Southridge Capital: The Growing Use Of Cryptocurrency

Southridge Capital is a financial firm that has assisted many other companies with financial assistance and aiding in going public. They offer a wide variety of services from bankruptcy advice to financial analysis. The company has invested over $1 billion in growth companies since it began operations in 1996. One trend in particular that the company has been following is the cryptocurrency bull market. Almost all of us have now heard of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or some of the other popular coins by now, although most people are probably clueless about how they work. Most will agree that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that makes them unique are going to be life changing for us all. Many corporations and governments around the world are starting to develop their own cryptocurrencies or a blockchain application that will help their business. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies gathered more following once the big players in the market announced their own intentions to start adopting Bitcoin in everyday business. Southridge Capital has taken notice of how other companies are beginning to use the cryptocurrencies. Companies such as Cboe and the CME Group have now made it possible for the speculators to gamble with Bitcoin in the futures market. One area that has started to adopt using cryptocurrencies for transactions is the real estate sector. Rick Hilton recently put a mansion worth $38 million up for sale using a crypto auction. The platform he uses to sell real estate is Propy. This platform utilizes blockchain technology to issue deeds to property instantaneously. Mr. Hilton also serves as an advisor to AQUA Intelligence, a company that is planning to issue its own cryptocurrency. This would make it stand out among other companies in the hospitality industry. Check out their website



Steven Hicks is the founder and CEO of Southridge. He has over thirty years of experience in the finance industry. He had previously worked at a hedge fund in New York and when it closed down, he wanted to start his company. He is really excited about the cryptocurrency trend and he feels that it is an area that people need to learn about and get in while it’s still early.


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