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Unique and Organic Options from EOS Lip Balm

You may be familiar with the colorful pods you can find just about anywhere, including your local market, with the word EOS engraved on the outside. Whether you’re an avid follower of EOS and their many flavor lines or have only stolen glances at the rainbow array of containers while waiting in line at the grocery store, you may have wondered what all the hype is about but have yet to really look beyond the usual flavors you might find available locally.

The truth is that EOS has numerous product lines with their own unique flavor types and even uses. If you are reluctant to try new lip balms that may have harmful parabens or distasteful petroleum, then never fear! EOS has neither and not only that, it’s loaded with Vitamin E and healthy antioxidants to make your lips appear fuller and feel smoother than ever before. Not only that, but they also include shea and jojoba oil, for that added benefit to your lip’s overall health, helpful site here on

Looking for organic options for lip balm but only ever find regular lip balm with no preference for all organic ingredients in the store? Visit for more. EOS has a handful of flavors available in their organic line. Flavors like Passion Fruit, Blueberry Acai, Summer Fruit, and even the popular Strawberry Sorbet and Sweet Mint have an organic option. Luckily, these flavors are widely available in most stores that sell the EOS brand.

When you are looking for that extra bang for your buck and want to get a little adventurous, EOS also offers two exclusive kinds for their Shimmer Smooth Spheres line, both in Sheer Pink and Pearl, to give your smile that added shine, go right here. When safety is an issue, such as if you are planning an extra long day at the beach, EOS has two flavors for their Active Protection Smooth Sphere line, including Lemon Twist and Fresh Grapefruit, both backed with active SPF.

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President of Highland Capital Management Is Named To University Board

James Dondero is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, L.P. It has been announced that he has been named by Southern Methodist University to their Executive Board for the Cox School of Business. The relationship between Highland Capital and Southern Methodist University has grown strong over the years; Highland Capital created and endowed the university’s Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars program. This program teaches students who are pursuing public policy as a career. Highland Capital Management also financially supports the George W. Bush Presidential Libary and Museum.

When his naming to the board was announced, James Dondero said that The Cox School graduates a great many students who go on to contribute to the Dallas business community. He added that he felt honored to contribute to the Cox School’s mission.The Cox School Executive Board is made up of 100 members and they each contribute to the strategy of the school. The board meets one time each in the spring, winter, and fall.James Dondero has a number of other positions in the Dallas business community. He is also the Chairman of Cornerstone Health, CCS Medical, NexBank, and NexPoint Residential Trust. Additionally, he is a board member of Jernigan Capital and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios.

Mr. Dondero is a graduate of the University of Virgina-McIntire School of Commerce where he majored in both accounting and finance. He has also earned the financial designations of Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant. He began his professional career in 1984 at Morgan Guaranty. In 1985, he joined American Express where he was a Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analyst. He also worked at Protective Life and was instrumental in creating their GIC subsidiary.Along with Mark Okada, James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1991. He now specializes in alternative investments such as high-yield corporate bonds and distressed investing. He also packages and sells other alternative investment assets such as hedge funds, funds of funds, private equity funds, institutional separate accounts, and REITs. As President of Highland Capital Management, he oversees day-to-day operations as well as sets the overall corporate strategy of the firm. Read full article :

Ricardo Tosto; One Of The Best Attorneys In Brazil

In this world, there exist numerous lawyers who aim at practicing law while still defending their clients. Brazil is known for having many lawyers when compared to other states in the world most residing in San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Being a lawyer is viewed as a decent reputation, and this is why most children aspire to become lawyers one day when they grow up. It’s also a noble profession as lawyers are viewed as individual who can aspire and shape the society. The entire profession is highly respected by other industries as lawyers play a role of serving justice. In Brazil, regardless of the enormous number of lawyers, young people still aspire to become lawyers especially when they look at the life of Ricardo Tosto.

Ricardo Tosto is among the most respectable lawyer in Brazil whose opinion count considering people look up to him for inspiration and motivation. He is a litigation attorney who has achieved a lot in his career journey as a lawyer. His praises are not only found in Brazil but also other states that require his services. He also has his very own law firm, Tosto e Barros Advogados law firm, and through this, it becomes easy for him to be found by people who require his services. Ricardo’s firm is known for representing some of the biggest personalities in Brazil from politicians, big companies to some of the wealthiest individuals in Brazil. He is excellent at everything he does and this why every person wants him to represent them in any civil case or any legal issue at hand.

Just like other successful people, Ricardo had to work for everything he has now. He had to work extra hard if he wanted to succeed in life and this is what he did. His success journey was not an icing on the cake as he worked his butt off to reach where he is now. His Law journey began from graduating with a law degree and later passing the bar examination as required. After this, he started working in small firms with the aim of gaining the right amount of experience that he would implement when he open his law firm. Ricardo hopes as time passes by, he will continue offering his service to his clients while growing career wise.

