Eucatex CEO Flavio Maluf Tackles Environmental Issues

An emerging trend is occuring in which business leadership is not only concerned with profits, but also ecological responsibility and community outreach. Some may see this simply as a ploy to drum up good publicity for a company, but often these programs are beneficial to the company as well. For example, the creation of forests and ecological programs by Eucatex CEO, Flavio Maluf, is as much an act of self-preservation as ethical.

The Brazilian company, Eucatex, has been producing doors, floors, and varnishes out of eucalyptus trees since 1951. In 1962, the company began to invest money in reforestation so they could have a guaranteed supply of the raw materials that they needed. Additionally the company has hosted an environmental education program known as “Casa de Natureza” for the last 19 years. Flavio Maluf and Eucatex hold these educational programs in town halls throughout Saõ Paulo. Read more about Flavio at

The majority of the attendees of these programs are young students from the local public schools. The main objectives of the environmental programs is to educate people on proper forest management and ecological preservation. Since launching the educational program the company has educated over 27,000 participants on environmental issues.

Flavio and Eucatex have taken a leadership role in spearheading environmental programs. For instance,the company responsibly maintains forests of eucalyptus to use for production. Additionally, they are taking an active role in combating forest fires by investing in firebreaks and fire detection. Flavio Maluf, as CEO of Eucatex, has not only prioritized profits but also responsible, environmentally-minded business practices. In doing so, he has assured the future of both the company and the health of the local community. Hopefully, more companies will continue to recognize the importance of protecting nature and community outreach. Meanwhile, Eucatex serves as a stunning example of a company with conscience.



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