Go With the “Natural” Hair Care Products

     By using a cleansing conditioner on your hair, you can avoid ever having to use the many hair care products that are supposed to repair damaged strands. Cleansing conditioners do not contain a bunch of harsh chemicals like sulfates, so it will not strip your hair of its natural oils-it’s natural defense against UV rays and pollution.

Using a cleansing conditioner will go really far in helping your locks to become stronger and because it will be stronger and healthier, it will be able to grow thicker and even faster. On average, it only takes a couple of weeks to notice a difference in the health of your hair.

Since a cleansing conditioner does not contain harsh chemicals, it is safe to use on all hair types, including color-treated hair. You will notice that a cleansing conditioner won’t lather like your usual shampoo (because it is sulfate-free) and that’s good. It will make your hair color last much longer (if it’s color-treated) and your curls will be softer and more manageable.

WEN hair care products were developed by Chaz Dean and are completely natural. They are made form ingredients like chamomile extract, panthenol, wild cherry bark, and glycerin.

WEN Cleansing Conditioners will replace nor only your normal shampoo and conditioner, but will also act as a deep conditioner, detangler, and even leave-in conditioner-all in one bottle. In just a three week study, testers found that after using the product, their hair was more moisturized, manageable, and even has more shine.

Learn more at https://twitter.com/wenhaircare.


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