Vijay Eswaran Supports Women Succeeding In Business

Running a business is difficult and requires a great deal of dedication. It’s this dedication that has helped Vijay Eswaran become the success he is as the Chairman of QI Group. When he first created his company QNET in 1998, he was responsible for bringing direct sales to the internet by enabling e-commerce for his business. This is one of the many reasons why in just 2 years his company was able to become the third most successful company when it came to sales out of the 42 other companies in his industry.

Vijay Eswaran has used his success to be able to help others through extensive philanthropy efforts. One of the issues that Vijay Eswaran has been focusing on is the role of women in business. While women are starting to become more prominent, he believes that the world still has a long way to go. This is why one of the most important objectives that QI Group has in its philanthropy is empowering women and other students. Women have an important impact in the markets of India and East Asia and Vijay Eswaran believes that they need to be encouraged to pursue a career and education in business and entrepreneurship.

In fact, Vijay Eswaran believes this is so important that they have opened up their own university in order to help people obtain an education that will help them for the rest of their lives in their careers. While their campus is rather small now, he has plans to expand it into an entire smart community complete with stores, health care and much more. He spoke about his plans during the World Economic Forum that took place in the Fall of 2018. At this event, Vijay Eswaran spoke about gender parity in business and what can be done.

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