James Dondero: Giving That Makes a Difference

If are wondering who to look to in terms of an example of how to be a true giver, look no further than to James Dondero. He has the right concept in how to give. His expertise in investing has caused him to choose the right people and causes to donate to that always pays off. Read more about James Dondero at Wikipedia.com.

To give an example of how James Dondero’s charitable giving benefits everyone, we can look at the Dallas Zoo. There was a hippo exhibit that had been closed for 20 years. Once the last hippo died, the zoo just shut it down. However, not too long ago people who visit the often were tired of seeing this attraction in this state and called on Zoo officials to open it back up. The problem was that there were no funds available to do so. Zoo officials agreed to open it, but there’s had to be some type of way to get the money to do it. Dondero stepped in when he heard about it and gave a sizable gift that took care of everything. Not only did the zoo get new hippos, they named the enclosure Simmons Hippo Outpost. Also, Highland Capital Management got a lodge out of it that sits right across from the hippo outpost. Anyone can schedule an event to host at that lodge and view the hippos right across from as well as enjoying the rest of the zoo. The other wonderful thing that took place is that the attendance picked up. More people started heading to the Dallas Zoo and loving the outing. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

You could say that this was a win-win for both Dondero and the Dallas Zoo. Because of his giving more people are enjoying a recreational city attraction. He gets the satisfaction of everyone loving his gift.

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