Betsy DeVos Believes That The American Educational System Is At A Crossroads

Betsy DeVos has been fighting to improve educational opportunities for Americans for many years. Along the way, she has led many different educational nonprofits and organizations and has continued to donate large amounts of money to the educational sector. Unfortunately, those who disagree with her views have done their best to smear her name and steer attention towards her political donations. The truth is that the donations she has made to charitable educational causes far outweighs the amount of money she has given to GOP causes.


Betsy DeVos co-founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation many years ago with her husband, Dick. The foundation recently opened up its books because DeVos was about to enter into confirmation hearings to serve her country as its educational secretary. It was discovered that the foundation had donated more than $11.5 million in 2015 to charitable organizations and causes. This figure is more than twice the amount that she has donated to various political campaigns over the last half decade. During 2015, her foundation donated close to $3 million to support educational nonprofits and charities.


Most of the work that Betsy DeVos has dedicated her life to in the last few decades has centered around educational choice. She hopes to eventually change the minds of the masses so they can see that we are living in a different world than we were many years ago. DeVos feels it is unfortunate that young students in the nation must attend a school that is picked out for them based on the zip code of where they live. Instead, she would like to see American students being given more choices as to where they will receive their education.


During an interview that took place recently, Betsy DeVos was asked if she believes that digital learning, homeschooling, and blended learning are good alternatives to public schools. In response, she commented that while digital learning is still in its earliest stages, it would be a shame to not embrace what it has to offer. Many children, today, use iPads and other mobile devices quite a bit. DeVos imagines that these same children must be incredibly bored as they are forced to learn using outdated methods. She continues to work hard so students of the future will have more educational options available to them.


Betsy DeVos serves the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation as its chairman. She works with the American Federation for Children as its chairman and is also a member of the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. DeVos received her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics from Calvin College. After finishing her education, she became deeply interested in politics and went on to serve as the chairman for the Michigan Republican Party.


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