An EOS Lip Balm Review for the Egg-Shaped Lover in You

Produced by the company “Evolution of Smooth,” the highly popular smooth sphere EOS Lip Balms created quite the buzz when it came out in 2009. Its natural ingredients that are 95% organic and free of additives and egg-shaped container that creates a distinguishable look is what makes EOS Lip Balms stand out over the multiple selections of lip balms throughout shopping aisles. EOS Lip Balms comes in a multitude of flavors made of hypoallergenic gluten-free ingredients like Shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E and is cruelty-free.

The balm are said to make lips feel soft and moisturized with unique flavors that specialize in different needs. The Lemon Drop lip balm contains SPF keeping lips hydrated and protected from UV rays. There is also an entire Visibly Soft Lip Balm line that includes flavors like Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk and Blackberry Nectar that consist of hyaluronic acid, essential hydrating oils and water ensuring lips are silky smooth like no other (Amazon).

EOS also offers lip balm flavors that are medicated like cooling chamomile but also have healthy balms like sheer pink, coral and pearl flavors for shimmery lips. Although some of the lip balms contain beeswax, which is why EOS Lip Balms are not 100% vegan, the company makes every effort to avoid the use of potentially harmful chemicals like parabens and artificial fragrances.

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The unique shape are especially what makes EOS lip balms so popular, check Unlike traditional chap sticks that are tubular, the egg-shape sphere allows for easy locating and handling. For those looking for a more traditional shape, EOS also offers 3 flavors in the smooth stick lip balm shape, Pomegranate Raspberry, Sweet Mint and Vanilla Bean. The entire EOS Lip Balm line no matter the flavor is reasonably priced, making collecting all unique flavors a simple and rewarding task.

Susan McGalla on How Women Can Be Successful in their Respective Fields

There are tons of retail companies that have been trying to get Susan McGalla to work for them. The performance of Susan McGalla over the years has been nothing less than extraordinary, and she has helped all the companies she has worked with achieve higher revenue and profits. Susan McGalla says that it is essential for the companies to give equal opportunities to women these days as there are many deserving women professionals out there who are not getting the opportunity they need, even after having the potential.

Susan McGalla has worked as the President of American Eagle Outfitters Inc in the past and was responsible for their merchandising as well as its chief merchandising officer. Susan McGalla also was the chief executive officer at the Wet Seals Inc and helped the company expand its product portfolio and develop a unique marketing strategy that helped the company reach out to a wider audience. It helped Wet Seals Inc to generate higher revenue, and become one of the top companies in its sector.

Susan McGalla said that the position of women in the corporate world is better than before, and many companies are there welcoming women to join the organization just as the male counterparts. However, Susan McGalla pointed out the fact that many women are not completing their education or going for master’s degree, which is cutting short many deserving women professionals to reach the executive position in the company. In order to be seated in the executive role, women need higher education. Susan McGalla said that women must go for higher education at a good university and get good grades in order to compete with male counterparts with adequate qualification.

Susan McGalla believes that it is essential that women find a support group for themselves through networking and find newer opportunities for themselves. Find out more about Susan McGalla:

EOS Lip Balms Create a Stir Once Again with the Release of Their Crystal Line

Evolution of Smooth gained notoriety for its unusual approach to packaging. Once again, this company is making headlines for the innovative design it has created for its new vegan crystal lip balm. Rather than placing the new transparent balm inside of its traditional spherical container, the team decided to go with a pyramid shaped container. When the lid is removed the effect of the totally clear balm on top of the pastel colored base is somewhat akin to something one would expect to see in a futuristic world. The fact that the lip balm is also vegan and contains no wax, is just icing on the top.

Right from the start, the lip balms from EOS were destined to redefine how oral care products looked and performed. Once the team behind these little orbs of beauty got their product onto the shelves, the popularity of the balm began to soar. This was in part due to sensation they made with many of today’s top celebrities. The colorful design of both the balm and its container was a breakthrough strategic move on the part of the founders of EOS. After learning what type of products appealed most to women in the millennial age bracket, they set about creating a product that would captivate all of the senses.

