Gareth Henry: An Authority in Global Investing

Gareth Henry received a degree from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland in actuarial mathematics. His career did not take the typical path for an individual with his credentials. Rather than work for an insurance company, his natural skills led him to investments. His ability to work with people led him to a career in raising capital. He began his career as an Analyst at Watson Wyatt. Later, Henry held management positions at SEI Investments and a Director at Shroders.

The desire for a new challenge came and Gareth Henry accepted a position as a Managing Director at the Fortress Investment Group in the United States. His role included raising capital areas such as hedge funds, real estate, and both private equity and credit. At Fortress, Henry worked with investors in various parts of the world in locations such as United States, Europe, and Asia. He obtained a management position at Fortress in Investor Relations where he was responsible for a multibillion dollar hedge fund. Read more about Gareth Henry at EverybodyWiki

In his current role, Gareth Henry is a Partner and Global Head of Investor Relations with Angelo, Gordon & Co. Henry’s day consists of holding at least two in person meetings with customers and making a minimum of eight calls per day to his clients. Gareth Henry works in London England and New York City. He is recognized as an authority in areas such as private credit and hedge funds.

Gareth Henry has written on a variety of topic such as private equity and real estate investing. Repositioning real estate properties is a topic that Henry has addressed with his followers. Multiple areas fall within the scope of repositioning which may consist of changing the condition of the property or the way that the property is used. Currently, repositioning occurs in any area of real estate. Henry believes that repositioning will continue to occur as millennials change their lifestyles to accommodate the demands of new families. Repositioned properties should provide a rewarding return on investment to investors who focus on providing housing to millennials who commonly are a part of successful dual income families.



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