A Review of EOS Reveals That They Are Fun for All the Senses

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, has finally come out with the crystal lip balm. These new lip balms are completely animal by-product free and they are considered vegan. They still come in the well-known orb pot and are as nourishing as ever. The only ingredient preventing EOS from claiming that their lip balm was vegan was simply beeswax, and since they have taken that ingredient out of the formula, they can now offer their vegan fans a product that they can use and love.

EOS new crystal lip balms have proven to be quite a hit and have been flying off the shelves. EOS did not expect such popularity for the new product, but they are managing to keep up with the high demand. The new orbs are like glass, and you can practically see through the balm.

EOS continues to grow in popularity and add to their fan base daily (celiacandthebeast.com).  They have a large following on social media and are making a name for themselves in the lip balm world.

For far too long, lip balms such as Chapstick and Blistex were the prime dominators of the lip care market offering their usual flavors of Original, mint, and cherry, but EOS came along and changed things up. The “old” lip balm companies were crushing it because they were the only options out there. EOS is crushing it because they offer not only variety, but refreshing flavors, and a uniquely shaped orb that is easy to hold onto and apply.

EOS offers many different and fun options when it comes to their lip balm choices. They have organic orbs, shimmer orbs, visibly soft orbs, and some of their flavors are even offered in tube form. EOS lip care products always appeal to each of the senses and are very

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