The contribution of Oncotarget in the current scientific research


Researchers have been struggling with getting quality materials to help them in accomplishing certain tasks. Oncotarget has played a major role in availing different materials to help these people come up with quality findings and raise the standards of their research. Students in different scientific fields including those in medical fields have found very useful journals from Oncotarget that have helped them to do their work.


How Oncotarget has increased the availability of scientific journals

Several scientists have written some research work but availing these resources has been a problem. Oncotarget is an organization that helps different people to get these resources without having to pay anything. The major problem facing research work in the current institutions is the failure to raise enough money to purchase the required journals. Through the efforts made by Oncotarget, these resources can now be accessed without any charges. The move has helped serious researchers to get their documents at any time.

Scientific leadership

Currently, the organization is made of a team of experts who are willing to help other scientists to reach their goals. Having been in the scientific field, the leaders understand the challenges that face scientific research, and for this reason, they are dedicated to making the process easy for them. The leaders have the desire to give out materials that can increase the influence of science in the contemporary world. There are several challenges in the medical field like the need to understand different therapies. With their involvement, there has been a bit of relief in the last couple of years. Learn more at

The popularity increase through the impact factor

Since Oncotarget was founded in 2010, it has been providing help to several scientists. Their consistency in providing help has increased their popularity since the beginning of their operation. In 2011, only about 493 resources were cited. The impact factor at this time was 4.7. The figures have constantly been increasing to the current impact factor of 5.1. At the moment, more that 30000 resources have been cited and the popularity is rapidly rising. With their continued support, the organization is likely to reach more scientists in the world and increase the quality of scientific research.

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