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Helping Others with Their Money

There are many people today who struggle with their finances. Few people could survive a financial emergency. James Dondero is the CEO of Highland Capital, which is an investment firm that helps people with their finances. Many people in the Dallas area go to Highland Capital for their financial advice.

Over the years, James Dondero has invested a lot of time and money into the local Dallas community. He also recently joined the board at SMU, and he plans to help students get a quality education without going into debt.

Student Loans

One of the biggest financial issues the country has today is with student loans. Millions of people have graduated from college with record levels of debt. In addition, the job market is not as good for college graduates as it once was. Many people today are worried about paying their debt when they have a job that does not pay well.

According to The Dallas Journal, James Dondero has made it his mission to help students with their finances. While on the board at SMU, he plans to propose a variety of solutions to this issue. If they are successful, they could potentially be rolled out to other colleges.

Next Steps

As James Dondero continues to grow Highland Capital, he is looking for other ways to give back to the local area. He was born in Dallas, and he wants to make sure everyone there has an opportunity to succeed.

With his success in business, he is trying to use his influence to make a positive impact in the lives of students at SMU.

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Lime Crime’s Cruelty Free Makeup and New Products

Lime Crime makeup is a company that takes being colorful to a whole new level of imagination. Additionally they are a cruelty free makeup business. They stick to this policy strictly, as they disbelieve in cruelty of any kind to animals. Each of their new products is always certified cruelty free and vegan.

When a company is certified cruelty free the way Lime Crime is, this means that the company does not test their products on animals. This is an ethical problem that many makeup and beauty companies have been faced with lately, so numerous people have begun to pay closer attention to companies that are cruelty free. In addition to being cruelty free, the company is devoted to being vegan. They do not have any products that contain animal derived ingredients. The founder of the company has had numerous pet Persian cats, so it is not surprising that she sought to keep her makeup business vegan and cruelty free.

Lime Crime’s latest vegan and cruelty free makeup products include their Diamond Crushers, new Velvetines matte lip colors and their forthcoming Velvetines. The Diamond Crushers are sparkling lip color options. They come in the colors: Trip, Strip, Lit, Choke, Dope, and Fluke. The new Velvetines come in the colors: Sasha, Cindy, Gigi, Elle, and Lulu. The Velve-tins are little rose shaped tins that are filled with three Velvetines lip colors. These Velve-tins are a limited edition holiday gift option from the company. The cute rose shaped tins come in blue, pink, fuschia, champagne, and red.

The Former Leader of Atlanta Hawks

A lawsuit has been filed against New Hampshire Insurance Company, by the previous ownership group of the NBA permit, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC for opening of contract that is based on the clearance of claims made by Danny Ferry, the previous general manager. AHBE says that it was protected under a rule for coverage of specific losses that bonded with employment performances.

A spokesperson of the former Hawks ownership indicated that they are aware of the complaint. He further added that the major parties associated no longer have links to the Atlanta Hawks Organization. The court strongly indicates that the quantity of the claim is confidential. The lawsuit states that the confidential accountability is enough to carry out AHBE’s claim. Part of the lawsuit says that AIG disagreed to admit that a claim was put across. Furthermore it claims a breach of contract for not paying enclosed damages in the settlement. AIG has however still refused to pay the covered losses without any relevant defense.

Bruce Levenson

Time Magazine‘s Bruce Levenson is a successful businessman and philanthropist. He grew up in Maryland. He joined Washington University in St.Louis and later on graduated from American University in the School of Law. Levenson was full of potential, he attended college at the same time started his journalism occupation at Washington Star. He is a former co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC that was known as Atlanta Spirit LLC. He was also the governor of Hawks on the NBA Board of Governors from the year 2004.

Apart from being part of Hawks (, Bruce Levenson co-founded United Communication Group (UCG) in the year 1997.he is also part of TechTarget a media company based on IT.As a philanthropist he has involved himself in various organizations, they include the Hoop Dreams Foundation, Community Foundation of Washington, D.C and furthermore he was president of the Washington chapter of I Have a Dream Foundation that assists pupils with low income to attend higher learning.


