now lay claim to having clients in 35 country’s around the globe. Status Labs is at the forefront of a digital movement that has become almost required in order to find success in the internet’s business world. Status Labs will continue to grow as the internet grows with them.

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George Soros Predict Devaluation Of Pound In The Stock Market

George Soros is a Hungarian-born man who has achieved lots of success in his life. Soros is a man of diverse talents who has been mostly working to better the lives of people. He undertook his higher level education at the School of Economics in London, where he graduated with first class honors. Soros later settled in America, where he decided to use his expertise in business, a scenario that led him to establish an international investment fund, in which he acted as the president.

For more than 30 years, George Soros have been funding GoFundMe to provide a sustainable and enabling environment for the needy. His first humanitarian move was witnessed when he financed black students to attend the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Billionaire Soros is a self-tailored investor who has accomplished the best in life out of his personal interests. He is the president and the founder of Open Society Foundations and the Soros Fund Management.

George Soros success has also been contributed by his dedication and commitments on towards offering quality services to his customers. George Soros is an experienced investor who provides consultation services to his clients and assets management at affordable prices. According to Open Society Foundations report, the company is already operating in more than 100 countries. For more information on the life of billionaire George Soros, open the following link

Recently, made a publication on the achievements of George Soros in the stock exchange markets. George Soros made another prophecy regarding the trend and performance of Britain in the stock exchange, a prediction that came to be true. In 2008, George Soros predicted the economic crisis that would hit most of the investors and companies in the market, a scenario that made him hit the headlines over and over again.

George Soros had predicted that Britain was about to be forced on currency devaluation on, and more likely exit from ERM. Later, Lamont made a liberation that announced the departure of Britain in ERM. George Soros is one of the famous investors in the financial markets all over the world. Soros has been investing a lot of funds in the stock markets, an instance that has been awarding him huge returns.

George Soros had highly invested on the devaluation of the pounds by more than $15 billion dollars, an investment plan that George Soros termed as the Quantum Fund. After the exit of Britain in ERM and the currency devaluation, George Soros managed to take home an extra $4 billion dollars, as the Quantum Fund rose up to $19 billion dollars.

In the long run, the Quantum Fund recorded another rise to $20 billion dollars. George Soros has been helping investors by advising them on the right time to make investments. Open to read more on George Soros predictions.

Blogger Finally Tries WEN Cleansing Conditioners to see Hair Transformation

Emily McClure is a blogger for cursed with fine, limp hair. She’s been looking for a way to boost the volume, health and shine, so she finally turned to WEN by Chaz and took a 7-day challenge to see what WEN could do for her. See,
Chaz Dean has revolutionized the way women cleanse their hair in the modern world with his no lather shampoo system. Instead, he has combined the deep cleanse, conditioning, detangling and styling treatments all into one, simple bottle. Wen‘s famous cleansing conditioners are designed to maintain strong, healthy locks.

The WEN system is different from the shampoos and conditioners found in drugstores and even fine boutiques like Sephora. Those are formulas filled with harsh detergents that actually dull and strip the hair. WEN’s cleansing conditioners use natural botanicals designed to deliver great bounce and gloss.

It took some getting used to WEN, as Emily applied the minimum 10 pumps of product for short hair, although Emily has medium length hair. She should have used the minimum amount of 16 pumps. Maybe this would have made a larger difference.

Emily admits she’s somewhat lazy about hair care and prefers showering at night, but she began the WEN routine with morning trips to the shower. When she used the WEN per directions, her hair seemed to have great shine and bounce, and her facebook friends complimented her, as they noticed a key difference.

As the days went on, Emily got busy and decided to veer off the WEN routine. Once, she used the cleansing conditioner at night instead, and awoke to greasy flat locks. Another time, she skipped the AM shower and hurried to work with greasy hair that couldn’t hold a style.

Emily concluded that using WEN every morning delivers great results, but one must stick to the schedule. Wen is also available online via Ebay.

Athleisure Ideas Courtesy of Fabletics

Athleisure is a fitness fashion craze that has been sweeping across the country in rare form. As reported in SF Gate, wearing comfortable clothing is no longer a sign of laziness or sloppiness. Quite the contrary, it is totally fashionable now and also signals that you are an active, motivated person. Athleisure, or fashionable active wear on, essentially consists of comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely but also is more flattering than your average pair of sweatpants and a t shirt. What athleisure clothing allows people to do is go about their daily lives, bouncing from one activity to another, without being slowed down by their choice of clothing or losing time from having to change into different outfits throughout the day. In addition, athleisure makes fitness and daily exercise more accessible to the average person because they are already dressed for success. Because of the growing popularity of this clothing trend, athleisure has become an acceptable wardrobe choice for both casual and more professional venues. It is not uncommon now to see pants other than traditional trousers worn in the office without a care.
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With more and more clothing brands jumping onto the athleisure trend, one fashion retailer stands out in terms of recent success and amazing designs. Fabletics has been a force in the athleisure field since it opened in October 2013. The company mainly operates online through its website, but it also has several brick and mortar locations. Because of its rapid growth in recent months, the company has actually announced it will be opening more brick and mortar locations throughout the country in the next few years.

