Technology and Fashion, Each Holds the Future of the Other

The future of technology lies in the hands of fashion while the future of fashion is in the custody of technology. Virtually all exploit makers in each or both industries understand the importance of this statement. Perhaps, that is the bedrock of their success.


After reading about Chris Burch, I lost all doubts about the truth of the topic. Burch so much believe in the above statement that while he was in the fashion industry he took maximum advantage of technology;little wonder he become a mammoth success in no time. In fact, before he left school he was already making his millions. This same statement proved reliable as he put it to use on venturing into technology; it yielded tremendous success.


Chris Burch has never failed in business, not even in his teens. The company currently under his watch, Burch Creative Capitals, is dictating the pace with formidable and impressive brand of portfolio. No doubt, his solid understanding of the above topic keeps doing the magic.


Individuals in either industries must understand that the union of the two is perhaps the only way there can be unstoppable improvements on previous achievements.The occurrences between the 70s and the turn of the century will help explain this point. Inputs from technology and fashion gave the music world the boom box in the 70s as it helped people convey favorite tunes and station from place to place. The 90s witnessed the emergence of the Walkman, and in no time became the toast of everyone as it provided great personal music experience. By the turn of the millennium, the Walkman lost relevance with the invention of the iPod. It has always been a trend in the positive direction.


Any fashion designer that think he or she will make it to the top of the industry without any input from technology should have a rethink. There is yet to be one outstanding fashion practitioner with no inclination towards technology. A famous Dutch fashion designer had this to say:”technology is like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”


Also, individuals and firms in the technology industry should never think they can operate without some inputs from fashion. To hold such view is tantamount to undermining oneself and ones business. Fashion can help technology achieve the needed popularity that will increase patronage.

Competition is intense in every industry today, so why undermine oneself by trying to operate as a island when you know where lies your future?


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