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There was quick backlash over a controversial speech that Bradford West’s MP, George Galloway made during a meeting.

Galloway declared that Bradford West shall be an “Israeli free zone” and seemingly spoke on behalf of the city that they didn’t want any Israeli goods, services, or Israeli academics coming to their university or college. The community of Bradford wants to let the world know that George Galloway does not represent them or what their city is about.

After a series of requests and invitations from the citizens of Bradford West, Israel’s ambassador to Britain, Daniel Taub complied and respectively took action. Daniel Taub held a few meetings with the city’s councilors and faith leaders regarding this recent incident. His visit to the city was accompanied with very tight security and Daniel Taub was adamant to disprove of Galloway as a voice of Bradford.

Galloway is known to have a history of unabashed bigotry towards the Israelis, he stormed out of a debate held at Oxford University once he had learned his opponent was an Israeli. The British police launched an investigation against George Galloway after a video of his speech was posted on various social media sites.

Daniel Taub was born and raised in the United Kingdom, he was awarded as an ambassador in 2011 to the Court of St. James’s after he presented all of his credentials to the queen.

Taub enrolled in secondary school at the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School in Elstree, Hertfordshire, he later attended and studied at the University College at Oxford, London University and Harvard University.

Daniel Taub moved to Israel back in 1989 to serve as a combat medic in the Israeli Defense Forces. During his time of active duties, he also served as a reserve officer for the IDF’s international law division.

As a supporter of peace between Israeli and Palestinians, Daniel Taub helped to negotiate the majority of agreements between the two opposing sides during his years as Israeli’s ambassador to Britain. He also became Israeli’s first ambassador to the International Maritime Organization based in London, England in 2013. Taub and his wife Zehava share six children between the ages of eight and twenty-two.

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Meet the Famous Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe happens to be an amazing young woman with a great love for technology which she developed while working at Hatch Lab. People who have used dating apps have at one time, or the other heard about her. She happens to be a co-founder of the world’s most popular dating app called Tinder. She is also the active founder of Bumble who is number four most popular app in the world. For him, it has been a very long journey of getting where she is today. She has suffered and faced so many challenges in the journey. But she has subsequently shown the world that she is worth more and has been working so hard to prove to the world that challenges are part of a great course. She has been able to prove to the world that challenges come and go. She has what it takes to change the world and has done marvelously in the niche that she chose to pursue.

The great Whitney was born in the famous Salt Lake City, Utah and that is where she used to live with her parents. Her father was a famous property developer, and the mother used to take care of her as the housewife. She had an awesome childhood and had grown being protected by her parents. She graduated and performed well in high school, whereby she joined the famous university of Southern Methodist. At the school, she majored in international studies.

Whitney Wolfe had business qualities which she inherited from her dad and started her first business while she was still 19 years. The idea came after the renowned BP oil spill. This made her design bamboo tote bags so that she could help those people who were affected by that spill. In her course of activities, she decided to team up for synergy with celebrity and the famous stylist Patrick Aufdenkamp and both decided to launch a famous non-governmental organization called Help Us Project. The project’s performance was a bit slow, but with time, they started receiving more when great icons like Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie were photographed with those bags. They received global deal of attention, and since then, they started doing exemplary well. She has the business knowledge which she only worked to impact the generation. All these things were done while she was still in college. She possesses the great passion for helping people and has been on the forefront pushing for the best.

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José Auriemo Neto Takes JHSF To New Heights Of Success

The possibilities for growth in the real estate industry are endless. Today, the Brazilian government is providing major support by pushing for reforms. The real estate sector was not doing well in Brazil a few decades back. This was due to low credit, very little investment besides high cancellation of booked orders. This had an impact on the industry and even on the economy of the country.

This was when top companies in the real estate sector decided to take some hard decisions in order to expand their services. One of these was JHSF. It started exploring new ventures that were in the retail sector. This was a successful decision that made a huge impact on the real estate industry. The first shopping complex was built by JHSF. It was a tremendous success. Soon, other companies started to explore this area. This led to a boom in the real estate industry. Several opportunities were created for the companies which they could explore.

José Auriemo Neto is the CEO as well as Chairman of JHSF. He likes to hire those people who have potential and can take the company far. This is why today he has an expert team that works for him. They are continuously looking out for all such opportunities which can help to expand the company.

José Auriemo Neto believes in keeping his clients happy. This way he remains dedicated towards their needs in a way to provide them benefit from them.

He has a lot of experience in this field. But he likes to think out of the box. Besides, he likes to take risks. He wants to try something new all the time. This is because he knows that innovation is the key here. Under his leadership, JHSF will be reaching the pinnacle of success.