Private Jet-Hailing App by Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is one of the most impressive innovators of the modern technological age. He has brought together luxury, travel, the idea of private travel, and “ride-hailing” applications into one singular platform – JetSmarter. JetSmarter is an application that provides users with a platform to book their very own private jet with the highest tier private jet operators to transport them anywhere around the world. Sergey Petrossov developed this idea from physical, manual, brick-and-mortar way of booking private aircrafts for transport. Sergey got inspiration from the fastly advancing technological age and developed JetSmarter from his own tech-savvy capabilities.

Sergey Petrossov has extensive experience in the information technology industry and has co-founded two other companies in the field of IT, he has also rendered his services as a board advisor for a private jet company in South Florida.

The first trial service of JetSmarter was launched in 2012 – open only for a selected group of private jet travelers. After which, Sergey and Jetsmarter garnered more than positive responses from their users and they have been gaining traction from a considerable market. From there, Sergey Petrossov further developed the idea of JetSmarter and it evolved into a fully functional business from there.

Sergey has hundreds of talented and committed people working behind him so that he could make JetSmarter the best private jet-hailing app that there is. His team has combined experiences in air travel equal to a century – so the needs of private jet travelers were met head-on during the development of JetSmarter. The application was officially made public in March of 2013.

Booking private jets have never been easier – with JetSmarter, consumers are able to access a user-friendly application that connects them to the best private jets and the best private jet operators in the industry. JetSmarter is able to transport you in more than 170 countries, currently.


The background of Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson was born in Sydney, New South Wales in Australia back in the year 1980 on the 2nd of March. Her family comprises of three children; Annaleise who is also referred to as Annachi, Liberty and only one brother who is known as Ryot.

Rebel Wilson currently stays in West Hollywood in California, the United States. Rebel schooled at Tara Anglican School and later on completed her higher school certificate in the year 1997.

After the completion of the higher school certificate, she joined the University of New South Wales to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance.

Rebel also enrolled for a bachelor of Law degree in the same institution. Ultimately, she graduated with two degrees. Rebel Wilson earns a living through writing and production of movies. She ever worked as a youth ambassador for Australia.

During this period, she used to reside in South Africa. However, when she started ailing, she resigned as an ambassador and chose to start acting in the film industry. From this time onwards, she has acted in a number of movies which include; Bridesmaids, the Wedge, City Homicide, A Few Best Men, What to Expect When You Are Expecting among many others.

The background of, “Isn’t It Romantic” Movie by Rebel Wilson

The movie is very comical in nature, and it is mainly centered about one character who is an architect by profession and is referred to as Natalie.

Just like Rebel Wilson, Natalie comes from Australia, but she stays in New York.

Natalie is mugged in the Subway, and when this happens, she is badly hit on her head and what follows is that Natalie finds herself in the hospital. The irony of all these is that instead of Natalie waking up in an emergency room with a doctor who will be trying to attend to her, her pretty face comes into contact with a doctor in a private room. He is carrying flowers. Natalie feels that this was a terrifying incident.

Several characters feature in this movie, though only a few of them will be mentioned. Those in the production crew include Jason Cloth, Marty P. Ewing and Aaron L. Gilbert who are the executive producers. Todd Garner, Gina Mathews, and Grant Scharbo are the producers respectively.

The wring credits crew comprises of three characters: Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox, and Katie Silberman. Todd Strauss Schulson directs the whole movie. All the characters have got different roles to play at different capacities. In summary, the movie is hilarious and interesting to watch.

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The genius of EOS lip balm

The great concept of the sphere-shaped lip balm was created by Teller and Mehra. They noticed mostly women purchased lip balm and other lip moisturizers. However, most of the products on the market at the time were not catering to the specific needs of women. A completely new and innovative product had to be launched and yet practical for the modern woman.

Launching the new lip balm in 2007,may have been one of the greatest things since lip gloss. EOS Lip balm is compact in size and comes in many playful and chic colors. The lip balm is packed with nutrients, contains sunscreen, and is paraben free. It also comes in many flavors.