On YouTube, they have been able to stay ahead of all of its growing competitors in the market because it is constantly producing new athleisure designs that its customers simply adore. The reviews for athleisure options at Fabletics are overwhelmingly positive. Customers love that they can mix and match athleisure outfit options at Fabletics and that the clothing items are designed and produced to last over many wash cycles. Fabletics will continue to dominate the athleisure market for years to come.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden is Known as One of Texas Super Doctors


Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon practicing cosmetic surgery in the same city and state she was born in, Austin, Texas. She currently holds medical licenses in three states: Florida, New York, and Texas. This is because of her passion and achievements in her medical career. In 1994, Dr. Walden graduated with honors from the University of Texas where she earned her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biology. Three months later, Dr. Walden enrolled back into the University of Texas, but this time, in the Medical Branch, where she studied four more years graduating with highest honors in salutatorian, earning a Doctor of Medicine (MD).

Two months after earning her MD, Dr. Walden started residency training for a year as General Surgery Intern at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Department of Surgery. Then, she worked four years of Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency in the Division of Plastic Surgery at the same university.

Right after completing residency in Texas, Dr. Walden succeeded her fellowship training in Aesthetic Surgery in New York City, N.Y., at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, which she completed in June of 2004.

Today, Dr. Walden is not only a very successful plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas, she has won many awards and honors with her most recent, Texas Super Doctors. Dr. Walden is currently a member of local, state and national organizations like the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons, Association of Women Surgeons, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, as well as Travis County Medical Society and the University of Texas Executives Life.

All of Dr. Walden’s successes in addition to being honored as one of the 24 best beauty surgeons in the United States, in 2014, recognized by Harper’s Bazzarmagazine, much more can be found on Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC’s curriculum vitae’ (CV) website.

Leslie Hancocksays that Dr. Walden became highly successful because of her hard work, intelligence, and determination to be the best plastic surgeon. Dr. Walden has a mission to inspire women who are pursuing a career in medicine, said Hancock.

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Thirty Pounds Down And Counting

After years of being borderline obese, I’ve finally successfully lost thirty pounds. And I’m not stopping there. I’m counting down the pounds until I reach my goal. I want to be a healthy, manageable weight so that I can live longer and enjoy life to the fullest.
My doctor has been trying to get me to lose weight for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried. My doctor and I worked together for a long time on diets, nutrition plans and exercise regimes. I even joined a gym.

But even when I put all my effort into a diet, I was never able to make much headway. Nothing seemed to stick for very long. I’d get motivated enough to lose five or ten pounds, but then I always put it right back on.

I had all but given up when my facebook friend Rene told me about NutriMost. I was skeptical, of course. After all, I’ve tried diets, and they don’t seem to work for me. But Rene persuaded me to try it because this is a diet with a difference.

The thing that makes Nutrimost different is that it’s based on science. A lot of other diet programs are fad diets based on the current dieting trend or celebrity endorsements according to Fox 6 Now. But NutriMost is based on hard facts.

This diet is individually adaptable, based on data about each person’s body. What makes me gain weight might not make you. A breakthrough NutriMost technology scan will tell you what factors are causing you to put on weight and keep it on. And when you reach your goal, you do a body weight reset to lock in your natural weight for the rest of your life.

I’m thrilled that NutriMost Program ( is working for me where other diet plans have failed.

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CT Woman loses 80 lbs with Nutrimost

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Lime Crime by Doe Deere: Cosmetics even unicorns would wear


Doe Deere, is not a female deer or any type of deer in fact. Doe Deere is the creator of an increasingly popular cosmetic line, Lime Crime. An animal friendly and vegan line of lipsticks and eyeshadows that are anything but boring. Lime Crime cosmetics is just as bold as the name itself, bright green, blues, and pinks can be found among these stand out products. Deere is not only creating amazing and fun brand for all make-up lovers, but she is also making a point to give back. Her company to date has donated $16,000 to several different charities.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime as a DIY fashion line selling her creations through eBay in 2008. She explains that she has always been a colorful person and loves the idea of sharing her bright and colorful products with the world. Deere was born in Russia but grew up in New York. She is an advocate and supporter of woman-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, mentoring and providing advice to women. Following her gut is something that has become second nature to her and she would advise other entrepreneurs to do the same. Being successful she believes has a lot to do with being optimistic towards New opportunities and to provide positive reinforcement, by caring and trusting her employees, partners, and vendors. She also keeps the brand authentic for her customers by selling products that she truly believes in, only after she has worn it herself will she approve a new product.

Recently lipsticks have been making a come back. Fuller, bolder lips are what is trending now. In an article written by Rino16 for the site they compare Lime Crime lip kits to the popular Kylie Jenner line of lip kits. Stating that not only is the Kylie Jenner line more expensive, but is almost always sold out. If you don’t want to wait and want a more budget friendly lip kit there are some lip colors from Lime Crime Cosmetics that pass as the popular Jenner brand. If your looking for the Kourt K shade by Kylie Jenner Rhino16 explains that Veletines in Jinx by Lime Crime is a similar burgundy/magenta color. Valentine matte lipstick in Reddest Red by Lime Crime would be a good substitute for Kylie Jenners Mary Jo K lip kit.

