Rodrigo Terpins: The Desire for Speed

Rodrigo Terpins is a well known rally driver from Brazil who developed the passions for speed and sports at an early age. Terpins graduated with a degree in Business Management from Saint Hilaire College and shortly thereafter began his career in the business world. He worked in many leadership positions in business before opening a business of his own called T5 Participacoes. Since 2008, Rodrigo Terpins holds the title of Senior Director at the company. While Rodrigo enjoys the business world, his passion has always been racing. He showcases the love that he has for the sport with all of the wins he has had in his successful career.


Rodgrigo Terpins is the son of Jack Terpins who was a successful basketball player. Growing up with a parent in professional sports led to Rodrigo’s passion for the sports world. Rodrigo also developed his love for cars at a young age as well. He spent much of his time growing up fixing cars, which really helped to cement his passion of racing. Check out



Rodrigo’s brother, Michael Terpins, is also a very well know rally driver. Both of the Terpins brothers have a been racing together on a team called the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team and are considered to be one of the top race car drivers in Brazil. The fierce vehicle that the brothers drive, the T-Rex, has led them to a number of their racing victories. The car has a very powerful V8 engine, which helps to get them through rough terrain.


Rodrigo has competed in a number of off-road rally championships throughout Brazil. Rodrigo’s love for racing and his passion for speed has led him to the immense success he has today. Due to his fierce competitive nature and racing skills this led him to quickly became a household name in Brazil.



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  1. He has found something that he is passionate about and that is active car racing, the results are coming in his favor good news for the fan. The idea is to make the best out of the basics is something that must be understood by the young intake into the sport, he is a pro and he is doing advanced racing because he is professional.

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