Jeremy Goldstein Strives To Help Those With Mental Illness Reover

When some people think of lawyers, they don’t automatically think of all of the good things that many of them do for their community. While Jeremy Goldstein is committed to his position in the legal field, he is also a strong supporter of several philanthropical efforts. One of the organizations that he is focused on helping in several ways is the Fountain House which helps those that are dealing with a variety of different mental illnesses. There are around 450 million people who are thought to be afflicted with mental illness throughout the world and it is a problem that the World Health Organization believes needs to be addressed.


In May of 2018, Jeremy Goldstein took the time to host a fundraiser that featured a wine dinner in order to raise money for the Fountain house. The fundraiser not only helped to provide money for the organization, but it also helped to raise awareness for mental illness and the fact that they believe that many men and women have the ability to recover from the issues that are plaguing them. Along with wine, the dinner also featured a gourmet dinner and was attended by many philanthropists who wanted to be able to help those in need while enjoying a good night out.


The initiatives led by the Foutain House have been innovative and have made a difference in the lives of those who have used their services. Jeremy Goldstein took part in designing a program that helped members of the Fountain House learn different tasks such as communication skills, cooking, and growing plants. Through efforts like this, residents are able to learn how to live more independently while showing that they can have a positive impact on their communities which can improve their self-esteem while they are learning new skills.


Jeremy Goldstein serves management teams, businesses, Chief Executive Officers, and other executive and managerial professionals as a partner of the exclusive law firm Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. He holds a position on the American Bar Association Business Section as their Mergers and Acquisition Sub-committee as their Chairman. Some of the largest deals have included him on the team. He earned his J.D. from New York University and also holds degrees from the University of Chicago as well as Cornell.


The legal advice provided by Jeremy Goldstein and his legal firm includes covering sensitive situations and corporate events that are transformative for the companies and even the industry as a whole. Some of the transactions that he has taken part in include companies like Express Scripts, IBM, Duke Energy, and several other big names across many different industries. His law firm is based in New York City but serves clients across the United States.


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