Securus Does Right Thing Even When Nobody Watching

The test of a person is what they do when nobody’s watching. But can that test translate to the integrity of an entire company? Let’s look at the curious case of Securus Technologies.


Securus is a different kind of telecommunications company. They get contracts from prisons and jails to be the sole provider of telephone services to those facilities. When a prisoner inside of one of those facilities picks up the phone, they are using Securus services whether they like it or not.


Similar companies like Global Tel-Link use this kind of position to charge an exorbitant amount for telephone calls. With no competition, they are free to charge a litany of hidden fees and an absurd per minute rate. Their greed has recently put them into the pages of the New York Times.


But it seems that Securus is different. Instead of stripping down their staff to a skeleton crew in order to save money, they invest in the largest customer service call center in the industry. Instead of devaluing their telephone services, they invest in better technologies in order to connect prisoners with their loved ones. Instead of charging skyhigh rates, they recoup reasonable fees for better service. And they do all of this while nobody is really paying attention.


The vast majority of Americans have never heard of these telecommunications companies. And the vast majority of Americans will never need to use their services. But this does not stop Securus from achieving an A+ rating and an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. The accreditation is the highest honor that the BBB doles out. They only give it to companies that exemplify integrity. The accreditation is completely voluntary and a company like Securus does not needed in order to turn a profit. But Securus keeps passing that age-old test.


Doe Deere Focuses on Inclusion

Doe Deere is the founder of the makeup brand Lime Crime. She has worked hard to make her business a success and this has allowed her the chance to make sure that things are better for the business. In doing the business, she has allowed herself the chance to do things that many other people were not able to do with previous makeup brands. It is something that has been a big influence in the way that Doe Deere does business and has truly changed the way that things are done in the makeup industry for different reasons.

The employees that Doe Deere has are nearly always happy with what she has done to help them. Before Doe Deere was on the makeup scene with Lime Crime, there were not a lot of options for people who wanted to be able to have fun makeup looks. When it comes to employees, Doe Deere makes sure that all of the employees feel like they are a major part of something special and it has allowed the employees to feel happy when they come to work for Doe Deere.

Doe Deere changed that and Lime Crime is able to help people with different things. They are a company that has included their customers in every decision of the business. They have been the driving factor behind most of the things that Doe Deere has done with Lime Crime in the makeup business. It is extremely important that customers have the chance to make sure that they are doing the most for their makeup looks. Doe Deere wants customers to feel like they are included and this is something that has allowed them to make sure that they are doing the most for all of their customers. There are many ways that Lime Crime has worked with their customers.

Even distributors are included in with the kindness that Doe Deere has. It is something that has allowed her to make great connections and to always make sure that she is doing the most for the business. She always makes sure that she treats distributors with respect. She knows that, without them, her clients would never be able to get the products that they needed. She is always respectful to every step of the business including the people who make the business happen from the back end of things.

While Doe Deere likes to run a business that is good and is successful, she does not want to rule with an iron fist. She knows that it is important to be kind and to be respectful to every person who is a part of her business. This is something that has allowed her the chance to grow her business. Lime Crime has been so successful since the time that they first began because Doe Deere knows the right way to treat her clients and her business partners and she knows that it is important to do different things that are good for the business that she is a part of.

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Burch Creative Capital Spreads Their Success

Burch Creative Capital has a strong passion for creating new roads and paths for success in others. They have a focus on helping people by giving them keen financial insights, and even offers a shoulder to lean on in times of need, when an investment might not be doing as well as anticipated. Taking pride in being there for their clients is critical to what they do. With this focus on helping people, and an understanding that being creative and innovative in the investment field, they are able to produce positive results and investments for their clients.
Chris Burch ( said, “Creativity comes out of our childhood”. Having a creative mind where you are constantly thinking outside of the box, looking at different subjects with differing angles will allow you to see things in a unique way. Growing up with a learning disorder allowed him to create things while having a sense of humility.
Chris and Bob Burch began a company called Eagle Eye in 1976 while he was an undergrad at Ithaca College. They invested $2000 and eventually sold the company to the Swire Group for $165 Million when Chris was only age 40.
Led by the successful Chris Birch and based out of New York, Burch Creative Capital made some savvy investments, including Voss Water, Cocoon 9, Poppin, Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, and the prestigious ED by Ellen DeGeneres among others. In these fields ranging from fashion, technology to luxury brands, Burch Creative Capital has grown into a well known IPO in Internet space, and are still very active in the investment world.
Chris Burch freely helps people as well through his blog, where there are several articles containing advice for up and coming investors that are seeking success.
With these ideas of creativity and humility, Burch Creative Capital offers a unique way of obtaining their unusual success, and spreading this success to others.

