Mike Baur’s Contribution to Innovation in Switzerland

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur from Switzerland. He is the co-founder and the executive chairman of Swiss Startup Factory. His main work at the company is fundraising and financing rounds. The company was started in 2014 with the aim of creating global companies to counter the existing norms and business models.

Baur has worked in the banking sector for over two decades. He worked at UBS as a commercial apprentice. He left UBS and joined Swiss Private Bank where he rose to become an executive board member. He quit and started to invest in startup companies.

In 2014, he met with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer and together co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. Their business involves a three-month program where they assist early stage startups with benefits such as financing, services, training, consultation, office space, and the connection to a big entrepreneurial and investment networks.

Swiss Startup Factory is the Switzerland’s leading autonomous privately funded early phase ICT Startup Accelerator. This factory is an accelerator that looks for emerging digital entrepreneurs. The company operates from its headquarters in Zürich Area, Switzerland.

Baur spends most of his time working in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. He also provides financial and mentorship assistance to different Swiss startups. Additionally, Baur is the co-founder and director of another organization called Swiss Startup Association.


Baur has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Banking and Finance) from the University of Applied Sciences Bern. In 2008, he earned an MBA the University of Rochester. He also has an Executive MBA, from the University of Berne.


After finishing his studies, Baur worked in the UBS Wealth Management in the first years of his career. The companies are UBS Fribourg from 1991 to 2000, Wealth Management Switzerland between 2000 and 2002, and KeyClient Group Switzerland between 2002 and 2008.

In 2008, he joined Clariden Leu and worked as the Business Area Head of the Private Banking Switzerland. In 2011, he became the Head Private Banking Switzerland. In 2012, he joined Sallfort Privatbank AG as the Head Private Banking. He left the company in 2014 and founded his firm called Think Reloaded AG, a company he still manages.

Since 2015, he has been working for Innovation Lab Fribourg (ILF) as the Vice President. The company uses its network of mentors, coaches, investors, and business people from Switzerland to assist students in exposing their technologies to the business world.

From January 2016, he has been working at Swiss Startup Invest as the deputy managing director. The company provides assistance to Switzerland’s high-tech startups.

The Colorful New Trend Of Lip Balms That is EOS

Evolution Of Smooth or EOS as they liked to be referred is a brand of lip balms that has taken the world by storm. Known for their iconic spherical pocket lip balms available in almost any flavor one can think of, EOS has become a household name in the cosmetics industry. The EOS lip balms have nearly become a makeup essential all over the world. Lip care is an important part of one’s makeup and skincare routine, and EOS have played into that perfectly by giving their customers something that takes care of their lips, making them look and feel incredibly healthy. Since their establishment in 2009, EOS has become a big player in the lip balm category, taking on significant existing giants who were previously known throughout the industry.

But the recognizable factor of the uber cute lip balms isn’t the only reason why this product has become such a huge success all over the world. EOS aims to not just provide their customers with a product that looks good on the outside but also feels good on the inside, for details, click target.com. All the lip balms that EOS puts out are completely paraben free and contain no harsh chemicals that can damage one’s lips.

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The flavor range is just the cherry on the cake for EOS. With so many colors, all coming in their different colored spheres, people are now flocking to buy them, just to have a pretty big collection of EOS Lip balms. With staple favorites like Passion Fruit and Strawberry, to delightful mixes like Blueberry Acai, EOS hopes to have a lip balm flavor for everyone. To take their products to the next level and to give their customers an even bigger selection to choose from, EOS launched their Shimmer Lip Balms in two flavors, more of this on well.ca.   This new line offers customers a wider range to choose from, as if they didn’t have enough of a choice already!  Follow EOS on their facebook.com page.

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Cassio Audi, The Financial Whiz Behind Peninsula

Cassio Audi is a man who is driven by success. He is a highly well-known personality in the Brazilian financial sector and is known to be one of the most reputed financial advisors in the country. He is known for his tremendous foresight when dealing with finances and ability to chalk out the most optimal route for his clients so that they can safeguard and improve their finances. The company is known for its extensive client list and has helped numerous companies transform their financial situations. Audi is someone who believes in helping its customers grow and therefore makes sure that their best interest is always his highest priority.


Audi has contributed immensely to the overall growth and development of the company. He is someone who has lots of knowledge about the field and has applied that to the work that he does at the company. Cassio Audi’s skill and efficiency with financials show in the interactions he has with the employees of the company and as well as the clients who come to them for financial aid. Because of the years, he has spent in this field; he is known to be excellent at drafting up financial plans which benefit both the clients as well as the company he works for. With a dedication to providing their customers with the best investment opportunities.

Cassio Audi is the person who is mainly responsible for overseeing all the financial operations of the company. He has an immense love for the job and an incredible amount of respect for the field of finance.

Advertising Executive Lori Senecal Shares Secrets to Her Success

The Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Lori Senecal, recently sat down for an interview with Inspirery.com. Fluent in both French and English, Montreal native Senecal earned her degree from McGill.

She went on the serve as the global chief innovation officer and then the president of advertising agency McCann Erikson’s New York office. Observers credited her with infusing youthful new energy into the venerable old agency. Brands she has worked with in her career have included Coca-Cola, Victoria’s Secret Pink, Nestle, BMW, and American Express.

How did Senecal achieve her high level of success? According to her interview, it all started in high school, when she developed a passion for coaching gymnastics. “…Once you are a leader, it’s hard to be a follower,” Senecal explained. For more details visit her LinkedIn account.

Senecal further attributes her success to doing her research. The CEO says that other than referrals, another way she gains clients is through learning everything there is to learn about potential clients before meeting them for the first time. Lori Senecal also credits her parents with preparing her for success and mentions books about Steve Jobs as helping her learn about the up sides and down sides of leadership.

After leaving McCann Erikson, Senecal served as CEO of first Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners and then MDC Partner Network. The latter organization had her oversee MDC’s operations and corporate strategic resources division as president and CEO, reporting directly to MDC’s CEO Miles Nadal. Nadal said of Senecal, “She’s demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and has informally been helping with the strategic vision of MDC for the last five years.”

A member of the Ad Council Board of Directors, Senecal was named by Advertising Age as one of 2013’s Women to Watch. As Global CEO of CP+B, Senecal oversees the firm’s existing international offices in Beijing, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, São Paulo, and Stockholm and steers its ongoing global expansion. The agency’s chairman, Chuck Porter, has been quoted as saying, “Everything I’m not good at, she is.”

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