Through the successful career path of Malcolm CasSelle being the president of Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX). The thing that

Malcolm is concentrating on at the moment is he will be able to decentralize the world through the use of Cryptocurrency technology by remodeling the blockchain. Malcolm is establishing himself as being an innovator when it comes to the cryptocurrency technology, and he is doing so by advancing the blockchain that is in the gaming system industry.

Malcolm CasSelle attended the University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he attained his bachelor degree that did not end there because he joined Stanford University where he got his master’s degree in the field of computer science. Over the years that he has been playing his role in different organizations. The innovative leadership skills that he has and the strategic skills in overseeing some of the successful ideas that companies have to make the digital industry better and that has been of help in offering the path for the expansion of blockchain. There is a lot that Malcolm has invested in to lead the companies through the practical use of social media like the use of Facebook and Zynga. By the use of the information technology and blockchain that has been established recently and platforms like Cryptocurrency, by the use of World Asset Exchange Malcolm CasSelle has been able to be involved in the development of the platform that will handle the revolutionary structure change.

Before Malcolm joined WAX, he worked for other companies. One is the Tronc where he was the president and CTO that he oversaw the growth of the company. In the digital media, he offered his services as the SVP and GM of the company. He has been involved in the digital industry too. One is MediaPass, a company that has been leading in the digital subscription solution. Earlier in his career path, he was the founder PCCW a company that was based in Hong Kong that deals with publicly traded telecom that the current value of the company is $35 billion. During his time at PCCW, he is the one that contributed to the success of the company now.


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