Marc Sparks’ Steps to Elevate Inventive Collaboration through Timber Creek Capital, LP

Timber Creek Capital, LP through its owner, Marc Sparks has moved to a new location after being in its original place for more than ten years. The reason behind the relocation is that the firm wanted to start incubation and allow innovative collaboration.

Marc Sparks who is the owner of the company helps new entrepreneurs to start businesses and transform them into profitable enterprises.

He says that, to start any business all you require to have is necessary resources and a good business plan. He continued to say that with a conducive, quality and collaborative business environment, you are likely to succeed in business. He gave Timber Creek Company, LP as an example of companies where they applied a well-designed business plan and managed to host three more companies. For the three companies, they offered a widespread incubation period.

Marc Sparks has managed to establish many successful businesses and thus possess enough experience in the field of his work. Through this experience, he got the idea that through maximized collaboration and output, there would be a special and continuous flow in the office.

From his journey published in his book, “They Can’t Eat You,” Marc says he learned the reality of entrepreneurship through the failure and success he experienced throughout. With the knowledge gained then, he was able to establish Timber Creek Capital, LP.

Timber Creek Capital, LP, located in Dallas, Texas is a private firm that specializes in helping passionate entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. They extend their assistance to the entrepreneurs by providing them with office space, equipment, financial assistance, legal aid, web development, graphic arts, merchant banking, equipment, networking, customer service expertise, and support staff. They offer to them their 35 years entrepreneurial experience from the inception of the business till it grows sufficiently.

Marc Sparks says that from the experience he has gained over the years, he knows the challenges one is expected to face in entrepreneurial journey. But he added that, qualities such as passion, tenacity, knowledge of monetization, focus, faith, and embrace of a sense of speed it is possible to succeed in business. He believes that Timber Creek Capital, LP will turn those with great business ideas to successful business owners.

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is the founder, owner as well as the CEO of a renowned company, Timber Creek, LP. Apart from being a serial entrepreneur, he is also an author as well as a philanthropist. He is the author of the book, “They Can’t Eat You” which outlines the details of his journey as an entrepreneur.

Through Timber Creek LP, he has helped many people grow their businesses from the time of inception to bearing of the fruits. Some his charitable works include building affordable houses for families in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, donation of one thousand to at-risk children in partnership with American Can, among others.

George Soros’ plan for Ukraine to stabilize and defeat Russia

For the past couple of years, billionaire, philanthropist and investor George Soros has been following the debt crisis experience in Ukraine. The country has amassed billions of dollars in debt largely because of the country’s military struggle with Russia. The country is trying to find its way through its hard times. Mr. Soros writes a series of articles that advocate for European nations to offer debt relief and financial assistance to help Ukraine.

George Soros notes that the main reason why the Ukrainian cause has found difficulty with its political reforms is due to problems in the country. In another article, Soros explains how Ukraine is putting its best efforts to get rid of corruption and engage democratic leadership. The reforms have been highly strained due to the current conflict it has with Russia. Soros has claimed that the EU should help Ukraine with the support it needs to stand against the current president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

Ukraine recently engaged in an unsuccessful negotiations to receive financial aid. The EU has no choice but to advocate for a debt relief for the nation on George Soros has stated that failure to do the same, Ukraine will have no other choice but to default all its debts. He further explains that the default is going to have detrimental results to potential investors in Ukraine and the nation’s economy. Just like Latin America and Greece, Ukraine is going to take only two years to recover if given adequate support and financial aid.