While the cute palm-sized containers and colorful products might make the lip balms from EOS seem more attractive, they are actually designed to provide superior moisturizing effects to dry lips. In fact, they contain many essential nutrients such as vitamins A and E as well as nourishing plant extracts such as jojoba oil and natural Shea butter( The new addition of the company’s Crystal line of balms is just another example of the dedication they have to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.


Growth and Development Efforts behind the OSI Industries Success

Since its establishment, the OSI Industries is celebrating over 100 years of successful innovations in the food processing sector. Currently, OSI is a global leader in the provision of food. It thrives under the services of a highly skilled and diverse team of workers. Notably, it has about 20,000 employees in its 65 facilities across the 17 different countries. Over the years, the organization has risen from a very humble beginning all the way to extensive corporate operations. The growth has consequently enhanced its greater market share in America’s dynamic economy. It also seeks further growth and development plans in the face of modernization and globalization. As such, the company aims at leading the food processing industry globally in the near future.

The history behind the foundation of OSI Industries lies on the immigrant experience of America. The company started as a butcher shop and a minor meat retailer that was opened and run by Kolschowsky. The enterprise aimed at serving the immediate community. After one decade, the business expanded into whole-selling and opened another outlet in Maywood, a suburb in Chicago. It shifted its operations into a family-based (Otto & Sons) enterprise in 1928. Even after the World War II, the local business maintained its success and stability as well as emerging an important part of the American community lifestyle.

However, with the changing demand and preferences among individuals brought about the establishment of the McDonald’s. The Kolschowsky’s agreed to supply the McDonald’s franchise with fresh ground beef. Eventually, the supply turned out fateful when Otto & Sons became part of the McDonald’s modern franchise model. The meat business would constantly supply the rising number of restaurants by McDonald’s across different regions; thus leading to its significant success globally. Over the next two decades, Otto & Sons’ regional supplier graduated to OSI Industries, a global corporation in 1975. The transition was to enhance efficient provision of the required goods and services in the global market due to the changes in technology and consumer needs.

Notably, the reliable and excellent manufacturing abilities led to the rise of other outlets by OSI Industries outside Chicago from 1977. Following closely the McDonald’s footsteps, OSI Industries found its way into a multinational food processing corporation. In its early years operating as an international business, the corporation heavily relied on investment and banking skills of Lavin as Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer. Through various expansion procedures, joint ventures, and excellent customer service, OSI Industries managed to maintain a significant market share in the food sector. Up to date, OSI Industries remains a top notch and one of the most reliable food providers all around the globe.

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EOS Hibiscus Peach Crystal Lip Balm Review

Evolution of Smooth continues to crank out amazing products.

There are some big names in the lip balm industry – such as ChapStick, Carmex, and Blistex – but EOS seems to be outdoing them all when it comes to pumping out products that both work great and look great.

I mean, how many celebrities do you know who endorse ChapStick?  Not many, right? But countless celebrities – such as Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kendra Wilkinson – are often seen applying some EOS to their lips so that they and their lips can be photo-ready at all times.

Today we are going to talk about the Hisbiscus Peach lip balm from EOS’ Crystal lip balms line. The review we will be summarizing will be that of PurpleStars02.

Most EOS lip balm containers are egg or oval-shaped. However, the Hisbiscus Peach isn’t.

With a color that is a shimmering bright purple, this container has a shape that is more like a pyramid with soft, rounded corners instead of sharp, straight edges.

As the name implies, the balm itself is crystal clear. When applying the Hibiscus Peach Crystal lip balm, it applies very smoothly, and guess what! It has a scent that smells exactly of fresh peaches!

So if you’re a peachy kind of person, go ahead and try this lip balm.

Although the price of this Crystal lip balm is a little higher than other Evolution of Smooth lip balms at a Walgreens retail price of $5.50, it is totally worth the price (

What rating would PurpleStars02 give the Hibiscus Peach Crystal lip balm?