Get Beautiful Lips With The Nutrients Of EOS

Take advantage of an effective lip balm brand that guarantees immediate moisture when and where you need with EOS lip balm products. They have been known to be a great product among Canadian’s that are seeking an all-natural lip care solution. Their unique style has caused the cool pastel containers to pop up everywhere in most retailers like Target and Costco. Immerse your lips in the benefits of completely hypoallergenic products that give you all natural coverage that blends deep within the skin to produce a hydrated glow each time, see here. Their amazing benefits begin to take effect in as little as two weeks.

Popular major EOS brands like Evolution of Smooth provide the nutrients from vitamins like C and E. You can also fortify your lips with the rich ingredients of jojoba oil extracts and shea body butter that is great for the skin tissue. Evolution of Smooth is known for protecting your lips against the elements and UV rays. You can reach scents like lemon drop, sorbet, and 2 pack wildberry. You will enjoy their unique flavors that tempt your lips into hydration and moisture. Your friends will think you had a pricey cosmetic treatment or using expensive makeup products for enhancement. You’ll dare not tell them it’s the remarkable coverage of EOS lip balm products, but in the end you have to share your secret, find out more here on

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Take back your confidence with a blind date that you want to see again or impress your colleagues at an important business meeting. It is a must have for young adults is most of their selfies. Take advantage of amazing lips in the fraction of the time that it takes with competitor products like Chapstick. Join the remarkable universal organic beauty care revolution by choosing to use the EOS lip balm brand today.

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The Growth of Bernardo Chua’s Company

The health industry is a growing industry that includes thousands of businesses that have found a spot within this competitive industry and that work hard to create products as well as services that cater to each individual and that make sure that health is becoming one of the number one priorities all over the world. Within this competitive industry is one company in particular that is known as Organo Gold.

According to PR Newswire, Organo Gold is a company that was created by Bernardo Chua who wanted to create a company that offers a service to the people of health products that are guaranteed to work at a low cost. Mr. Chua is changing the way that individuals all over the world view health. People are no longer seeing a healthy lifestyle as an expensive lifestyle, but also now seeing it as a way of living that promotes the overall well being and happiness of individuals.

Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 in a small coffee shop located in Canada. Mr. Chua created the company with the poor individuals all over the world in mind. As a Filipino businessman, Mr. Bernado Chua grew up around poverty and grew up thinking that only those that were wealthy had access to health-based products or even to healthcare.

With this in mind, Mr. Chua has been changing the way that individuals view health. With the special ingredient that is known as Ganoderma, Mr. Chua has been making sure that even the poorest regions have access to healthy products and have access to information about the importance of living healthy.

The special ingredient of Ganoderma is what the entire empire of Organo Gold was built around. Ganoderma has been proven by scientists to have natural health benefits. Scientists have proven that Ganoderma promotes weight loss, relieves stress, and even helps with sleeping at night.

As a result, Ganoderma helps to promote an active lifestyle and can even go as far as reducing the risk of diabetes. Mr. Chua has many plans for the future and cannot wait to expand his company even further to help even more individuals.

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What To Expect From George Street Photo and Video NYC

George Street Photo and Video is a wedding photography company aimed at providing you with the best services. There are lots of things which you need for a wedding, and there is a lot that you can gain through George Street, some being the venue ideas and some means of spicing up the engagement. The company ascertains that they are with you throughout the entire ceremony and that you get to make memories both in video and pictures.

With reasonable prices, you will be assured that you attain value for your money, more so, they can be accessed in multiple locations thus making it easier. Therefore, you do not need to be worried about a wedding photographer. George Street Photo and Video NYC will ascertain that from the sway of your first dance to the preparation of your bridesmaids, everything will be captured, thus making it a memorable occasion.

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Tasty Flavors From Evolution Of Smooth

Most people have heard about Evolution Of Smooth lip balm products, but many may not realize just how many flavors they offer customers. They have over twenty different flavors and are constantly creating new and exciting lip balms for enthusiastic customers all over the world. An example of their most popular flavors includes tangerine and honeysuckle honeydew. There is a flavor to please just about anyone, which is one of the reasons that the company has been so successful with their marketing campaign. With such a variety to choose from, fans of the lip balm can experiment with different flavors frequently.


Evolution Of Smooth has only been around for a short time, however, they have managed to take the number two position on the market and overtake the industry giant Chapstick. Refer also to this link, Chapstick led the market for over a century. Being able to accomplish such a remarkable task was a combination of creative packaging and a superior product that consumers find appealing. Their product was attracting celebrities that could be seen using EOS in public. Once their fans saw that they were using the lip balms, they had to have them as well. can be found in most large retail outlets internationally. The company continues to see rapid growth and are projecting hitting the $1 billion revenue mark in the next few years. Anyone that has not had a chance to try their products are in for a pleasant surprise. The lip balms soften and protect lips with a large variety of tasty flavors. Evolution Of Smooth is also priced economically so you can enjoy quality for a great price.


