Article Title: The RealReal is changing the fashion industry one step at a time

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An article from Affiliate Dork examines how The RealReal has made a positive change to the fashion industry. But what exactly is The RealReal? It is a company that was founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright that sells many fashion items online and in stores, with one located in the big apple. Some of the items that they sell include jewelry items, clothing, and high-end purses. According to another article by Fortune, the company prides itself on selling authentic items that are not fake for a modest price. And anyone can choose to resell their items with the RealReal. Back to the article from Affiliate Dork, the article goes on to state that the company is changing the game by using social media and the internet to resell items. The rise in goods and especially when it comes to clothing in fashion have made the RealReal more popular as people can purchase material off their site for a cheaper price. Reselling items according to an assistant professor at the Brown School relates how making the items put a strain on the environment and workers in factories not getting good compensation for their labor. Allowing people to resell their items and have others purchase it makes fewer materials needed to be produced along with saving water as a caption in a photo in the article says that due to the RealReal that they have saved 1.3 billion glasses of water since the start of 2012. The RealReal sells some of the highest quality brands that include Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Rolex, and more. The brand has only continued to expand throughout the years with two stores located in New York City and Los Angeles with a thriving website behind it. The article ends on a note that reselling items will continue to become more popular throughout the years.

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