A whopping 9 out of 10 stars!

Why only 9 out of 10?

Because the peach scent is super subtle. The scent could be a little stronger, but this balm is such a great product that it deserves at least nine stars.

Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Is Making Headlines With New Music and New Passions For The Chainsmokers

Have you ever met someone that you thought was your sole mate and formed a close connection to them? For Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, this is a close connection that the two of them shared with one another. Andrew knew that the moment that he met Alex, that the pair of them would become life long friends. It was such a connection between the two of them that Andrew dropped everything that he was doing only to move to New York City and continue the Chainsmokers with Alex Pall upon the departure of the orginal bandmate.

If you come across sour lemons, the best use for them is to make lemonade. For the Chainsmokers band, this is just what they did. When the former bandmate left the band, Alex Pall was still looking for someone to take his place. While on the search, Andrew Taggart heard about the opening from a friend and was told to check it out. Upon heading to New York City, Andrew found that the band was just what he was looking for. He decided it was time for him to do something more with what he loved and dropped out of school to return back to NYC to become the other half of the band.

If there is one thing that artists know about, it is that you have to be willing to put forth an effort to make sweet music with other artists. For the Chainsmokers, they knew that this was going to be something that they have had to get over. For them, the easy choice was determining who was going to do it. That is where Halsey comes into play. For the release of Closer, the band worked with Halsey to release the single. The only thing they didn’t know about what was quickly things would start working out for the pair. Upon creating the Closer song, the men found a new passion for music and changed the way that they operate under music. Before long, the Chainsmokers had found what they needed in order to be able to walk away and create a whole new style of music that they had yet to discover before working with Haley.

The founder and CEO of ATS Digital Robert Deignan

At the ATS Digital services Robert Deignan is the CEO of the company. The high school education he got at Thomas Aquinas High School and later he got admission at the university Purdue where he got a degree in organizational leadership that took him three years from 1992 to 1995. He has gained the needed experience that has helped in the growth both individually and professionally.

In his career path, it started when he was among the people that co-founded Fanlink. That, however, did not last for long since after the company offering their services for two years it was dissolved. In 2012, at the iS3 he provided his services as the executive vice president of the company, where he offered the services for nine years and in 2011 July that is when he left the company. After him leaving the company it was just the start of something great in his career. Because in the same year he joined ATS Digital Services where he was the co-founder. The company mainly deals with offering their services all over the world in giving the needed digital support.

The company ATS digital is based in Boca, Raton Florida which was founded in 2011. The main thing that the company is concerned with is the customers, and that the service and products that the customers will receive will be of the highest level. They will ensure that client’s computer will be kept safe, smooth and stable. Due to the leadership of Robert Deignan the company has been able to offer just those services. Through the help of Robert Deignan, he has created a history that will be remembered for so many years in making sure that the company is the first call center to get the certification from the AppEstreem Corporation.

Robert Deignan over the years he has been able to create a career that is notable and by his diligence. Robert through the charitable contributions that he has given that has well shown that he cares about the community. The more the community is embracing technology, the more the company will grow.

EOS Lip Balm Review

This video reviews 3 of the EOS lip balm flavors. The reviewer explains that the lip balms are 95% organic and 100% natural. The first flavor that the reviewer looks at is Summer Fruit. When looking at the product, the reviewer notes that the shape of the lip balm is really convenient and has a groove for opening and a flat spot on the bottom of the balm so it does not roll away when you set it down. The Summer Fruit flavor is described as really sweet, fruity, and smooth to put on (

The next flavor reviewed is the Honeysuckle Honeydew and the reviewer enjoys that flavor even more! Both flavors are really smooth in texture but this one is more similar to melon flavors. The final flavor reviewed is the Lemon Drop one, which comes with SPF 15. The lemon flavor is the smoothest out of the ones she reviewed. Her favorite was the Summer Fruit and the Lemon Drop. The texture of those two was perfect for laying a base to put gloss on down the road.  Read more on

The reviewer likes all 3 of the flavors and is really happy that they are all natural products. When it comes to the different flavors there are different tastes that come with that as well. The reviewer explains where you can go to find the lip balm. She explains that they are always at their local drugstore and are available at several grocery store chains and drugstores across the country. At the end, the reviewer explains that it is great that you can cover both lips at once since the shape of the lip balm is so spherical and unique. The reviewer also loves the packaging of the product. She would highly recommend this product and suggests that everyone give it a try!