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Casual Style is Creeping toward the Comfortable

There was once a time when a woman wearing her gym clothes to dine at the local trendy restaurant after a workout would have been gawked at by fellow dinners. Thankfully, that time is not now.

As leggings comfortably hug the thighs of women everywhere and stores become inundated with cute sneakers, flats, and sneaker-flats hybrids, it seems casual fashion is consistently creeping closer and closer to being all together more comfortable. Many women who were raised on the outdated equation “pain = beauty” can now, quite literally, breathe a sigh of relief. This new clothing style even has its own moniker – athleisure.

As causal clothing moves toward being more wearer friendly, even high-end designers and retailers are embracing the trend. Wikipedia has it that Fabletics shows in 2016 have been flooded with athleisure wear, and even the most trendy celebrities are regularly photographed looking both cute, and completely relaxed. At first glance it may seem that the athleisure trend only applies to t-shirts, leggings, and yoga pants, but this is not the case.

Casual tops,dresses, and skirts in sporty styles are also making their way on to the athleisure scene. But for those in the first stages of embracing this new trend, all of the options for athleisure can be a little overwhelming.

That’s where new online retailers like Fabletics can come in handy. Fabletics makes hopping on the athleisure wear trend a cinch. Each new customer takes a short quiz that helps the designers and stylists know which looks are right for that individual. Each month the subscriber gets to choose from a range of options that best suites her personal style needs.

All of Fabletics clothing options are cute and comfortable.
So relax, breathe, save the stilettos and the skin tight dresses for when you are accepting your Woman-of-the-Year Award, and throw on your trendiest tennis dress for dining out on a Saturday afternoon.

Wengie Makes Her Way to the Top

When females check out entertainment channels and look for their favorite celebrities they will find some interesting styles from some of the stars. People like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are always changing their looks. There are also a lot of females like Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stegani that have been known to show up with very intriguing make up.

Wengie knows how the celebrities can influence a lot of females that are looking for something new to change their style. That is why she has been able to successfully create a video channel on YouTube that has gained a tremendous amount of popularity. She provides some of the make up tips that people may have been interested in, but they may have not been aware of how to get started.

Wengie shows women how to apply the smoky eyeshadow and dark lip styles. She experiments with a lot of different shades and gives a plethora of beginner tutorials for many young females that are not accustomed to apply makeup. She has become an Internet sensation, and thousands of people check out her website to see what she is doing next.

Recently, Wengie has been involved with many different things on her website. She still has a core audience to follow her for make up tips, but she has also branched out in giving her subscribers advice on dieting. She presents a platform for a healthy lifestyles through better eating habits as well.

There are a lot of people in Australia that become fans of what she is able to help people do. She gives advice on cosmetic styles that are bound to get attention. Wengie knows a lot about cosmetics, and many people may even consider her to be an expert in makeup application.

Wengie does her best to help those that require assistance by illustrating and narrating what she’s doing when she applies the make up. She informs viewers about the circular motions that they need to take to apply certain make up, and she also tells users where they can find certain shades of various makeup colors.

Beneful Foods That Dogs Love To Eat

Dogs was described by wikipedia as complex creatures and not a lot of dog food brands understand this. There are some breeds that gorge themselves on food and later get sick – like cocker spaniels. Breeds like pugs, however, can often be picky eaters. Most pet parents especially those on twitter know that when it comes to dogs, sometimes not a lot can be guessed by the breed either and it largely depends on how loved and spoiled the dog is. Thankfully, Beneful is a brand that loves dogs as much as pet parents do. This is a brand that can make any dog become healthier.

Here are 4 Beneful products that are loved by dogs of all kinds –

Original – The original PurinaStore products come in a variety of flavours and the most popular ones with dogs include the one with real beef, real chicken, and real salmon. This dog food product falls under dry dog food category. Real beef and chicken varieties are rich in antioxidants and real salmon has abundant omega for healthy dogs.

Healthy Weight – Adult dogs, particularly some breeds, tend to gain a lot of weight as they grow older because they get lazier and also face a lot of health issues. For those dogs, it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet that cuts back on calories but not on nutrition. This is exactly what Beneful’s Healthy Weight (dry food) products do. The most popular option is the one with real chicken.

Healthy Puppy – The requirements of puppies that are growing are different from adult dogs. This is why pet parents love to feed their puppies with this dry food product by Beneful. It is rich in Calcium and contains DHA which is essential for the vision and brain development of puppies.

Incredibites – Incredibites comes in both dry and wet dog food type. The one with real beef and real chicken is dry. The bites are small and easier for smaller dogs to chew and digest. For wet Incredibites, pet parents can go for the variety with wild rice, beef, tomatoes, and carrots.

Beneful has a lot of flavors and even the pickiest of dogs would find something amazing in their products. It is available on