Nina Vaca on the Importance of Courage and Role Models

Having a role model plays a critical role in building a dream. Nina Vaca believes that role models are crucial in our lives because they play an essential role in guiding us. By looking up to a role model, you can look forward to achieving what he or she has achieved, or maybe even more. A role model is also a good guide if you are looking to venture into areas that were previously unknown to you.

Courage is another critical trait that contributes to success. Without courage, most people are grounded and can’t go far. Vaca argues that courage can help you step out of your comfort zone to new unknown zones. It is crucial, therefore, to learn how to harness the courage needed to jump on the opportunities that you meet along the way.

If you want to succeed, it is crucial that you surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. Surrounding yourself with such people helps correct and guide you when you are unsure of something or when you’re wrong.

To surround yourself with your role models, however, you need courage. Nina Vaca argues that it takes courage to step out, approach your role models, and ask them to guide you on your journey. Harnessing courage is an essential stage in the journey of success.

Vaca knows that success and courage go hand in hand. She currently serves as the CEO of Dallas-based Pinnacle Group. Besides being a business leader, Vaca is also a philanthropic and passionate campaigner for women’s empowerment.

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