Jeremy Goldstein has name added to prestigious list of lawyers

Anyone in the state of New York was looking for a lawyer can find one most effectively and easily through the Lawyer Referral and Information System, a system that has been created by the New York State Bar Association in order that New York state residents can quickly and easily find a lawyer appropriate for their case and location.

This is just the latest way that the New York State Bar Association has figured out to make New York one of the most legal-friendly states in the union.

Founded in 1886, the New York State Bar Association is the oldest bar association in the United States today. It has served as a model for bar associations throughout the United States.

It has also helped form the unique methods of law that are prevalent throughout the country today. Without the New York State Bar Association, the entire U.S. legal system would have looked dramatically different than it currently does.

And one of the state of New York’s most famous and well-regarded attorneys is Jeremy Goldstein. Goldstein worked for the world-renowned law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz for more than 15 years. During that time, he was able to work on some of the most important mergers, acquisitions and corporate takeovers in the history of the United States. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein – Twitter and Jeremy Goldstein | Quora

These include the Kmart acquisition of Sears Roebuck, the Verizon merger with Alltel and the Phillips Petroleum acquisition of Conoco.

This extensive experience of participating as a key figure in some of the most important business deals of the last 20 years has given Goldstein one of the most impressive credentials of any executive-compensation attorney currently practicing in the United States today.

However, even though Goldstein was making millions of dollars annually and was at the top of his career, he decided that he was no longer satisfied with doing big-money corporate work.

He felt that his skills would be better used by helping small business people to confront the perils that’s so often face those who operate on a shoestring budget that precludes hiring excellent legal counsel.

As a result, Goldstein founded his own firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. One of the first steps the Goldstein took to promote his new firm was to add it to the Lawyer Referral and Information System.

By doing this, Goldstein has ensured that he is taking the right steps to make his new firm thrive, helping businesspeople across the state to navigate the perilous waters of executive compensation and other areas of business law.


Let’s be honest here. Having great credit is very important in today’s day and age. If you fail to optimize your credit, you may not get approved for certain loans that you need. This is why it is important to build your credit early on. If you have already obtained a bad credit score due to bad habits, it can be fixed over time. The bad news is it may take a while. This article will be useful for everyone looking to become more knowledgeable about credit. In this article, I am going to be breaking down the top way on how you can have a great credit score in the future.

  1. Pay off all debt

If you have a current credit score that isn’t the best, it is most likely a result of bad financial habits. One of these habits might be not paying your debt in time. When you skip payments or make the minimum payment on your card, you begin to rack up debt. This debt becomes more and more as the interest begins to grow and it begins to compound. If you are looking to pay off your debt, I would highly recommend reducing consumption and overall consumer spending. Put this extra money towards paying off your debt. Over time, your credit score will begin to get better. As for paying off your debt, I would recommend using the method called the “debt avalanche”. This method is where you pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first.

  1. If you can’t pay cash, you can’t afford it.

If you are putting things on credit that you otherwise couldn’t afford, you are digging yourself into a bigger hole. As a beginner with credit, only charge smaller expenses to your credit cards like gas and grocery bills. This way, you won’t go into debt.

If I was to choose one credit company to go with, it would have to be GreenSky Credit. GreenSky Credit has over 12,000 active merchants. GreenSky Credit also uses state of the art technology to enhance the user’s experience. All in all, GreenSky Credit provides some of the best loans out there.