The demand for EOS lip balm sky-rocketed due to the sales in Mexico through Walmart. Thanks to the deal with Warner Bros., the demand grew in China as well. Celebrities usually help peak the interest in a particular product. Celebrities such as Cardi B, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez, and Miley Cyrus all featured different flavors and styles of the EOS lip balm in their music videos. EOS lip balm is now a go to product for many ladies on the go and now there are many other products on the shelves from EOS.

Wes Edens: Challenging Himself Personally & Professionally

In a recent podcast interview, Wes Edens, best known as the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, spilled some of his recent thoughts on and experiences with sports. In the discussion with Ric Bucher, Edens revealed that he was once a competitive skier in his younger years. In fact, he has remained active all of his life and currently continues to be an avid rock climber, plays a bit of basketball, does a little surfing, and dabbles in a few more sporting events.

One of Wes Eden’s thoughts on sports is applicable to life in general: he firmly believes that it is a positive thing to that in life which makes one uncomfortable. He believes it is humbling and that those experiences have a tendency to center an individual. He finds that it helps him to focus, to be part of nature and the mountains in a far-off sense where the typical measurements of the world are inapplicable.

After growing up on a ranch in Montana with a teacher as a mother and a psychologist as a father, Wes Edens remained in his home state to attend his first year of college at Montana State in Bozeman, Montana. Following a single year there, Edens moved to Oregon and attended Oregon State. After his time in Oregon, Edens decided to move to New York. At the time, he believed the New York decision to be a temporary move, but reflecting upon over 30 years of living there, Wes Edens finds a great deal of positivity in New York.

In terms of his professional life, Wes Edens is also part owner of Aston Villa which is part of the English Premier League Team. When asked about the greatest investment that Edens ever made, he confidently answered that the $550 million dollars that he invested with partners into the ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks. At the time, it was the highest amount that had ever been paid for an NBA franchise. He cites that it has been financially beneficial as an investment and has also brought great joy to him and to his family.

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Why Sandy Chin Thinks Everyone Should Have a Mentor

Many people recognize Sandy Chin due to work she does in investment management. She has worked for over two decades in New York, making investments and mastering her craft. She attended Barnard College and received a Bachelors of Political Science. Sandy Chin also attended New York University’s Stern School of Business where she received her MBA. At Tidal Bore Capital she serves as a portfolio manager. Sandy Chin’s launched this with her mentor, William “Bill” Leach, in 2016. Due to her having such an incredible mentor and seeing the impact it had on her life, she has become a mentor as well. Sandy is a mentor for women who are in finance and also a mentor at Streetsquash. Streetsquash is a nonprofit organization that helps families, children, and schools in the Neward and Harlem areas.

Mentorship can be a huge factor in whether someone is successful or not. Mentors have the capability to teach people valuable lessons. Sandy Chin met Mr. Leach when he requested for her to become a member of his investment analyst team. He taught her to never turn down a request for a meeting, no matter the size of the company and also to always ask questions.

Another great reason Sandy Chin thinks mentorship is necessary is that they are able to connect a person with people they may have never been into contact with otherwise. They can help plan out the next career move and introduce the mentee to decision-makers who are in their area of expertise. A mentor can help people to gain the information they need and also help to hone in on their skills. They will be able to point out what is not working for them. Sandy Chin’s mentor requested that she attended conferences with him. This gave her more experience and helped her to pick stocks from other people. Bill was masterful at body language and verbal tone. This helped him to decide what stocks he should move forward with. A mentor will help people to not fall into the same traps they may have fallen into. They will also be able to get another perspective on things and learn things they may have never thought about before. They can also help to create a long-term plan. Many times when people are just starting out, they focus on just the short-term goals. A mentor can help a person to plan out the things they truly want and then take the necessary actions to make it happen.

Having a mentor definitely helps someone to have a competitive advantage. People are able to navigate their career better when they have someone teaching them and helping them to become a better person along the way.