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Mr. Soros has also cautioned the EU of disunity amongst its member states. He argues that the whole union has turned to become a creditor and debtor’s forum in state of a unifying body. The disunity experienced on in these states is likely going to cause a war breakout in Europe coming from Russia. Russia has been a menace to Ukraine and is going to cause difficulties to the EU too.

Mr. Soros argues that the best way to defeat Russia is through its leadership. He continues to say that the instability currently experienced in Russia is not due to any US sanctions. It is a result of poor implementation of policies. A rise of a new Ukraine is likely going to bring out stimulation that should result in tension in Russia. George states that Ukraine’s success is likely to cause tension in Russia. Ukraine’s success is going to urge Russian citizens demand the same from their president. He states that this is going to be the best strategy to humble Russia and to defeat president Putin.

Soros further argues that the EU should provide a form of insurance to any investor or government that would to inject capital into the debt-filled Ukraine. By offering some form of insurance, Soros knows that other investors are likely to follow suite and put in more capital to Ukraine. His is going to stabilize the country’s economy and open up a stable market that would thwart Russia. Foreign investors too should take note of the progressive moves made by Ukraine to improve their economic structure.

EOS Lip Balm for All

There are a lot of lip balm products on the market today. With so many options, you may wonder what one is the best for you. EOS may be able to fit the bill and make your lips feel even better than they ever have before.

Why Get EOS Lip Balm

There are several reasons you may want to look at EOS lip balms. The biggest is that it smells good. When you open the container, you get to smell the fruit in the lip balm and it smells really good.

Another reason you might want to get EOS lip balm is because it helps your lips to feel better. If they are dry and need a little help, then this is a great option for you. The lip balm has shea butter in it and that helps with the way it makes your lips feel. See,

What is EOS Lip Balm?

The lip balm is made from shea butter and other great things that help your lips to feel better and to make them softer. This way when you talk or when your kiss, your lips are nice and soft. The items in the lip balm are great at healing any dry skin on your lips you may be dealing with. This can help you to have a better feeling lip as well as great smelling.

There are a lot of lip balm options on the market today, but the best ones for your needs may be right in front of you. EOS lip balm can be found in drugstores as well as department stores for your needs. What are you waiting for? Get your EOS lip balm and get your lips feeling better today. Visit the EOS Facebook page and YouTube channel to learn more.


Wengie and Max Tell All in This Vlog

Those of you who follow Wengie on YouTube know a thing or two about her life and probably know quite a bit about her boyfriend, Max. Wengie and Max often make videos together and fans of the channel absolutely love to witness the love bugs joke, tease, and answer the questions that too many people seem to have. In a vlog, the two answered questions circulating their favorite Pokémon, how much they spent on a beach house, and even some personal relationship questions and it was stellar to witness!


The Hair Color Diaries


You probably know that Wengie is always dying her hair an outrageous color and looks absolutely beautiful in each one. Max tends to stick with his natural black hair, but has experimented a few times. In this vlog, the adorable duo sported purple locks, but a viewer asked them which color they would enjoy sharing the most. Though Max originally decided upon purple, he changed it to blue when his lady opted for that.


Put ‘Em Up


The two always seem so happy, so much speculation surrounds their relationship in general. Essentially, are they really that happy or do they often fight? After some laughter and a few jokes with one another, the two stated that they disagree and get into heated discussions, but that they accept that this is a reality found in every healthy relationship.


How Much for the Beach House?


A previous vlog showed a gorgeous beach house that the two Aussies stayed in for a vacation. Some viewers thought that it belonged to Wengie and Max, so they asked how much it had cost. “I wish it was ours,” stated the couple. Admitting that they had only stayed there for a vacation, Max confessed that it was around $400 per night.


Pokémon Preferences


With the popularity surrounding this app, a user asked which characters the bloggers enjoy the most. After a count of three, the two rejoiced together by shouting their favorite characters, which is Dragonite for Wengie and Snorlax for Max.