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EOS Lip Balm Scaled Quickly to Help their Sales

EOS Lip Balm is now a familiar name but it hasn’t always been that way. Just around 10 years ago, the company was brand new and people were still using Chapstick for all of their lip care needs. The lip balm industry was booming but Chapstick was at the forefront of it because of everything that the company had done for years. People who wanted to be able to enjoy the lip care products had to purchase twist tubes or pots that were difficult to use on the go. EOS took the time to make changes to the market. Follow this link to learn more,


The disruption came when EOS Lip Balm decided that they would offer a pot-like solution to the typical lip balm problems that America was having. The company offered a pot for people to be able to use on their lips but they didn’t want them to have to dig the lip balm out. This is where the idea for the sphere came from. The lip balm is built up into a mound on top of the pot-like structure. It is then fitted with a cap that twists on to keep it protected while in your pocket or purse. EOS created something that people didn’t even realize that they needed, see now.


Now that EOS has been on the market for several years, they are continuing to see success. The company actually surpassed Chapstick with the sale of their products in the past few years. While the products are slightly more expensive per unit, most consumers know that it is worth it because they get more product in the “unit” than what they do with the small Chapstick-style tubes. EOS’s success is another indicator that markets can be interrupted and that it just takes a little innovation from the company to be able to change things.


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EOS Lip Balms, A Flavor for Everyday of the Week

EOS has a line of products that includes shaving creams and lotions but their most prominently known for their lip care products. Nearly everyone has seen the famous lip balm spheres which was a revolutionary break from the traditional stick. Less well known however, is the variety of flavors EOS Lip Balms come in which is the topic of this article. More interesting facts here.


We first have to discuss the types of lip balms EOS has because not all are flavored. First you have the iconic spheres; of which their are 4 different varieties. Organic Smooth Spheres, Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Shimmer Smooth Spheres and Active Protection Smooth Spheres, go straight here on Only the Shimmer Smooth Spheres are flavorless. Secondly, EOS carries traditional stick lip balm called Organic Smooth Sticks of which there are only 3 flavors. We’ll take them one by one and see what wonderful flavors they have.


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Organic Smooth Spheres

The Organic Smooth Spheres come in 7 different luscious flavors. There’s Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint and Honeysuckle Honeydew. All of these flavors are deliciously decadent!


Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres

The Visibly Smooth Spheres come in 3 flavors; Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk and Blackberry Nectar.


Active Protection Smooth Spheres

These are all geared for wearing out in strong sunlight and come in two flavors; Lemon Twist with an SPF of 15 and Fresh Grapefruit with a SPF of 30.


Organic Smooth Sticks

There are only 3 to choose from here; Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Bean and Sweet Mint.


You can be sure that no matter what flavor or type of EOS you choose, you can’t go wrong. They’re all petroleum and paraben free! So why not get a flavor for everyday! Visit this page,!






Mike Baur’s Contribution to Innovation in Switzerland

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur from Switzerland. He is the co-founder and the executive chairman of Swiss Startup Factory. His main work at the company is fundraising and financing rounds. The company was started in 2014 with the aim of creating global companies to counter the existing norms and business models.

Baur has worked in the banking sector for over two decades. He worked at UBS as a commercial apprentice. He left UBS and joined Swiss Private Bank where he rose to become an executive board member. He quit and started to invest in startup companies.

In 2014, he met with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer and together co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. Their business involves a three-month program where they assist early stage startups with benefits such as financing, services, training, consultation, office space, and the connection to a big entrepreneurial and investment networks.

Swiss Startup Factory is the Switzerland’s leading autonomous privately funded early phase ICT Startup Accelerator. This factory is an accelerator that looks for emerging digital entrepreneurs. The company operates from its headquarters in Zürich Area, Switzerland.

Baur spends most of his time working in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. He also provides financial and mentorship assistance to different Swiss startups. Additionally, Baur is the co-founder and director of another organization called Swiss Startup Association.


Baur has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Banking and Finance) from the University of Applied Sciences Bern. In 2008, he earned an MBA the University of Rochester. He also has an Executive MBA, from the University of Berne.


After finishing his studies, Baur worked in the UBS Wealth Management in the first years of his career. The companies are UBS Fribourg from 1991 to 2000, Wealth Management Switzerland between 2000 and 2002, and KeyClient Group Switzerland between 2002 and 2008.

In 2008, he joined Clariden Leu and worked as the Business Area Head of the Private Banking Switzerland. In 2011, he became the Head Private Banking Switzerland. In 2012, he joined Sallfort Privatbank AG as the Head Private Banking. He left the company in 2014 and founded his firm called Think Reloaded AG, a company he still manages.

Since 2015, he has been working for Innovation Lab Fribourg (ILF) as the Vice President. The company uses its network of mentors, coaches, investors, and business people from Switzerland to assist students in exposing their technologies to the business world.

From January 2016, he has been working at Swiss Startup Invest as the deputy managing director. The company provides assistance to Switzerland’s high-tech startups.