Susan McGalla on How Women Can Be Successful in their Respective Fields

There are tons of retail companies that have been trying to get Susan McGalla to work for them. The performance of Susan McGalla over the years has been nothing less than extraordinary, and she has helped all the companies she has worked with achieve higher revenue and profits. Susan McGalla says that it is essential for the companies to give equal opportunities to women these days as there are many deserving women professionals out there who are not getting the opportunity they need, even after having the potential.

Susan McGalla has worked as the President of American Eagle Outfitters Inc in the past and was responsible for their merchandising as well as its chief merchandising officer. Susan McGalla also was the chief executive officer at the Wet Seals Inc and helped the company expand its product portfolio and develop a unique marketing strategy that helped the company reach out to a wider audience. It helped Wet Seals Inc to generate higher revenue, and become one of the top companies in its sector.

Susan McGalla said that the position of women in the corporate world is better than before, and many companies are there welcoming women to join the organization just as the male counterparts. However, Susan McGalla pointed out the fact that many women are not completing their education or going for master’s degree, which is cutting short many deserving women professionals to reach the executive position in the company. In order to be seated in the executive role, women need higher education. Susan McGalla said that women must go for higher education at a good university and get good grades in order to compete with male counterparts with adequate qualification.

Susan McGalla believes that it is essential that women find a support group for themselves through networking and find newer opportunities for themselves. Find out more about Susan McGalla:

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